Made with Love: Learn to knit and crochet with this step-by-step guide from award-winning Olympic diver and British sports personality

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Made with Love: Learn to knit and crochet with this step-by-step guide from award-winning Olympic diver and British sports personality

Made with Love: Learn to knit and crochet with this step-by-step guide from award-winning Olympic diver and British sports personality

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DALEY: And honestly, all you really need to get is some yarn, some knitting needles, and you'll be able to make a scarf by the end of it. And, at least for now, Daley says his son hasn’t shown much interest in diving. “As he gets older, maybe he will, but he’s very much creative and loves music and dance, so who knows?” The ‘pinnacle’ of all Olympics

Years earlier, a seven-year-old Daley was just starting out. And how, exactly, does a child that age psych themselves up to launch off a board several times their size? ‘You start on smaller boards and work your way up. But yeah, I spent a lot of my time crying at the end of the board because I was so terrified of it. And I hit my head twice when I was a kid.’NADWORNY: "Made With Love" is - it's not just the book title, right? You also kind of made a business from this, right?

Summer 2021 saw Tom compete in the Tokyo Olympics where he won his first Olympic gold medal alongside his diving partner Matty Lee in the 10m synchro event. Followed by a bronze medal in the 10m individual event, Tom is the most decorated British diver of all time. Tom Daley: Olympic diving champion on winning gold, his late father, his son, and his love of knitting Thomas Robert Daley is a British diver and television personality. Specialising in multiple events, he is an Olympic gold medallist in the men's synchronized 10-metre platform event and the first British diver to win four Olympic medals. He is a triple world champion, a 5-time European champion and 4-time Commonwealth champion. Daley came out in 2013 via a YouTube video entitled Something I Want To Say. The Tom in the coming-out video – whose nervousness and fear is palpable, so much so that you just want to jump through your laptop screen and give him a hug – is worlds away from the Tom of today who is evidently comfortable in his own skin. RuPaul’s Drag Race? He’s obsessed. Beyoncé’s Renaissance? ‘It’s what the gays wanted!’ NADWORNY: It feels kind of wild because, like, you're a diver. Like, did you ever think that you would be, like, running a knitting business?

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At the time, travelling around with my dad, I used to find it so embarrassing. He used to do such silly things, like bursting in on press conferences, doing all these things. I thought it was extremely embarrassing. Lots of people would come out after they had retired, so I just hope that winning an Olympic gold medal, winning any Olympic medal, going to the Olympics as a gay person, a member of the LGBT community, that any young kids out there that feel like they are less than... who feel like they are on the outside and feel different, or feel like they're never going to achieve anything just because of who they are... they know that with hard work, you can achieve anything.

Not content with winning four Olympic medals for Team GB for diving, Tom Daley has now released his own line of knitting kits. With less than two years to go before the Summer Olympics, Tom Daley knows time’s running out on deciding whether to participate in his fifth games or not. Knowing the pressure that comes with being a competitive athlete, Daley says that if his son decided to go into sports, he wouldn’t discourage it. Fortunately, Daley says he’s got a few months before he has to commit. Choosing to participate means returning to an “intense schedule" of five to six-hour daily workouts — and all the pressure that comes along with competing. Tom Daley’s poolside knitting at the Olympics captured our hearts last year and we’ll soon be able to join him in his wonderland of wool with the help of his new guidebook.

It’s nice now that athletes are able to open up and talk about those things a little bit more," he continues. There were more [out] LGBT athletes in this past Olympics than in all of the Olympics combined previously. So even just knowing that, people will feel less alone." Daley on... his dad Olympic gold medal–winning diver and beloved LGBTQ icon Tom Daley offers thirty exclusive knitting and crocheting patterns to enjoy and share. DALEY: Yeah. It gets to a point where, like, once you learn the basics and know what you're doing, you can either follow patterns or you can make squares, or you can make blankets or take it to the next level and start designing your own things. But honestly, once you learn the basics of knitting, it's basically pulling loops through other loops with one piece of string. So once you know the basics of it, it just becomes very mindful, and you get this kind of, like, pitter-patter of the knitting needles. And you just get the flow, and you can pass hours. Honestly, I now look forward to traveling, or I look forward to moments where I can - like, I'm never bored.

Pressure on Daley peaked in the run-up to the 2012 London Olympics, with a perfect storm of events that make it all the more astounding he achieved what he did. Images of Daley knitting poolside during the Tokyo games went viral around the world, along with sweater he worked on — a “Team G.B.” Olympic cardigan. To this day, he says it remains his favorite project. Figuring out his sexuality as a public figure was another challenge, Daley says. “Having to do that in a very public way was really difficult and scary.” Included in his new book “Made with Love" are knitting and crocheting patterns for pillow covers, blankets and sweaters. Daley says that putting the patterns together was a fun process, and might encourage people to "upcycle, reuse and repurpose" some of their existing items. I felt strangely at peace with it, because I knew what I had to do to be at my best at those Olympic Games, doing whatever visualisation, rehab and supplements to be able to get on the diving board and be there and ready. I was prepared to do it.It’s fair to say that Daley has lived a pretty full life for someone who is still under the age of 30. His energetic-yet- chilled demeanour is infectious in person and during this pivotal year, he effuses the wisdom and clarity of someone who has really been able to take time for themselves and learn what they want. Despite the highs and lows he’s been through from childhood to adulthood – all while in the public eye – Daley is remarkably grounded and measured. He takes a while to think about why this might be.

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