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The Chaos of Stars

The Chaos of Stars

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As a book archeologist it's my duty to study how this book became what it is. It's a hard job, I know, but I'll do my best. I don't blame who tried to rid it from this world of its existence though. Might I recommend burning it next time because unless... When I first learned what The Chaos of Stars was about, I was afraid the pitiful sum of my knowledge on Egyptian mythology would cause me to do this book injustice. But instead of making me feel like the idiot I am, Kiersten White elegantly took care of that problem by including small mythology lessons with a humorous undertone at the beginning of each chapter. It is through them that I learned who is who and what is what, which helped me feel less lost and enjoy the story more. And what a story it was… Isadora is brave to travel far from home and discover herself, but she's also full of hurt and spite for her parents. The transformation to understanding and caring for her parents again is slow and steady throughout the book until she becomes the heroine. She also slowly realizes that she can open herself up to other people and not be afraid of loss. Ry is a heartthrob who writes poetry -- what could be better? He's also patient with Isadora and doesn't hide his feelings from her. Oh, God, I can't believe I'm actually advocating burning a book. That's not me at all. Now I feel dirty.

If I liked Thousand Autumns: Qian Qiu, Vol. 1 for the best descriptions on cultivation lore and best fights, I liked Stars of Chaos for the worldbuilding. You have Ancient China, combined with the industrial revolution and mecha machines. It shouldn't have worked, but I loved it! Sha Po Lang was on top of my Danmei TBR, i absolutely love Qi Ye ( Lord Seventh ) by Priest and everyone keep saying SPL is their fav book from Priest and i was beyond happy when Sevenseas decided to publish this and immeditely started it the day i receive the physical book (which is own the prettiest design) 😍 In case someone is curious about 'yifu/yizi' dynamics I'm gonna put here a link that wonderfully explains these terms! I can't read this any more because I feel like I'm rapidly losing brain cells. This book is absolute trash from what I read and I can't bear it any more. I can't comment on the plot because I only read 20% but there was also way too much info dumping.

This one starts out a little slow because Chang Geng is still young, but the plot ramps up pretty fast. I’m intrigued to see where this is going to go, especially since the poison is slowly driving him crazy. I love the devolving into insanity plots. What I'm trying to say, is that those are both equally idiotic ways to try to keep our boys from having sex before mom is ready for it. Also, we both love our kids, but there isn't really a guidebook for how to do this whole 'parenting' thing exactly right. It's a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of job, and there's no way to say or do everything perfectly. What appeals to you about The Chaos of the Stars the most? The romance? The fantasy elements? The humor? Is it missing anything? The Hay Wain Vs The Tripods - Altered Vintage Painting Funny fathers day gift Alternative Art Print Shabby Chic Wall Décor Kiersten White is probably best known for her Paranormalcy series which reads like a kid high on candy. I actually liked the first two a lot, but I never loved them like a lot of people did. I could never pinpoint why until now because of this book. After Paranormlacy was published White released Mind Games. The book was sort of a disaster. But it amazing that White tried something new, stream of consciousness, and that she wrote it in like two weeks (amazing, but it really shows). I had really high hopes for The Chaos of the Stars. I thought that without being on a sugar rush or the weird stream of consciousness that Mind Games employed, this might be the White book I was waiting for.

I think if I fell in love with someone, I’d never be able to breathe, never be able to function because of the fear.Meanwhile, strange things are happening, her house is looted, she has strange, dark dreams. What is the danger she has been dreaming about? When my first baby tooth falls out as we eat lunch in the ruins of the temple, my mother holds it in the middle of her unlined palm and smiles; her eyes shine with tears, and I worry I’ve done something wrong. I'm fine." It's a lie. I am not fine. My head is a symphony of pain, a sadistic master maestro conducting an opus of excruciating, devastating perfecting.” My favorite part was the plot – or at least the idea behind the plot. I have never been a fan of history – but the Egyptians have always fascinated me. I have never pictured a world where the Gods are still living, have children, and deal with things like sibling rivalry and redecorating bedrooms. This idea intrigued me, so I would have liked to see more history and myth play into the story. At the beginning of each chapter, there was a snippet that seemed to be a history of the Gods themselves, but sometimes Isadora would appear in them, unnamed, and that confused me. But, like I said, I have never been a big fan of history, thus I know relatively little about Egyptian culture. So while they confused me, that isn’t necessarily a representative judge of quality.

