Fake Heroes: Ten False Icons and How they Altered the Course of History

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Fake Heroes: Ten False Icons and How they Altered the Course of History

Fake Heroes: Ten False Icons and How they Altered the Course of History

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Scrutinising figures from the worlds of art, politics, business, religion and royalty, he brings to light the murkier truths they would rather have kept buried away, at the same time as celebrating the unsung heroes lost to time.Fake Heroes exposes the truth of the past and helps us understand why that matters today.

Fake Heroes: Ten False Icons and How they Altered the Course Fake Heroes: Ten False Icons and How they Altered the Course

I was really looking forward to this book because I loved Fake History, and for the most part this was an entertaining and informative sequel. However, as soon as I saw that there was a chapter on Captain Scott my heart sank a little bit, and I thought to myself "I bet he's only used the Huntford". Guess bloody what, I was right! An inspiring and beautifully written story of hope and healing . . . We, her readers, are privileged to walk alongside her’ COUNTRYFILEI did find this book entertaining and informative. But I had two main problems with it. Firstly, I think the author is just a little too open in using the book to display his political opinions. Would I be saying this if I didn’t agree with all of them? Well, that is a speculative question. But I would say that I was more annoyed with it interrupting the flow of historical discussion. Right From Wrong follows the course of Jacob’s life, beginning on a council estate in Nottingham. Beset by problems at home and at school, Jacob drifted into drug-related gang culture, drinking heavily and fighting for fun before a fateful night changed the course of his life. Unflinching in its account of Jacob’s guilt and shame, this book will reveal how Jacob used the experience to turn things around. He has been actively involved with Restorative Justice programmes including the Forgiveness Project, has reconciled with those he has hurt, has earned a first-class degree in Criminology and become a husband and father. History books are usually informative, occasionally exciting but rarely funny. "Fake History" is all three - often it's laugh out loud funny, as my fellow passengers on the Aberystwyth to Birmingham train discovered yesterday. This is history written as it should be; researched, clear and - as mentioned - bloody hilarious in places. A fun, authoritative and alternative history of the world that exposes some of the biggest lies ever told and how they've been used over time. This book dismantles the lazy and pernicious tropes of the past as Otto English sets out to redress the balance and reclaim truth from those who seek to pervert it.

Fake Heroes: Ten False Icons and How they Altered the C… Fake Heroes: Ten False Icons and How they Altered the C…

In this bold and provocative audiobook, Yuval Noah Harari explores who we are, how we got here and where we’re going. He shows how our present continues to be manipulated by the fabrications of the past. By the end the reader realises that how so much of what we take to be historical fact is, in fact, fiction. Douglas Bader, JFK, Che Guevara, Mother Theresa, Andy Warhol, Coco Chanel, Captain Scott, Henry V, Thomas Midgeley and John Wayne. Winston Churchill was our greatest Prime Minister, Abraham Lincoln believed all men were created equal, the Royal Family is German, curry comes from India and many more lies! When I was at school, we were challenged to question everything. I became a pain throughout my career and wider life as a result. I can't help it but am amazed at the vast majority that are willing to accept the most nonsensical of lies.In this fascinating book, journalist and author Otto English deconstructs ten great lies from history. A visit to Justin’s mother on Boxing Day reveals that there are some very dark underlying problems that Justin has never spoken about. As the full picture becomes clearer, and the horrific truth of Justin’s early life is revealed, Casey and her family finally start to understand the pain he has suffered… From the glens of Scotland to the familiar shores of the South West Coast Path, this is the inspiring story of a thousand-mile journey and love letter to our land. Nem mondom, hogy a fenti metódus olyasvalami, amit én sose követtem el, mert de. Ugyanakkor megiscsak jó lenne hinni, hogy ennél többre vagyunk hivatva. Mert végtére is nem az a gond, hogy mások mást gondolnak, mint mi - hisz az ember sokféle. Hanem hogy hajlandóak-e ezek mellett a gondolatok mellett úgy érvelni, hogy a másikat is embernek tekintik. Mégpedig olyan embernek, akiről feltételezik, hogy respektálható céljai és motivációi lehetnek. Jó, hát igaz, ami igaz, ez a fajta hozzáállás meglehetősen energiaigényes, néha meddő is**. De az semmiképpen sem jó módszer, ha a másik oldal leegyszerűsítő populizmusára válaszul mi meg megteremtjük annak tükörképét: a mi leegyszerűsítő populizmusunkat. Lejön az egészről, hogy a prioritás a szerző részéről saját indulata megélése volt. Aminek következtében szó sincs építkezésről. Pedig ha csak a fejezetcímeket nézzük, hihetnénk azt is, English egy ívet kíván létrehozni. Hisz azokban világosan meg van határozva egy állítás (pl.: "Régen az emberek azt hitték, a föld lapos"), amit a szerző bizonnyal cáfolni kíván, valamint ott az alcím is (pl. "A történelemhamisítás története"), ami mintha arra utalna, hogy egy általánosabb tematikus rendbe lesznek illesztve a fejtegetések. Aztán kiderül, hogy ilyen tematikus rend jószerével nem létezik, English csak csapong, össze-vissza hajigálja elénk mindazt a tudást, amit innen-onnan összecsipegetett, nem csoda, ha az ember egyes fejezetek végén őszintén elgondolkodik azon, hogy volt-e itt mondva valami érdemleges, vagy csak ventilált egy jóízűt az író saját magának.

Fake Heroes, Ten False Icons and How they Altered the Course

Ráadásul ezzel dédelgetjük azoknak a lelkét is, akik velünk értenek egyet - hisz valójában mi is azt szeretjük a legjobban, ha ki van mondva nyíltan, hogy az "ők" és a "hülyék" tulajdonképpen szinonimák. Ettől valahogy jobban érezzük magunkat. I'm sorry but what is this? I did history at uni, and I struggle to describe it, If one had to, you could define it as a self-absorbed, incoherent polemic. Part of the detritus thrown up by Brexit. The author's problem with Andy Warhol is somewhat unclear. I mean, we know that many of Warhol's works weren't actually physically produced by Warhol himself, so this is not really new information. There was never any sense in which Andy Warhol tried to claim otherwise, as his entire artistic life was about blurring the boundaries between consumerism and art. Nevertheless, Otto English doesn't like Warhol at all, which is understandable in some ways, but not comprehensively explained. In a diary that takes us behind the scenes of their middling ambition, Nothing But The Truth charts an outsider’s progress down the winding path towards practising at the Bar. By way of the painfully archaic traditions of the Inns of Court, where every meal mandates a glass of port and a toast to the monarch, and the Hunger Games-style contest for pupillage – which most don’t survive – here is the brilliant reality of being a frustrated junior barrister. Overall, I enjoyed Fake History: Ten Great Lies and How They Shaped the World. It was easy to digest and had something of importance to say. In a world with so much information at our fingertips, it's more and more important to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff, and Otto English's book goes a long way in helping do just that.

for history geeks like myself this book makes for a very interesting read as i learned a lot of interesting facts reading this book. for anyone who isn’t head over heals in love with history however this book doesn’t fully do what it says on the tin and you’d be forgiven for getting bored of the endless tangents.

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