How to increase your Google rank



Increasing you Google rank is not always a straightforward process. We will walk you through some best practices to get you on the right track.


Keywords are the ‘key’ to your success.


Most people just Google their company or website name, but this is not sufficient enough. You should be trying to rank with keywords that your target user will search for.

For example:

“Computer repair in Poole”

“Laptop repair in Poole”

“iPhone Screen replacement in Poole”


Long tail keywords.


Long tail keywords are really long searches your target user may search for.

For example:

“Where is the cheapest place in Poole to get a laptop repaired”

“Where to get my PC repaired in Poole”

“How to get a good rank for my website in Google”

Starting a blog is one of the most effective ways of  bringing new visitors to your site. Many users will find your site through the use of long tail keywords. If you have content relating to the keywords the user searched for, then your site will be in the results.


Good content = More traffic.


I cannot stress this enough, good content is the best way to increase your Google rank.

If you have poor content, then nobody is going to visit your site. On the other hand if you have good content, then people will flock to your site for the great content it has.

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