The Chaos of Stars

Isadora is tired of her immortal relatives and their ancient mythological drama, so when she gets the chance to move to California with her brother, she jumps on it. But her new life comes with plenty of its own dramatic—and dangerous—complications . . . The characters were well done, our main character flawed, just as her parents are. You can understand her pain & bitterness, her past eating her up inside. I can relate to that on some things. So I think the part of this book I enjoyed the most was Isadora learning (with the help of Ry & Tyler) how to let go and learn to live. Not letting her past destroy her, but define her. Learning to live in the moment, and hope for the future. That can be such a hard lesson to learn sometimes, but it's beautiful when it happens. And I just loved to see her growth in becoming a more open, loving, strong woman. And I just loved Ry, and his constant pushing until she found her way there. I don’t need a new person to suddenly spring up under my skin and push out who I was, who I’ve already decided to be. Those feelings have no place in my life and I will not let myself be a fool in love, with love, let it take over and destroy me.It would be so easy for me to list what I disliked about this book, and rant about what a little bitch Isadora is and how much I hated her, but it's not so simple as that. You will get no arguments from me that our main character is an easy character to hate, but I find myself empathizing with her more often than not. For Businesses Business Log In Advertise Events & Webinars Business Blog Claim Your Badges Customer Service Awards Business T&Cs Chaos has the power to give birth and then cause our death and later create us again, for eternity.

The chaos wheel has now become a popular decorative item for modern dressing and jewellery styles which you can find in various online and offline stores. Find Venues and Suppliers Wedding Venue Finder All Wedding Suppliers Late Availability Wedding Offers of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White What a great introduction to a new to me author! This was definitely more politically based than the other Danmei I have read but I had very little troubles following it.In the interest of not pissing you off anymore tonight, let's not select that particular playlist.” There's a reason cats were near deity in ancient Egypt. Dogs may be loyal, but cats are smart. This one must recognize our bond. You can take the cat ouf of Egypt, but you can't take Egypt out of the cat. Wow, I should have that embroidered on a pillow or something.” Sha Po Lang is set in steampunk ancient china and even though the plot can be very complex and hard to follow at times, you can notice how much care the author put into this novel with all the political schemes and the setting (inspired by real China's history).

Isadora was a painfully annoying main character. For starters, her favourite word is "Floods". She uses it instead of things like, "Oh my god" or "Holy crap" or maybe "Shit". She says "Floods" instead. I wasn't too irked by it at first, but after a while it really started to bug me. But more importantly, Isadora was just so bitter. She hated her family and thought they were using her, so that made her bitter about life, love, and relationships in general. Her outlook on life was, "What's the point of falling in love if we all die eventually?" She even went as far as to compare attraction to cancer: What I'm trying to tell you is that nothing happens in The Chaos of Stars. For 95% of the book there is no conflict whatsoever. There's actually very little Egyptian mythology too. Other than the history lesson info dumps at the beginning of each chapter (which I'll explain later), the book reads like a contemporary book. It's just about a girl moving to America, meeting friends, hating her family, not wanting to fall in love, working at a museum, and starting an interior design project.Book 1 felt more like the introduction for the worldbuilding and characters, i love Chang Geng and Gu Yun (our 2 main characters) at the first Introduction but the STEAMPUNK mixed with old Chinese culture really stole the show like WOW 😍 i expected to see more romance tho but i guess i will get it in the next book Home print, Our beautiful chaos family eucalyptus floral wreath unframed wall art poster print, hallway decor, living room decor, home decor

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