What Hunts Inside the Shadows: your next fantasy romance obsession! (Of Flesh and Bone Book 2) (Of Flesh & Bone)

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What Hunts Inside the Shadows: your next fantasy romance obsession! (Of Flesh and Bone Book 2) (Of Flesh & Bone)

What Hunts Inside the Shadows: your next fantasy romance obsession! (Of Flesh and Bone Book 2) (Of Flesh & Bone)

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We find about Brann and why he was acting the way he was in the first book. He has been her guardian for centuries and kept her protected. We also find Fallon who is the other girl who has the crescent mark and could possibly be the Queen's long lost daughter. However we are led to believe it's Estrella with all the powers she is displaying but once they go to the Fae world - Fallon starts changing and it's revealed it's her. So what the hell is Estrella??? She is captured and Caelum is probably taken prisoner for his betrayal. Estrella's love for Caelum is bland comparatively. Her strength definitely is not romance, it's her powers and what lies ahead of her. I'm excited to find out. Caldris: “You are too young to understand what we share. Just because you would take it for granted now does not mean that you will not come to appreciate me in time, as your fear and prejudice against my kind dissipates. You have a lifetime of untruths to overcome, but I can be patient for you. I have already waited centuries to feel the love we share. I would wait one hundred more.” While I really enjoyed What Lies Behind the Veil, the first in this series, I’m sad to say I did not enjoy this follow-on. You were determined as mine before your soul was ever born. This bond is not a prison. It is a haven from the ugliness of this world, a person predetermined to love you. To belong to you.”

The mating bond is too convenient. There is a rule for everything that makes things just oh so perfect for Estrella and Caldris. Once, the people of Northrek blamed me when the Veil fell. Soon, they’ll want me to pay the price the magic requires. Beyond that bullshit there were references to some modern things that jarred me and lifted me right out of the setting. Caldris mentions the concept of baby trapping as if that’s a concept that exists in a supposedly medieval world. He says that something must have been “a bitter plant to swallow” cause you know no pills in this world. Admittedly that made me laugh. This is a two POV book told from the POV´s of Caldris and Estrella, out of which Estrella´s POV is the majority of the book.I did enjoy this book and of course, I still want to read the next book coming out in the series but I'm just hoping that number three will have some more action and creative spicy scenes!

I didn't think this one would top book 1 for me but it did. The loyalty and devotion from Caelum was perfection. I am so glad we got his POV and could see inside his mind and his feelings for Estrella. He is obsessed and absolutely in love and possessive but he also inspires her to find her strength.

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All the things that were wrong with the first book in this series have been amplified in this book. The mate bond is not just a crutch anymore (in the first book, the author used it to force the female MC to like the male MC), now its a fully formed wheel chair rolling the plot forward. The crass and vulgar moments between characters are exacerbated, the mind-numbingly idiotic possessiveness and jealousy between characters is also played up to the point that it felt like they'd regressed to the age of teenagers (maybe its a young author? I don't know). In fact, a lot of the emotional pin-wheeling that the characters do in this book seems to be for no reason other than to stir up pointless emotional drama and hide the fact the book has no real action driving its plot. I needed more detail on the actual mechanics of the world, but it seemed that everything just moved so fast there was no time for details.

I told you once; I would burn the world for you if you so much as asked it of me. What do you think I would do if I lost you?”And then their problems lie with Queen Mab and the fact that Estrella could very well be her daughter. The side characters in this added so much to the story. Holt, the wolves, and surprise faces that I won’t mention because spoilers. Now we come to the most toxic thing he did that made me actually nauseous. Now dubious consent is admittedly not my thing but this scene was almost literally rape. He gets all alpha angry about a dead Fae and comes after Estrella to assault her whether she likes it or not. And one of the worst things is there is another character there begging her to just give him what he wants. The audacity. Then she actually cries whilst he “has sex” with her. She even describes that she’s in pain but you know she just has to do this for him so he won’t hurt anyone else. Just no. I can't really proclaim loudly enough how insipid the writing for this book is. There were constant contradictory lines like They introduce us to Wild Hunt and I’m intrigued by them! There are also a few more of certain supporting characters that added a lot to the story and I look forward to seeing how they will play into the overall story in the upcoming books.

There are also loads of SMUTs, thanks. Definitely more than the first book and I love how possessive and intense it can be. Like ok, how are you not melting for this dude? You already fell in love with him when you thought he was human?? How are you holding onto this grudge, when human men are the ones who have abused you your entire life??? 🙃

What Hunts Inside the Shadows Audiobook Summary

Feeling your heart flutter for men who would never have been able to give you what your soul craved in the end, and knowing that, I was trapped on the other side of the Veil waiting for you. Just waiting for centuries to be able to hold you." I would have rated it lower but Caelum made me bump up the rating. His love for Estrella is so so pure, it's hard not to love him for that. The angst is good but quite repetitive. I found myself getting tired of it in the first half, but the second half of it was good. CAELUM IS SO ROMANTIC AND PERFECT AND POSSESSIVE AND AGGRESSIVE AND LOVING AND NURTURING. IF YOU DON’T WANT HIM, I WILL GLADLY TAKE HIM OFF YOUR HANDS. 🤤

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