The Luminous Dead: A Novel

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The Luminous Dead: A Novel

The Luminous Dead: A Novel

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Gyre has accepted a one time job with a company that will send her deep down into a mine. It’s all very secretive and she doesn’t really have any idea what the mission is. She’s also never officially gone cave diving professionally before and lied to get this job. Gyre’s Mother left when she was younger and she’s determined to leave this horrible planet and find her. This one job will pay her enough that she’ll be able to accomplish that. As long as she survives, of course. At least, for now. Language: English Words: 3,826 Chapters: 1/1 Collections: 1 Comments: 4 Kudos: 12 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 103

The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling | Goodreads The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling | Goodreads

Caitlin Starling’s The Luminous Dead ( TLD) is a novel set entirely within a cave. Published in 2019, the science fiction and horror novel trails a gig worker, Gyre, as she follows the directives of her employer deep into a cave on a colonized planet. The passage and the job grows deadlier with each step Gyre takes into the cave; ghosts, monsters, malice, and betrayals continually threaten her. It is this mysterious passage, made for money and on her employer’s whims, that forms the narrative of TLD. Everything outside the cave in TLD exists only as images—clips of videos and references to memories—and everything within requires the abdication of perception.If you had the skill for it, then why wouldn’t you trade a little bit of bodily autonomy for enough money to feed your family or to start a new life? (c)

The Luminous Dead: A Novel - Caitlin Starling - Google Books

A fleshy bulb squelched beneath her boot, and then deflated in a sudden burst, bioluminescent dust – no, spores – erupting from it and coating the ankle of her other leg with a fine, glowing mist.” I confused Caitlin Starling with Caitlin Kiernan, who also has a effed up book I want to read ( The Drowning Girl). Like The Children of Time, it could have played on fundamental fears--in this case, claustrophobia--but somehow, through the writing, I was only riveted. Except for the water scenes. Those were scary. In some ways, it is like The Martian, only with a main character who is far less well-adjusted and funny. I'd say character-building is the clear strength of this book. The cave dwelling aspect got me excited for intensely thrilling setting, but the purely melodramatic approach wiped all the credibility from the premise. The consistently fatalistic narration numbed your mind to the monotonous over-dramaticism, rendering null any chance for affecting emotional response or sense of suspense. the catch? nothing is as it seems. as gyre descends further and further beneath the surface, both she and em discover just how far they can push each other -- with devastating consequences.

As Gyre descends, little inconsistencies—missing supplies, unexpected changes in the route, and, worst of all, shifts in Em’s motivations—drive her out of her depths. Lost and disoriented, Gyre finds her sense of control giving way to paranoia and anger. On her own in this mysterious, deadly place, surrounded by darkness and the unknown, Gyre must overcome more than just the dangerous terrain and the Tunneler which calls underground its home if she wants to make it out alive—she must confront the ghosts in her own head. The suit was her new skin, filled with sensors and support functions, dampening her heat and strengthening her already powerful muscles with an articulated exoskeleton designed to keep climbing as natural as possible. She wouldn’t even remove her helmet to eat or sleep. Her large intestine had been rerouted to collect waste for easy removal and a feeding tube had been implanted through her abdominal wall ten days ago. A port on the outside of her suit would connect to nutrition canisters. All liquid waste would be recycled by the suit. (c) Sounds painful. A thrilling, atmospheric debut with the intensive drive of The Martian and Gravity and the creeping dread of Annihilation, in which a caver on a foreign planet finds herself on a terrifying psychological and emotional journey for survival.

The Luminous Dead - Caitlin Starling - Archive of Our Own The Luminous Dead - Caitlin Starling - Archive of Our Own

The entire story takes place in a generic, Earth-like cave system and is very repetitive as the caver ferries supplies from one camp to the next, climbing up and down walls, along ledges, squeezing through passageways, swimming through sumps--retreading over the same ground time and again. All the while complaining about her powered suit that prevents her from touching her own skin, but, more importantly, protects her from an alien environment and a tunneler that'd sooner see her dead than complete her mission. One semi-gross note: There are several bodily-function mentions in this, as the high-tech suit Gyre is wearing has adapted sections of Gyre's body to leave no trace in the caves. If you don't like discussions of body parts, fair warning.Em is a handler. That means being a comple

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