Thunderworks Games Tenpenny Parks, Red

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Thunderworks Games Tenpenny Parks, Red

Thunderworks Games Tenpenny Parks, Red

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Her Comments: We used to have Steam Park and I think that game spoiled me with its 3D buildings. The theme comes through but I found myself wishing for a little bit more table presence.

Still, I’m having a lot of fun with this one. Tenpenny Parks has a solo mode to keep you warm between plays with friends, albeit one that seems to break the feeling of the core game because the Automa buys 2 attractions every round. I have never seen another human player build more than 8 in a single game because cash is too tight to spend so freely, so expect a nice challenge if you decide to give solo a spin. The second option is buying a Gear card instead. Remember you dealt three out during set-up? Gear cards provide game-long benefits in Parks, or provide immediate rewards. They might be permanent discounts off Visiting Park cards. Or they might be means to fill your Canteens at certain points. There are 36 of them, so plenty of variety! Gear cards cost a range of Sunshine tokens. Are you the first player to place in this option this season? You gain one Sunshine token (so a -1 discount, if you like). Later players can also buy Gear cards, but don’t get the Sunshine token benefit.My Comments: A lot of the variables change from game to game so that the puzzle the game offers will always be different. Next up is advertising, where players use their built attractions to convert money into points. Each attraction has a defined amount marked on their card, and can only be used once per advertising step. Her Comments: Mechanically this game does not break a lot of new ground. It feels familiar, but it does all work together.

I love a good-looking game. Of course, it has to play well in addition to its good looks but it certainly plays a massive part in my decision-making when I come to judge a game. PARKS has been a collaboration between Keymaster Games and Fifty-Nine Parks, the artists behind the beauty of the game. Fifty-Nine Parks, for those that don’t know, are a group of artists who are committed to celebrating the beauty and splendour of National Parks. They have been running a print series which contains a beautiful set of artwork. Depicting a whole selection of the parks. Their commitment is such that 5% of all sales go to the preservation of these parks. The quality shines through During the Actions Step players take turns placing their workers onto the main game board. By doing so players may remove trees, expand their property, gain money and build concessions and attractions.


A Feast for Odin is a classic. A Feast for Odin is ranked as the #22 game all-time on BGG; it might be the best game of its type ever made.

Construct rides through the stone age, the American old west, the age of fantasy, the cosmos of space, and the depths of the sea!

The artwork, design and theme of a game can play a massive part in its success. Yes, there are those classics that perhaps could have done more with those three things however now, more than ever; we have new releases that are pure works of art. PARKS is one such example. A labour of love Secondly, the overall strategy of Tenpenny Parks fully reveals itself after only two or three plays.

We are using a custom rating scale. Each game will be evaluated by both of us on 1 to 10 scale in five areas. When combined, this creates a possible score out of 100. But I lean light. I definitely lean lighter than A Feast for Odin (a BGG complexity of 3.85), and I struggle to get games like it to the table when I’m not playing with my heavy strategy gaming friends. Look I like Theme Parks. I've played loads of Rollercoaster Tycoon and I really like Unfair, another Theme Park themed boardgame. So whenever a new game is announced with this theme it always piques my interest. Has Tenpenny Parks hit all the marks? Lets find out.Tenpenny Parks is a super tight board game. Lots of options that are limited by other player’s choices and the relatively constrictive gameplay. There are so many things you would like to do, but so few workers to do them with. Some may find this restrictive gameplay too much, especially at three or four players.

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