Women in the Picture: Women, Art and the Power of Looking

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Women in the Picture: Women, Art and the Power of Looking

Women in the Picture: Women, Art and the Power of Looking

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It has mostly been men who decide the restrictive roles women are assigned, confining them to be Venus, bride, wife, mother, child, or monster. Interpretations of classical art would be so much stronger if debate had previously been encouraged rather than dismissed. Debate about interpretations of classical art should be advocated not only in art history classes, offering a modern interpretation and view of the subject alongside viewing through the lens of the place and time during which it was created. I'm glad this book was written because it felt like the scales were falling from my eyes as I read it. Women will continue to be objectified in art and in popular culture, but the book sheds a generous amount of angry light on how we got here.' ― The Herald Essential reading . gripping, inspirational, beautifully written and highly thought-provoking.' ― Dr Helen Gørrill, author of Women Can't Paint If we start to see the separation between what we find intolerable in real life and what we lionize in monuments and works of art, then perhaps we can further the way in which we talk about systemic sexual violence against women… leads us to a burning question of what we do with the artworks and public sculptures that contradict our proudly held liberal values in real life. I find this simplistic – “ one form of sexual desire” is lumping all artists together, as if their paintings of nude woman are all the same. Do all men (all people) appreciate the “same” paintings and sculptures? I like Renoir, and don’t care for Modigliani.

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The second chapter looks at mothers and the construction of motherhood through appearance (a mother who looks beautiful is a good mother). Not to mention iconic imagery of the ‘Madonna and Child’ and depictions of the Virgin Mary being in only two instances: the piety of Jesus’ birth and the grief of his death. This chapter also looks at the ‘angel of the house’ in which mothers care for everyone but themselves unless paid or enslaved workers take over the role. Mothers are then un-autonomous machines with no sexual availability as it highlights women as organic (unlike the inorganic venus) unless fetishised (e.g MILF's). The anti-natalist philosopher David Benatar argues that it would be better if no one had children ever again. A call to arms in a world where the misogyny that taints much of the western art canon is still largely ignored' ― Financial Times Two years might have passed but we are suddenly in the middle of a new project. What is constant is Miss Weedon, the secretary of Arthur Maxted’s (Henry’s boss) who is obviously infatuated with Henry. Circumstances throw them together and other circumstances, strange synchronicities threaten to derail Henry’s life and career. Yet somehow he battles on and all the while it is impossible to put the book down. I felt the author on less firm ground when discussing artistic interpretations of women which she referred to as the “male gaze”. She states:However, the book tries to draw connection between classical and contemporary art. This is the part where the text is not coherent and arguments suffer from oversimplification. Henry Whitaker is an aspiring filmmaker. Something happened when he was a child that has colored the rest of his life's experiences, for good or ill. A second thread in the story, interspersed with his own, is that of his daughter, Miranda, who comes to know more about her father's life before she was a part of it. De la Villa agreed. “The public is going to ask, ‘How can it be that we didn’t know about these female artists?’” she said. In 2011, 40-year-old Nia Long posed both naked and pregnant on the cover of Ebonymagazine (see here via HuffPost UK), showing off her beautiful pregnancy glow and defying expectations about timelines for both pregnancy and posing for sexy nude photos. “I think if we’d just take our time as women, and do what comes natural to us and for us, we would make fewer mistakes,” she told Ebonyat the time. Amen!

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Here, the historical events and facts mentioned, were eye opening and insightful. It's interesting how knowing about, say, the owner of a painting can change your mind about the art.Medusa, who had been historically 'the protector of sex, death, divination, renewal and of dark moon mysteries', became nothing but a symbol of male victories in Benvenuto Cellini's bronze sculpture of Perseus with the Head of Medusa. Later, Malleus Maleficarum influenced the German artist Hans Baldung Grien, whose grotesque wood prints of withes became wildly popular . Like Alicia Silverstone, Taraji P. Henson feels strongly about animal cruelty, and she put her fabulous figure to use for that cause, posing for a naked PETA campaign (see here via Essence) at age 41 with the slogan “Fur? I’d rather go naked.” Whereas once the elderly woman represented the wisdom and experience of old age and provided valuable knowledge to her community, by the sixteenth century, she reeked of death and was disenfranchised from her property and ostracised from the community.”

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