Corsair iCUE H150i PRO XT RGB Liquid CPU Cooler (360mm Radiator, Three 120mm Corsair ML Series PWM Fans, 400 to 2,400 RPM, Advanced RGB Lighting and Fan Control with Software, Easy to Install) Black

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Corsair iCUE H150i PRO XT RGB Liquid CPU Cooler (360mm Radiator, Three 120mm Corsair ML Series PWM Fans, 400 to 2,400 RPM, Advanced RGB Lighting and Fan Control with Software, Easy to Install) Black

Corsair iCUE H150i PRO XT RGB Liquid CPU Cooler (360mm Radiator, Three 120mm Corsair ML Series PWM Fans, 400 to 2,400 RPM, Advanced RGB Lighting and Fan Control with Software, Easy to Install) Black

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I confirm that the QL fans are compatible with the Core. I have done exactly the same thing. I took out the ML that came with and bought 6 QL (4 140s and 2 120s). The only thing that you must be aware of is that all fans on the same channel must be of the same type (QL, ML, LL etc). Yeah the Delta for gaming doesn't necessarily Alert me. FWIW I took the fan filters out and it did make around a 3 deg celsius improvement. Room temp is 71deg F or 22 deg celsius. So having an idle temp in the high 30s seems strange. This is great in concept, except that the reality is that not every cooler manages to reach the same dB level at peak operation or lowest noise levels as every other cooler. Some coolers are not seen to operate at 35 or 40dB while others easily exceed it. These same coolers in comparison also

Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

rubix_1011 said:Meaning, if we were to provide cooling by comparison across the same decibel range for multiple cooler comparisons? Ex: "Here is how A, B, C and D coolers compare by thermal performance when running at 35dB?"Exactly. Lot of youtubers review fans this way. 50% and 100% or RPM does not cut in as depending on the fin shape and number, a lot of variables can come into picture. Something like 35 db, 40 db, and max RPM would be nice. Whatever you feel is "barely audible dB", "OK - not so disturbing dB" and "max RPM cooling" settings would be great. Corsair Dominator Titanium First Edition DDR5-6600 C32 2x32GB Review: Abundant Capacity And Performance iCue recognizes the commander core, but once you plug in the AIO, it becomes the H150i and the core disappears. I believe this is expected behaviour so don't think your core has broken.


Admittedly, if you do need absolutely concrete cooling, with zero downtime, the more premium air towers still fill that niche far better—but for the average enthusiast, consumer, or tinkerer, the AIO is the perfect partner for any thermal predicament. Currently the radiator is set to top intake, with the bottom case fans also being intake and the sides being exhaust. I originally had the radiator set to exhaust with bottom/sides intake, but tried reversing it in hopes of remedying the issue. Also, setting to a decibel 'value' also isn't entirely accurate and can leave a larger range for operational limits. Example, there might actually be a variation of +/-300 RPM where the measurable difference of a single decibel is seen, but 300 RPM is actually a significant difference in the amount of airflow being moved. 1200 RPM and 1500 RPM actually end up performing quite differently. It becomes difficult to replicate test runs without variables based on decibel levels alone as the same measurement of 35dB for one test can easily fall outside of acceptable deviation. I have similar build as OP. 5900x ryzen 9 with RTX 3090 MSI suprim. At idle I get around 39 deg celsius and just under 50 deg celsius for the pump temp under gaming load. (using the h150i elite cappelix. Is this normal? Fans are QLs and set to default quiet profile. Is performance drastically different if I use the included MLs? Watercooling isn't difficult as long as you consider total thermal load volume in watts and what your cooling goals are.

