Playermaker Smart Football Tracker Analyzer, Measures Physical and Technical Game Activity, Advanced Than GPS Football Performance Tracker, Annual Subscription Included

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Playermaker Smart Football Tracker Analyzer, Measures Physical and Technical Game Activity, Advanced Than GPS Football Performance Tracker, Annual Subscription Included

Playermaker Smart Football Tracker Analyzer, Measures Physical and Technical Game Activity, Advanced Than GPS Football Performance Tracker, Annual Subscription Included

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Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. Do you agree or disagree with these recommendations? Our article on what makes a good coach also provides more advice on different strategies sports coaches use to improve performance. FieldWiz is another option that offers a good balance between cost and quality for amateur soccer players. Data is meant to improve us, and while knowing that you need to work on a certain aspect of a game will make an incredible difference, when it comes to mistakes, it’s impossible to analyze your mistakes during the game unless you have footage of them.

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Because of the connection to a GPS system, the accuracy of the stats is incredible. The GPS device records around 1,200 movements per second! And all of that at an accuracy within about 3 feet. Activity time, distance covered, top speed, sprints, accelerations and decelerations, jogging and walking distance. The STATSports Athlete Series App is excellent at suggesting options for how to recover effectively from a previous workout and help prevent the player from pushing their body too far, risking injury and damage before the next game.It's a less popular alternative and as such, is mostly used by amateur and semi-professional players. Here is a sizing guide for the Smartvest, measure the length around the biggest part of the player’s chest and use the guide to choose. If a player is in between two sizes PLAYR recommends choosing the smaller one because a tight fit is preferred over a loose fit. Given the custom nature of the advice the app offers Catapult recommends syncing the device with the app right after a match or practice so it can provide up to date recovery information. If you consider all of the other factors discussed above, and you’re still left with a few options to choose from, then the cost and value for money that each one provides could be the determining factor. The vest is made of material that naturally compresses the chest, and it only weighs about 1.4pounds, so comfort should not be an issue.

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This is a significant modern development. For years, players and coaches have had only their subjective observations and opinions to go on when deciding how a player is doing or how hard they are pushing themselves. Having all this information at your fingertips is a great place to start. Identifying what is happening out on the soccer field and assessing how the player can improve and reach a higher level than they are already at. They say it is compatible with magnetic & BLE ‘arm-based’ monitors but won’t 100% guarantee any other heart rate monitor will be reliable with their product apart from the STATSports Magnetic HR monitor (chest strap) or Scosche Rhythm+ BLE HR monitor (arm strap). Consider which metrics you want to measure and your individual goals, and review the above chart to get a sense of which device best fits your development plan. The app also saves your previous sessions so you can see how you’re improving over time. You can also use the previous information as a benchmark to beat the next time you’re playing. Insights and AdviceThe PLAYR SmartPod contains multiple sensors in addition to the GPS that capture a lot of data about your soccer player. According to Catapult it stores about 1250 data points per second including:

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However, the main change is the addition of the new AI SmartCoach, which uses your calendar, schedule, statistics and previously recorded data to give you professional sports science tips such as when, how hard and how long to train for as well as giving you tips for improving your game.” Another fun and useful feature is that the app will compare your stats to a professional player’s stats. Although you may not yet be close to pro-level, it does give you something to aim for and an incentive to keep setting personal bests each time you wear the vest! One of the things that makes PLAYR unique is that the app combines player data with sports science best practices. It analyses your data from a game or training session and gives personalized advice to the player to help with preparation, performance, nutrition, and recovery. Coaches can also tell if a player is barely exerting any energy and requires a step up in the intensity of the training. The information provided is a great way to keep any player accountable and clearly show when someone isn’t working as hard as they can. You can see when you’re well-conditioned and also know when you haven’t put in quite as much effort as you should have!This can be a beneficial way of monitoring how a player is doing and potentially advising them on how they can improve or be more effective while the game is still underway. Heart Rate Monitoring

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With this, teams can better decide if a player requires a progressive overload, maintenance, or underload in future sessions. The pod containing the GPS itself runs at a frequency of 10hz, and has an interactive OLED screen powered by efficient processors.


The SmartPod contains a global positioning unit. The position update rate of the device is 10HZ, which means it updates about ten times a second. According to Catapult this lets the device measure to the nearest 100cm, which is how they’re able to generate a pretty precise heatmap of the players movements. Veo? It replaces the cameraman and does a much better job recording your videos than if done by someone else that wasn’t part of a proper camera crew. How? As it comes with two 4k cameras that combine for an overall 180° degree shot. The AI part of the camera? It will pan and zoom in/out to the point that the footage will never be too far away or too close to see ensuring that you always have the perfect highlights from your match.

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