The Other Husband: A gripping psychological thriller

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The Other Husband: A gripping psychological thriller

The Other Husband: A gripping psychological thriller

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Abby was not better with her lies! I don't know why she kept lying after the swap. I get it was to mislead the readers lol, but we knew something deeper happened that night. The dinner. Greg’s work colleagues and their partners, none of whom ever want to give Sienna the time of day. It’s not Marty, Reuben or Harry who are the problem – it’s their wives. She can’t be sure but Sienna suspects that they look down on her. She’s not like them, not one of them, and certainly not good enough for Greg. Unlike Holly. This is a very twisty and thrilling ride and it had me hanging off its every word. What was meant to be a night of fun, opens up one big massive can of worms and has dire consequences for all. Buried secret’s rise to the surface and it is a great lesson on how appearances can be deceiving and how the grass is not always greener on the other side.

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I have just discovered audiobooks. Hence I listened to ‘The Other Husband’ by Kathryn Croft and enjoyed it. Mr. Wrong: Real-Life Stories about the Men We Used to Love (Jacquelyn Mitchard, Harriet Brown, et al.) I'm going to keep my review very short only because this is one book where you can't say too many things. If, like me, you are a lover of thrillers this is a fun one to explore but you might need a board with red strings to keep tabs on all the sub plots and twists.The Time Traveler’s Wife finally landed on Sky and HBO on Monday and, based on the best-selling novel by Audrey Niffenegger, follows the story of a married couple who meet at different points throughout lives their due to his uncontrollable ability to time travel. The Time Traveler’s Wife is also, ironically, a product of its time. It is peppered with details from Niffenegger’s young adult years in Chicago’s art and music scene of the 80s, and steeped in the experiences of people who grew up in the 70s, giving it a specific appeal to GenX readers who were briefly ascendent as a trend-making demographic in the late 90s-early 2000s. There cast of characters in this book were all flawed and while relatable-not likable. That’s the beauty of a good story, if you can envision even small bits of self in them -the story is just as good! Read more

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I proudly hand over 5 twisty messed-up stars to this book!!! I loved this and all the WTF moments... It was so freakin' cool to read! Oh let's just say... THAT ending!... 5 Stars from me!!! ' Goodreads Reviewer, And, wow I didn't see the plot twists coming in this story. I was even wrong with what I thought had happened. Don't you just love when authors write in a way where the meaning could mean different things. After years of reading thrillers, you would think I would get used to it now. Abby and Rob have just moved to London and have become couple friends with Sienna and Greg. After a few drinks one night the idea of swapping wives is, unfortunately, put out in the universe. Strictly platonic, of course, just to not be bored with another typical night.

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Abby is desperate to tell her husband and Sienna the truth, but can’t risk Greg sharing what he knows about her. She has no choice but to keep quiet. Then Greg suddenly disappears. Cokal, Susann (September 25, 2009). "Book Review | 'Her Fearful Symmetry,' by Audrey Niffenegger". The New York Times.

The Other Husband: A gripping psychological thriller

Rushing to the window, she peers through the blinds, although from upstairs it’s impossible to see who is standing on the doorstep. Sienna’s car is parked haphazardly across the drive. It almost looks as if it would have taken more effort to get it at that angle than if she’d kept it straight. No need to wake Rob, then. Sienna has come for her. Ms.Croft’s books are all psychological thrillers wrapped around a human family story with characters that you will love..and love to hate. Abby is desperate to tell her husband and Sienna the truth, but can't risk Greg sharing what he knows about her. She has no choice but to keep quiet. Then Greg suddenly disappears. One night Sienna comes up with an idea for the women to swap husbands for the night - this results in their lives being changed forever from events that unfolded. One of the husbands goes missing and one of the women will stop at nothing to find out what has happened to him. Bookslut | An Interview with Audrey Niffenegger". Archived from the original on April 13, 2019 . Retrieved March 8, 2019.

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a b "Audrey Niffenegger | Penguin Random House". . Retrieved March 28, 2019. Her Fearful Symmetry (2009), Niffenegger's second novel, is set in London's Highgate Cemetery where, during research for the book, Niffenegger acted as a tour guide. The silence in the room is excruciating. ‘How’s school?’ she asks to fill the void. Yet as soon as she says it, she’s aware that if he’s being bullied and getting into fights, then this is the last thing he will want to discuss. Still, it is an opening for him to talk to her about it if he wants to, although she doubts this will be the case. It’s clear that she won’t get much more from him, so she gives up. ‘Do you want to watch Netflix while you wait for your mum?’ This isn’t much better than his iPad, but at least there’ll be some noise in the room, drowning out the excruciating silence. Later that night, while Rob sleeps, his laptop still open on the bed, she walks through the house in darkness, the torch on her phone guiding her way. It feels like wandering around a stranger’s house. She never tells Rob that her heart is still in their two-bed rented flat in Ipswich. They could have bought somewhere years ago, but she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving it, even though it meant throwing money away on rent.

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Both main characters and their POVS are fantastic. I found both women relatable to a degree. The book starts with both women (Abby and Sienna) being friends after meeting at a pilates class that was cancelled. Their friendship progressed to their husbands also becoming friends and a tight social circle was formed. Abbey is new to the area decides to go to a pilates class, it’s here she meets Sienna and little do they realise them meeting will set of a chain of events. Ending with Sienna’s husband Greg disappearance. Sheffield Christmas lights switch-on event 'not possible' and replaced with festive weekend this year instead He’s great. Doing well at school.’ She makes it sound like she knows this first-hand, yet all she’s doing is relaying what Greg passes on. ‘He was with me after school this afternoon, as Holly had something she needed to do.’ This makes it sound as though she knows Holly well, as if they are friends who are aware of each other’s movements. Sienna hopes that by mentioning her, Marty might reveal something – anything – about the woman. He’d known her well when she and Greg were married, so it stands to reason that he’d be someone who could share some information. Sienna just has to be careful how she approaches it; everyone knows that Greg is reluctant to talk about his previous marriage. This is something else she likes about Marty – he’s a top surgeon in his field, and works just as hard as Greg, yet his wife and children always come first. They are what make him truly content and fulfilled, this is clear for anyone to see. And even now, after being married for far longer than she and Greg, he still can’t keep his eyes off Joanna.

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She turns to him, and her ghost-like face softens a tiny fraction. Of course, it isn’t Rob her venom is aimed at. Soriano, César G. (October 5, 2009). "Niffenegger finds 'Symmetry' in death for second novel". USA Today . Retrieved October 7, 2009. Allfree, Claire (October 1, 2009). "Niffenegger goes on a timely journey". Metro . Retrieved October 3, 2009. So many twists and turns! ... Hard to put down and worth every moment.’ NetGalley review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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