Giorgio Beverley Hills Red Eau de Toilette 90ml

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Giorgio Beverley Hills Red Eau de Toilette 90ml

Giorgio Beverley Hills Red Eau de Toilette 90ml

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I was given "Red" as a gift when the scent was new... so, I must have been about 15 years old. yes, this one is probably a bit much for a 15-year-old, but I was a 15-year-old who successfully wore Poison, almost every day, taking a "break" with Tabu... I remember the gifter admitting that she had chosen it for me because I have red hair.

Always Red was the first perfume I bought with my own money, so it will always be special for me. I blind buy most of my perfumes and this wasn't any different. The perfume bottle looked very attractive to me but I wasn't sure about the notes as I was just a newbie who knew nothing about notes. I gave this a try and I immediately fell in love! A lot of interesting things were going on all at once. When I first bought it and tried it on my skin this smelled floral and powdery, the rose note was prominent. Today, when I sprayed this on myself again, it smelled fruity and jammy. Definitely got the hint of orange, rose, plum, and quite unusually pomegranate. I dunno if it's my body chemistry or I was just a noob in the perfume world. Perfect for fall I'd say and good for winter as well but honestly... I will wear this on colder summer nights, I can't wait until autumn. Then it develops into a warm, soft, slightly nutty, powdery, ambery dry down. Similar to cloud but not exactly the same either.I have received compliment after compliment from this little beauty. She has been a firm date night and fancy event perfume since I was in my early twenties. My boyfriend tells me I smell really good whenever I wear this around him. The first time I smelled Always Red I noticed the similarity to Armani Si. The note breakdown is very different between the two, but they still seem to smell very similar...especially in the drydown. Always Red is much brighter and syrupy in the opening and mid, while Si has a woody note that is present throughout that I never notice in Always Red. It is even a little more similar to the Si Intenses and le Parfum which are all fruitier, though darker and richer than the original. Yes, despite the fact that she was never a signature scent for me, nor even a favorite, she has the power to evoke the biggest reaction out of me of all scents past and present. Which is both fascinating and SCARY. This is a rekindled love with this perfume. I haven't had it in over 20 years easily and now I'm in love again, as if it's the first time I'm wearing this all over again! Happy giddy love!

Nothing like Si from Armani, not a Lancome La nuit Tresor, ..Narsisco Rodrigues? and no...nothing in common! Maybe I made my nose work overtime these days by all kinds of testing but I can't really smell Red. I mean I can tell it's something potent because it hurts my nose, but i can't really figure out its character.All i am getting is some generic scent reminiscent of a drydown of some spicy woody fragrance. Wow! What a spicy gorgeous oriental fragrance! This is a powerhouse and it is a long list of notes that comprises Red. when y was 10 years old. y always go in to the perfume shop. look at the beauty of the bottle. i was very poor so it was very cruel to only look. and think that one day a can eable to buy one of them. A dear friend just bequeathed me a shoebox-full of 80s beauties today: I've spent most of the afternoon trying them, and as you can imagine, it's been an incredible indulgence. After having tested them all, on my skin, I find that Red is really gorgeous. I absolutely get the cherry-rose-smoke segue, which even on paper sounds beautiful to me. No ashtray smell at all on drydown: no, a veil of smoke from hardwood embers, and a few sips of the smoothest kirsch to feel sleepy and content.

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Perfect for day and night time use (Does have that slightly more night time feel about it) and also smells and feels like Autumn when you wear it! So great for the fall season. I too love this perfume and I am officially an "old lady" next year. Granted my days of testing all the boys are well and truly over, however adorned in this magical potion anything seems possible as it always attracts compliments from the males in my circle.

They are very good solvents and prolonging lasting power of the fragrance gives “meadow” like powdery natural tone. On me this is an exact dupe of the new Good Girl flanker, Very Good Girl Glam. Same strong cherry note with decent lasting power. Also strong similarity with Cloud (if you mixed it with cherry). This fragrance works. It just does. I wore it today (daytime) while hanging around the house and won't do that again. This scent is too sophisticated. It's what you wear when going out. Well, a lot of people do compare Always red with Armani "Si", even some of youtube reviewers, claiming that this is cheaper version of "Si". In my opinion, this might be cheaper financially, but for sure not the scent wise and its quality and performance. Today the eagerly awaited bottle of GR arrived and I'm in love! I'm also very confused because of the notes listed on the pyramid I only get amber. No cherry, rose, oakmoss or carnation, just balsamic amber and a hint of sweet tobacco.

Opens with an uplifting candy cherry note, not too sweet. After an hour, the projection is only a few inches off my skin. After 3-4 hours, it becomes a faint skin scent. The cherry note lasts for the first 3 hours on my skin. The drydown is delicate florals and vanilla. I just came across this one tonight in a Zellers store here in Canada. Its been years since I've seen it or owned it so I bought it. But after 30-50 minutes, it quiets down quite a bit and it becomes enjoyable on my skin. Cherry, woods, amber and oakmoss comes out. I can also smell a hint of vanilla. Not sweet, as one reviewer said, it's like a non-sweet cherry. Very balsamic as well, that's the overall impression I'm getting. Sophisticated, but with some 80's drama - definitely a powerhouse, this one! I don’t have Armani Si but i have its supposed dupe, In Woman by La Rive. In Woman smells similar to Always Red too but its the less sweet version. All of them are cheap awesome scents! Worth a blind buy if you adore Si. But Always Red is tops my fave amongst the three. Such a lovely intoxicating and addicting scent. I tried this at my local pharmacy in New Zealand this week. Initially the SA said you have to wait until the alcohol burns off - not a good comment or start of a sales pitch. She had put the body cream on one arm and gave me the paper swatch to smell. I could not smell anything. I then asked for a spray on the arm without the cream. Again, no scent. It was only about 1.5 hours later that I could smell the base notes on my arm. The body cream never smelt. However on paper it came to fullness the next day. Sweet and fruity with a tiny bit of woods. My husband said "I don't like I".

Deutsch | Español | Français | Čeština | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית I've tried this twice on my skin while at my local perfume counter. I love it at first, but within about half an hour, it turns very sour smelling on my skin. Now, this is very unusual for me. In fact, I can't think of it ever happening before. It loses all it's pleasant sweetness, and it almost smells skunk-like.As it settles down the sandalwood and cedar the myrrh and vetiver play out a beautiful melody of amber sweetness. Deep sweet warm possibly a scent that your mum would wear. This opinio was given by someone in their twenties and they liked a Tommy Hilfiger I had on over all the others. This fragrance helps me boost my mood. It makes me feel calm, to be patient and confident. To be happy and motivated. This is 90% similar to Si but still noticeably warmer, smoother, different. I can see someone not liking Si, but loving Always Red. The praline makes it unmistakably gourmand and the absence of patchouli makes it so much more wearable! It's a grown-up, sophisticated gourmand, not at all juvenile.

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