One Step 10 Parameter Professional/GP Urinalysis Multisticks Urine Strip Test Stick Strips - Pack of 100 Strips

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One Step 10 Parameter Professional/GP Urinalysis Multisticks Urine Strip Test Stick Strips - Pack of 100 Strips

One Step 10 Parameter Professional/GP Urinalysis Multisticks Urine Strip Test Stick Strips - Pack of 100 Strips

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If drugs are injected and shared around you are then at risk of catching a dangerous infection such as H.I.V. or hepatitis B and C. These tests are simple, fast reliable and accurate tests which detect for the presence of drugs of abuse in urine. This drug cassette will test your urine for the following drugs: Because of its location and many functions, the liver is prone to many diseases such as hepatitis A, B, C, E, alcohol damage, fatty liver and cirrhosis. There are over one hundred types of liver disease and they affect millions of people in the UK. This figure may only be the tip of an iceberg as many cases of liver disease remain undiagnosed. This is because your liver is very resourceful and able to work well enough even when it may be damaged. This means that you may often not ‘present’ with clear symptoms, or show obvious sign of liver disease or illness.

One Step 10 Parameter Professional/GP Urinalysis Multisticks

Drugs are everywhere around us and most parents worry about their child becoming involved with drugs. Parents often feel they don’t know enough about drugs to help prevent their child from coming to harm. Our One Step Veterinary Pet Urine Test Strips are specifically designed for testing the urine of animals, including cats and dogs. As urine is the end product of a filtering process that removes waste products and metabolic end products from your pet’s blood, much can be learned about your pet’s health by evaluating several aspects of the urine.

pH: The pH level indicates the acidity of the urine. In healthy pets, urine pH should be in the 6.0 to 6.5 range. What is cystitis? Urine infections or UTI’s can affect different parts of your urinary tract. If your bladder is affected it is called cystitis, if the urethra is affected it is called urethritis and if the kidneys are infected is is called a kidney infection. Urine infections are common, irritating conditions that usually affect women, […] The lungs The lungs are part of the respiratory system, they are protected from injury by the ribcage and separated from the abdomen by a sheet of muscle called the diaphragm. When you breathe in, air passes from your mouth or nose through the windpipe (trachea). Once in the chest, the trachea divides into 2 […] A second pink/red coloured line below the control line, no matter how faint, should now appear. This is a negative result. If no further line appears below the control line then the individual has tested positive for that drug of abuse.

Urine tests explained | The Group Practice Urine tests explained | The Group Practice

Discoloration or darkening of the test pads may indicate deterioration. If this is evident, or if test results are questionable or inconsistent with expected finding, confirm that the product is within its expiration date and is reacting properly using known negative and positive control materials. Do not use after the expiry date. Comprehensive 10-Parameter Coverage: Our test strips are designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of urine composition. They cover the following 10 essential parameters: Leukocytes: If leukocytes are found in your urine sample the colour of the test strip will change colour and go dark pink or purple. If you get a positive result, consult your doctor. Draw the edge of the strip along the brim of the vessel to remove excess urine; at this time, don’t make the test areas touched to the brim of the vessel.This test is simple, fast, reliable and accurate test which detects for the presence Cotinine (nicotine) in urine.

ONE+STEP DUS 10 Urinalysis Reagent Test Strips | Tub of 100

If you are in the practice your GP or nurse will give you a container and explain how to collect a urine sample. On other occasions you might receive a request by letter or over the phone to provide a urine sample. In these instances you can collect a sample container from our reception desk. Women who take drugs may experience heavier periods and some women’s periods have been known to stop. Dip the strip into the urine up to the test area, ensuring all reagent pads are fully immersed. Dip for no more than two seconds. Turn the strip on its side and tap once on a piece of absorbent material to remove any remaining urine; Excessive urine on the strip may cause the interaction of chemicals between adjacent reagent pads, so that an incorrect result may occur.Compare the colours of the reagent pads exactly after 60 seconds (Leukocytes after 90~120 seconds) with the colour chart on the vial label under good light. While comparing, keep the strip horizontally to prevent possible mixing of chemicals when excessive urine is present. When looking at the test strip you will see a pink/red coloured line just below the test handle. This is the Control Line (C). The next line that may or may not appear below the control is called the Test Line (T).

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