Installing a Modbo 5.0 in a Playstation 2

  • rainbow colors computer chip header

First we need to remove the sticky back from the chip if it came with it applied, if not apply the one provided or use some double-sided tape and stick the chip down in a location and orientation like the example installation picture below. Now, cut each wire to length as you solder them into place.

Here is an example of how it should look when finished (It doesn’t have to be so neat but try if you can):


Once you have it all soldered up and you have checked all of your solder joints, it’s time to test your soldering job and see if it works. Partially re-assemble the PS2, so that you can test it’s all functioning as it should, but don’t fully screw it back together yet! If you experience any problems here it is most probably down to either some bad solder joints, using the wrong installation diagram or just a plain bad chip.

Installing the Modbo system menu

  1. Download the Modbo / Matrix Infinity system files
  2. Extract the files from the .zip file
  3. Plug in your USB drive into your PC or connect your internal HDD internally or via an adapter
  4. Create a folder at the root of your USB drive/HDD named “system”
  5. Copy all the files that you extracted from the zip file into the “system” folder you just created


Once the Files are on the USB drive/HDD you are ready to boot the PS2.


Booting the Modbo system for the first time

Fingers crossed, if all has gone well you should be greeted with the very basic but very functional ModBo System Menu, from here you have four different options to navigate to.



From left to right:

  1. Open PS2 Loader (Load PS2 games from internal or USB HDD)
  2. HD Loader
  3. uLaunchELF File Browser (A file browser that can launch native PS2 ELF executables)
  4. PS2 Default Browser (The default PS2 browser you all know and love)
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