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The Enemy

The Enemy

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Callum - A boy who is extremely Agoraphobic, he doesn't like to leave the safety of Waitrose and spends most of his time in the Crow's Nest, where he can watch out over London. He used to listen to ABBA with his mum all the time before the disease. It is told he got the fear of going outside from his mum, who it is said that Callum kills during the initial outbreak. After being killed, Callum's head is put on St George's staff that he carries around. Charlie Higson is the author of the bestselling Young Bond series of novels for young readers, including Silverfin and Double or Die, and the spine tingling, teen zombie-horror series The Enemy. The kids from the Houses of Parliament mostly vote on things and their leaders and have little fighters, relying mostly on the hunters. It is shown that they rarely leave the confines of the Houses, and they have some knowledge of what lies within the No Go Zone. Bozo - Wears a policeman's helmet and is usually found on guard at the gates, he blames everything on the fact that he's an idiot. He was once one of the Cathedral kids, but left them and joined Parliament prior to the events of The Fear. Bozo dies in the Battle of Hyde Park. The Tower kids rescue a girl named Tish, who is from St. Paul's Cathedral. Small Sam plans to escape from the Tower of London.

In a Tweet by Charlie Higson, it was revealed that Brooke and David were fifteen years old by the events of The End. [6] This would make David around thirteen or fourteen during his first appearance in The Dead. The Enemy is the first book in a series of seven. Penguin House Books released the second novel in the series, titled The Dead, on September 16th, 2010, followed by The Fear on September 15th, 2011; The Sacrifice on September 20th, 2012; The Fallen on September 12th, 2013; the sixth novel, The Hunted, on 4 September 2014; and the final book, The End, on November 10th, 2015. The Dead is the second book in the series and the first book chronologically. It was published on the 16th September, 2010. The book follows a single story line of survivors, but is seen from their different perspectives: David didn't appear care what happened to others as long as he could achieve his own objectives. He was also quite delusional, as he thought that the shambling Royal Family could help him get support to rule London. David pompously expected people to do as he said and cared incredibly about his image, shown during the duel between Achilleus and Just John, he begins to make a speech and protests when the fight begins before he can even get started. He constantly lost his temper when things did not go his way, or if people assumed correct things about him that he simply didn't believe. He was also very petty, as he was bent on making life hell for Brooke for leaving him and his group at Lambeth Bridge. [4]The third story line follows a boy named Callum, who stays behind at the Holloway crew's old settlement, and how his life changes after they leave.

Ed's journey from the Natural History Museum to the west in search of Ella, Maeve, Robbie and Monkey Boy. Alicia - A girl who accidentally pours boiling water on her legs. Whitney goes to help her giving Paddy and the Young-Bloods a chance to get outside. The Promithios expedition to South America take place fifteen to sixteen years prior to the active emergence of the disease, placing its initial discovery in 1992. The Twisted Kids would be born roughly nine to ten months later. Charlie Higson is the author of the bestselling Young Bond series of novels for young readers, including Silverfin and Double or Die, and the spine-tingling, teen zombie-horror series The Enemy. Paul MacLaren and his older sons succumb to the disease and are killed by Greg Thorne. Paul's youngest son goes catatonic, and Greg kills him and makes him into dried meat. He and Liam then leave the farm. [3]

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DogNut looks over the Thames and plans to leave in search of Brooke. The night before going on his journey to the centre of London, DogNut has a bad dream about Leo's death. Persephone - A girl from a group based in Notting Hill during the early days of the outbreak, which initially also contained Jester, Shadowman, Rose and Anita. She teaches Jester how to make patchwork from the pieces of clothing of dead kids, starting with her sister. Jester continues this tradition after she is killed. Jester - Also known as The Patchwork Kid, he is sly and cunning and has been shown to only look out for himself, though he tells himself it's not his fault. He serves David because he has the best gig and is open to taking control or moving on if he finds somewhere better.

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