iCUE H150i RGB ELITE Liquid CPU Cooler - CORSAIR

These ML Series PWM 120mm fans are the same fans from the previous H150i Pro RGB liquid CPU cooler. On the H150i RGB Pro XT, the unit allows the fans to spin up to their full 2400 RPM. On the H150i Pro RGB, they were limited to a maximum of 1600 RPM since it was built towards silence. Even at 2400 RPM, the fans still produce a respectable maximum airflow of 75 CFM at a 37 dBA. The very latest Cyberpunk profiles work brilliantly on everything. The older profiles - some work, some dont (eg Nuclear, Titanium, Brimstone). iCue crashes on import for some of them. For others (eg Cobalt), it half worked and then I copied/pasted the lighting effects to the other devices - then the whole profile worked. I cant copy and paste the effects in other profiles thought Taking a closer look at the water pump, the surface is mainly glossy with the Corsair logo placed in the center. The logo and the white LED ring around the logo do illuminate when the pump is powered on. Both the logo and LED ring are RGB capable. All ELITE CAPELLIX XT AIOs include pre-applied CORSAIR XTM70 Extreme Performance thermal paste for maximum heat transfer from your high-end processor to the cooler coldplate. I have QL fans everywhere - only the keyboard and RAM light up, and I cannot see any profiles anywhere to edit.

I have tried reconnecting the wide cable running from the pump to the Commander Core. No change still blinking red with fans running 100% 0 RPM on pump with temps 30-40C. The power and fan cables come out from the top side of the water pump. This is not the cleanest approach when it comes to cable management. It would be nice to have a detachable fan cable if the user decides not to plug the fans directly into the water pump. iCUE is a terrible software with obnoxious CPU overhead, buggy design, less control than other software, zzzz i hate icue and saying icue is the biggest + with the builtin command center no one liked or wanted (gee wonder why its included) makes me definitely go look to ekwb and just cut my own loop, might as well learn now Beaver M. - Friday, October 16, 2020 - link I highly doubt that yours is whisper quiet. Everyone ever who claimed that to me was proven wrong when I listed to it myself. The pump always adds a very annoying noise. Possibly that is the reason. This morning I monitored the liquid temps on the pump starting the computer out cold (22deg celsius) and it gradually climbed on idle up to 35 deg celsius. The gradual heat increase from the gddr6 of the 3090 heating the case?


A powerful all-in-one CPU cooler leveraging revolutionary iCUE LINK technology for easier, faster, and cleaner building than ever before. Game integration is a key reason for me going all Corsair, so hoping there will be more of it, along with updates to old profiles and SDK integration ... User error - many parts for the system builder to correctly install and maintain, where AIOs are factory built and sealed. Just more pieces to have awareness around.

Reading the internet, is seems like the profiles (or SDK) are not aware of the very latest products (eg QL fans, H150i Elite). I cannot see any way of editing the games profile (I actually cant find it anywhere), and I cant see if/where to import. To power the water pump and fans, there is a SATA cable that connects to any available SATA power port from the power supply unit. There is also a sensor cable that connects to the motherboard to monitor the speed of the water pump. Three labeled four-pin fan connectors are available to power the three provided fans. These plugs come directly from the pump to allow the Corsair iCUE software to control the fan speeds.

H150i ELITE CAPELLIX XT Liquid CPU Cooler Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX XT Liquid CPU Cooler

How does this compare your internal case or room temps? Most people will idle about 4-7C above the room temp, but this is very case and power level specific. Someone with a TR on High Performance in a glass box is going to be quite high, while an old Sandy Bridge that drops to 0.60v and stays there will be quite low. This seems to be where you are losing ground. The gpu will certainly heat up the inside so the Cyberpunk results don’t surprise me. The prolonged time after gaming at high temps suggests environmental heat, but can also be a restricted cooler. How does the 48C compare to something like the motherboard sensor or any other internal temp data?Firmware can be thought of as the operating system of a device. Updating firmware can help improve device performance or deal with bugs that may pop up. You can use iCUE to help keep the firmware of your devices up to date. With 16 RGB LEDs on a modern pump head design, the ELITE series deliver great cooling with the looks to match. Intel 1700, Intel 1200, Intel 1150, Intel 1151, Intel 1156, Intel 2011, Intel 2066, Intel 1366, AMD AM4, AMD AM5, AMD sTR4

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