None of This Is Serious: Catherine Prasifka

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None of This Is Serious: Catherine Prasifka

None of This Is Serious: Catherine Prasifka

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When we are young, as Sophie is when we meet her, the world is enormous. When we are trying to make our way into the river that flows with white foam we become aware that the casualty of life in childhood is gone; there will never be another moment when we might be without control—everything relies on our every move. We must say the right thing & make the best choices, & figure everything out. However much this does not always seem to be true, we are all sitting where we are today because of the albeit, sometimes random, or hopeful, or scary, decisions we made the day before. I know, I know. It sounds like something we have heard before but this book offers so much more. The writing is so intimate from the first line to the very last. The book will dive the reader right into Sophie's mind, only seeing everything she is seeing and feeling everything she is feeling. We are not just seeing through her perspective, we are in her perspective. I have some criticisms about this book, but ultimately every single one of them can be rebuffed by the fact that we are seeing through this young woman's eyes. The decisions she made, the actions she took, the dread she felt—all of it just made her more real than many characters you will come across. None of this is Serious is a celebration of just how wonderful the world is but also just how strange modern life can really be. Delving into the amazing truth of having worldwide connection at your fingertips - but the dangers that come with it too. The mental anguish that seeing polished, curated social media feeds can cause and of course how easily the internet can become a rumour mill. After a while, I become numb to the point where it's difficult to remember I'd even been sad in the first place. I think it's impossible for me to express emotion, let alone for me to have just done it. There's no longer a difference between being awake or asleep.”

None of this is Serious | Catherine Prasifka | 9781838855529 None of this is Serious | Catherine Prasifka | 9781838855529

I flit between social bubbles, each one with a slightly different rhythm. The girls I know from school are the same as always, each personality moving against the others in a well-practised dance. They welcome me into their group, but I have nothing to say to them. Niamh asks me, ‘What are you up to now?’ as though we’ve not spoken in months, and I remember that we haven’t. I wonder at what point I became an outsider and if it’s their fault or mine. They don’t try to convince me to stay when I stand up and mumble an excuse; they are too engrossed in each other’s lives. Edgy . . . [Prasifka] has a painfully raw and acute gift for catching the way things are"— Sunday Times In None of this is Serious we meet Sophie. A 22-year-old University graduate who is job hunting, living at home with her parents in Dublin, feels more at ease in the cyber world than the real one and is more than a little lost. She spends an inordinate amount of time online – she has a true addiction:Grace enters the room and asks me to help her clear up. It takes a moment for me to understand what’s happening. Finn moves and releases me. I follow Grace into the kitchen, and she shakes her head at me. When I look over my shoulder, Finn is looking at his phone as though nothing’s happened, and perhaps it hasn’t. Yeah, right. And by the way, what does empowerment mean? I don’t feel f**king empowered every time I use a f**king tampon.’ Grace’s voice is loud beside me. An extraordinary novel. None of This Is Serious brilliantly explores the impossibility to “come of age” in end times, where screens are so contiguous to experience that no-one is ever truly online or offline. She writes truthfully and with affectless nuance about the labyrinthine workings of friend groups and the defences women scramble for in a world that still hates us” I didn’t Sophie recalls holding her friend Grace’s hand on the airplane home after an abortion, and compulsively looks up houses for sale she believes she’ll never afford. It’s an uncanny portrait of how it must feel to be 22 years old and freshly out in the world, with not even the Earth’s atmosphere in one piece to keep you grounded.

None of This Is Serious | Catherine Prasifka - NetGalley None of This Is Serious | Catherine Prasifka - NetGalley

Finn pulls at my sleeve and asks if we can go and chat somewhere. I nod mechanically. My mouth is dry, so I stop along the way to refill my wine glass. I refresh the feed every minute and continue to consume, growing fat. I’m like a vampire, leeching off the content of other people’s lives. I adored this book. Sophie is an utterly relatable protagonist for anyone who’s ever found themselves in the grip of existential crisis or overwhelmed with anxiety and powerlessness about the big issues of our time. It also covered our modern obsession with social media and the online world.

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I'm not sure when the internet ceased to be a place I could escape to, to get lost down rabbit holes and take care of virtual pets, but it does not offer me the same things anymore. I have a feeling it's to do with cyber and personal space melding, warping each other." That’s fine, I won’t look.’ She sits herself down by the sink, resting her head against the porcelain. ‘F**k, I’m drunk. Not in a f**ked-up way, in a good way, I think.’ Alert readers may suspect they’ve read this book before, which is unlikely. What they may have read is a similar novel from the burgeoning subgenre known as The Trinity Novel — or more accurately The Disillusioned Graduate Novel — of which there have been a great many lately. Catherine Prasifka’s debut rearranges the genre’s familiar suite of neuroses and obsessions, but does so in ways that are at once wearyingly familiar and, in places, refreshingly original.

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