Tech 21 QStrip - Bass Preamp

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Tech 21 QStrip - Bass Preamp

Tech 21 QStrip - Bass Preamp

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In the end it's always best to try both side by side if feasible, but I think I've covered the differences and similarities. This little box - busy looking on most sides - is very competent at what it says to deliver : a vintage inspired but accurate true parametric equalization which some creature comforts. The 100% analog MOSFET circuitry in the heart of the Q\Strip provides the warmth, girth and larger-than-life tones for which vintage consoles are revered. Add in four bands of pro-audio-quality equalization, two parametric mid bands, as well as high and low shelving filters, and you have incredible control over how your instrument cuts through on stage or in a mix.

Construction wise, the box is your standard aluminum box, but the knurled metal buttons give a premium felling when making changes to your configuration. As it happens this has recently been the topic of a discussion on a pro audio orientated forum where I dabble. One member was most adamant that only mic level was 'legitimate' but couldn't really articulate why. In the end I would suggest trying one. Specifications are meaningless if you aren't happy with the tone or ease of use.Q/Strip isn’t just an EQ pedal. It’s a DI, a volume boost pedal, a speaker emulator, a classic equaliser strip, a ‘second amplifier channel’, a recording preamplifier and probably a whole host more of options I’m yet to think of. Einmal um bei kleineren oder kürzeren Auftritten, sowie bei Proben auswärts eine kompakte Lösung für den E-Bass parat zu haben, die man gleich im Instrumentenkoffer mit dabei hat. The Empress is a nice pedal, I used to own one. The Q/Strip has two bands of sweepable midrange, two shelving EQ's, high and low pass filters and a 4.7 MegOhm input impedance. The Empress gives you three adjustable parametric EQ's with adjustable Q's for each, a 30dB foot switchable boost, 1MegOhm input as well as a 3 way input pad. Well this one is now sitting at the end of my home pedal board! I didn't get on at all with the BDDI (which Dave, I know, is a big fan of!) but I'm really loving the Q\Strip's tone shaping capability: it goes several steps further than what my amps can do, which is saying something as they're both pretty good (particularly the Mesa M6) in the tonal options they provide. And I finally have an XLR out on one of my pedals to boot

Darüber hinaus habe ich es mittlerweile auch für die Kalimba und den E-Kontrabass benutzt und bei all den Instrumenten war der QStrip gut brauchbar. Tech 21 is arguably best known for the SansAmp ‘Amp In A Box’ simulator—However, their quality product range has been rapidly expanding over the years, including effects and utility pedals. Today we have something else a little different; A recording console channel strip in a box! Dan Veall takes a look at the Q/Strip. Strange manufacturer decision that when you power-on pedal it's always in the ON-state, so it doesn't remember its last state before power-off. According to the support it's normal behavior and you can switch it to default ON or OFF-state by re-soldering some elements on the circuit board! I don't think it's quite elegant and intuitive solution :) Also ground lift is cable dependent: if your cable hasEnjoy! (And this will be worse than the PDDI for 'forever twiddling' 'cos it's more versatile from what I've seen :) ) In reality all audio going into an ADC is going to be squeezed down to a 5V range or less. But attenuating directly before the ADC gives best SNR. Also worth noting that signals that are impedance balanced or 'Ground Cancelling' are likely to be at -2dBu nominal level. Since the -ve leg of the signal isn't driven. Q/Strip isn’t just an EQ pedal. It’s a DI, a volume boost pedal, a speaker emulator, a classic equaliser strip, a ‘second amplifier channel’, a recording pre-amplifier and probably a whole host more of options I’m yet to think of. Dan Veall

Verglichen mit anderen DI-Preamps und kompletten Verstärkern, die spezifisch auf eine bestimmte Instrumentengruppe abgestimmt sind, ist der QStrip meiner Meinung nach aber klanglich im Nachteil. The grain of salt: I have only played this unit for an hour. I have played 12 string guitars for 17 years. Da ich Batterien zur Stromversorgung nicht sonderlich mag, ist die Option, den QStrip einfach über das Mischpult mit Strom versorgen zu können, wirklich praktisch und einfach. Zum Aufnehmen würde ich den QStrip selbst nicht einsetzen, da ich hier mehr auf spezifischere Lösungen setze, doch wenn jemand mit dem QStrip genau seinen Sound findet, dann spricht da grundsätzlich auch nichts dagegen. I finally got around to playing with my Q/strip at home last night. Just Bass- Q/S - Zoom B3n in bypass mode and headphones. Ok, so its an EQ, not really much to expect. Plugged The Sire V7 in and had a play. Very powerful but i found the best tones were almost flat on the boosts. I never really had a 'wow' moment but i can see it potential. Saying that, even with it off and using my normal Zoom presets i wasn't feeling it last night.

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Beispielsweise bekomme ich Akustikgitarren an meinen Mesa Rosette DI-Preamps immer besser eingestellt als am QStrip.

I'm reasonably familiar with the technology of such consoles from 60s/70s - both UK and USA origin - but not aware of widespread use of MOSFET devices in Channel EQs. Whilst small signal (as opposed to Power devices) MOSFETS can be used for audio work, in my experience the console EQs tend to be based around Bipolar transistors as the active components (maybe JFET but these used more for signal switching in desks toward the end of this era). ground pin connected with shield of the plug (I think most of them does), you can't use ground lift and this is also normal behavior according to the manufacturer support :) I did think at the time "why don't I get the vtbass DI instead? Or the two notes lebass" but this has a great eq and small footprint and isn't just for one instrument. But I do hav[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]e a bit of a probl[/font]em with the description below:

Definitive Vintage-style DI/EQ

Underneath the equaliser are some ‘fast access’ switches. A high pass filter (HPF) that will help to cut down on rumble for microphone users and maybe sub ‘boom’ from excessive EQ elsewhere in the chain. The roll off is gentle and actually, as a bassist, I would have preferred to have seen a 24db per octave roll off at say 25hz which is a great way to alleviate speaker flapping and really tightening up the sound of any bass, even extended range instruments.

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