Lacalut Toothpaste White And Repair 75ml

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Lacalut Toothpaste White And Repair 75ml

Lacalut Toothpaste White And Repair 75ml

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I have been using Lacalut toothpastes for a long time, so I leave my review. For several years I tried almost all the series, and after a while I was not particularly thrilled. Some pastas are generally the same, only the name is slightly different and the taste. Another disappointment was the whitening series. I did not notice any whitening, it even seemed to me that a light cream shade appeared in the teeth. It’s not that it became terrible, but you still expect from such a brand that promises are being kept. I only like the series of assets, now I use it as the main one, and sometimes experiment with whitening pastes of other brands. ” The combination of White and Aktiv products will help to avoid thinning of enamel and enhance the effectiveness of the whitening preparation. To achieve an even greater clarifying and healing effect once a week, you can use Extra Sensitive paste. The manufacturer of Lacalut Asset stated that the drug should fight with tartar. But in fact, it can only help with small deposits and yellow plaque. Therefore, it will not be possible to avoid a periodic visit to the dentist for professional toothbrushing, but this toothpaste may be suitable as a prevention of dental plaque formation. When the gums bleed

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Bisabolol is a natural substance synthesized in the laboratory from pharmacy chamomile and cotton or corn. Bisabolol has the following properties: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, regenerating and protecting enamel. The name of the Lacalut paste comes from the main active ingredient - aluminum lactate. Aluminum lactate is a lactic acid salt. The substance stops bleeding of the gums, fights inflammation and is guaranteed to reduce tooth sensitivity. What is the danger of aluminum lactate in dentistry My little one really likes Lakalut children's toothpaste, and the price suits us. The son says that it’s delicious to clean his teeth, he even asks in the evening. The effect is excellent - the teeth are white and strong. The dentist also said that she had not seen such healthy teeth in children for a long time. I’ll definitely buy this paste again. ” The second product of the Active series is Lacalut Aktiv Herbal: it is based on the paste described above, but with the addition of plant components (chamomile, eucalyptus, star anise, thyme, sage, myrrh, mint and fennel). Thus, the anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties of this product can be considered more pronounced.

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Allantoin is a naturally occurring compound not produced by human cells. It has wound healing, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and emollient properties.

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In total, the Lacalut line of pastes for adults is represented by almost twenty items. It would seem easy to get confused. However, in this assortment three key groups can be distinguished: In general, not all methods of reducing tooth sensitivity are implemented in the composition of this paste. In this regard, Lacalut Extra Sensitive looks much more “advanced”. Here is its composition: I’ve been familiar with Lacalut pastes for about 20 years. I have been working as a dentist myself, so I know that in the 90s of the last century, these German pastes were the only normal option, though they cost decent then. And what is surprising, for all the time the quality remained at its best. Already a couple of generations of patients have passed through my hands, and I recommend Lacalut to anyone who is interested. I observe the result: in general, in patients switching to Lacalyut, caries appears less often and the gums are healthy. I use Lakalyut Active myself. Great facilities. ” In addition, the assortment contains other, including somewhat exotic toothpastes: Fitoformula, Alpin, Duo, Basic, Fluor, Fluor Gel and Flora.

The composition of the Lacalyut Asset paste consists mainly of plant componentsdue to which the preparation very gently acts on enamel and is suitable even for brushing sensitive teeth. Long-term use of the drug reduces the risk of caries and other dental diseases.

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Fluoride compounds, including aluminum, which help mineralize tooth enamel, improve the condition of the mucous membrane of the gums, protect the teeth from acid. About 10 years ago I wiped the Linex toilet paper and irritation began. So be careful with toilet paper! Lacalute can be used in the absence of any dental pathologies, but it is better to practice the course use of the drug. The maximum recommended period for brushing your teeth with Lacalut paste without interruptions is 60 days, but it is better to use it no more than 30 days. The next 2-3 months should be brushed with toothpaste in which there is no aluminum lactate. After that, you can again apply Lacalut Aktiv or bleaching paste from the same manufacturer. With tartar White Edelweiss - here the “highlight” to the whitening effect is the presence of alpine edelweiss extracts, sage, cuff and verbena. Due to this, a pronounced anti-inflammatory, wound healing and antioxidant effects are achieved; Lacalute Sensitive - this series is intended primarily for people suffering from increased tooth sensitivity (hyperesthesia).

First of all, we note that under the Russian brand Mexidol dent several types of toothpastes are sold on the territory of the Russian ... There are several varieties of Lacalut Asset. Each toothpaste of this series is highly effective and has a long preservation of the therapeutic effect. Lacalut Aktiv Herbal Let's start with the first: Lacalute Sensitive toothpaste was specially developed for people with sensitive and damaged enamel (to reduce the unpleasant effects of hyperesthesia), and at the same time it is quite effective in preventing caries, including cervical.Specialists of the Dental Association of the Russian Federation have approved this tool as a drug for the care of sensitive teeth.

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No toothpaste can cure tooth decay, so if you have cavities, you need to consult a dentist. But Lacalut helps to reduce the rate of expansion of carious holes and prevents caries from penetrating the root system of the tooth. Sometimes Lacalut Asset is prescribed by dentists to treat tooth decay. In this case, the course of therapy lasts from 1 to 2 months and is accompanied by regular follow-up dental examinations. Varieties Before we talk about them in more detail, one important nuance should be noted: All Lacalute toothpastes contain aluminum lactate. It is from the first syllables of the name of this substance that the brand name “Lacalut” was created. strontium acetate - effectively clogs the dentinal tubules, making the fluid movement in them immune to the action of external stimuli (respectively, nerve endings are not irritated).

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The Lacalut® brand is constantly creating new goods in a local research institution in Homburg, driven by the needs of its clients.

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