Games Workshop - Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Gloomspite Gitz: Sneaky Snufflers

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Games Workshop - Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Gloomspite Gitz: Sneaky Snufflers

Games Workshop - Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Gloomspite Gitz: Sneaky Snufflers

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So what actually works against the potent shooting of a Lumineth Realm-lords list that wants to pepper you with long range mortal wound spells and take control of the board from round 3 onwards when your opponent is mostly dead? Well it turns out if you have access to a 4+ spell ignore and a 4+ rally, as well as a high wound count it’s quite possible. Enter the boys in orange. This list drops some manned Squig units to fit in the whole smorgasbord of Squig buffs, including Grinkrak and his Looncourt. Grinkrak is notable in that he can give a friendly unit within 3″ fight on death in the combat phase, making those Squigs an absolutely brutal unit to have to try and engage in combat. The rest of the list is mostly what we’ve come to expect, with 40 Shootas serving as the disposable screens and objective squatters. The Best of the Rest Zachary Shinn – Skaven: A double Verminlord + Thanquol list that goes light on bodies and heavy on Endless spells, taking Spellportal, Warp Lightning Vortex and Lauchon (for Thanquol) Jonathan Roberts – Lumineth Realm-lords (5-0): It’s the Helon Teclis list you’ve seen the past month or so on this column, with Gnashing Jaws and a unit of Wardens instead of 10 more Sentinels than typical

The Squig Herd box lets you build 2 Herders and 10 Squigs. You will never need 10 Squigs for Warcry, but it will give you a solid foundation for any expansion you want to do with the force. Four, including the now ubiquitous ‘have ever battle tactic you complete be from your faction list’. Protect da Shrine! Could potentially see some use, requiring you to have no enemy models within 12” of the Loonshrine at the end of the game, and for it to have not been smashed to rubble. Superior Spell-flinger has a Tzeentchy flair and asks you to have two of the Gitz endless spells on the battlefield when the game ends. You don’t have as much control of that as you might like, but the Scuttletide at least can be quite difficult to dispel. Just one, and it’s a weird one. Troggherd Heavies has a required Troggboss, one Dankhold Troggoth and no optional units. For this you get the Magnificent ability. This is actually OK, Dankholds are no longer totally embarrassing, and this is an easy battalion to fulfil for a decent reward. Why there is just one core battalion and only for Troggs is another question, but it’s what we’ve got. Grand Strategies My other two armies are SCE (sacrosanct chads and ballista), and Ogor Mawtribes (mostly BCR). I'm looking for a fun army with a different playstyle than my first two.Simon Eccles – Flesh-eater Courts: Speccles brings the long in the tooth FEC book to an impressive 4-1 finish, with this Blisterskin list relying heavily on summoning on additional bodies to supplement the double big boys and 9 Crypt Flayers Grimscuttle is a total rewrite from the old White Dwarf rules and feels like it still doesn’t quite get there for what is one of the weaker standalone parts of the army. This now lets you deploy up to two spiderfang units off the board with each skitterstrand that you have already deployed in ambush from beyond – bringing all the units on together when the skitterstrand deploys onto the board. It’s certainly an interesting way to keep some of your units safe from early alpha strikes, but can leave you at the mercy of multiple 9” charges. Battalions Dragged along by their eager snufflesquigs, Sneaky Snufflers harvest looncaps and other valuable magic fungi from the battlefield. They slash up anyone that gets in their way, and dole out mind-altering fungal treats to nearby grots for the fun of it. Phil Marshall – Slaves to Darkness: Phil’s Cabalists list puts up another strong finish, with it’s 10 Chosen and 6 Varanguard faltering only against the eventual winner Mike Stewart

Moonclan units get Frothing Zealots for everyone’s favourite 4+ rally and Lunar Squigs still provides the excellent ability to run and charge for squigs. Spiderfang Venom upgrades the spider venom of your spiderfang units to trigger on an unmodified 5+, and Moonlit Hide is your trogg buff for +1 to save rolls. There’s three interesting, if not overwhelmingly strong, options for the Dankhold Troggboss. Firstly, Alpha Trogg provides two extra wounds and the Monster keyword, a small mercy for everyone who thought they should be monsters anyway. Trogg Smash is a once per battle 3” mortal wound bomb that triggers after the Troggboss fights. Most intriguing is Loonskin which lets you take one of the non-arachnacauldron Gitz endless spells for 0 points and lets your general attempt to cast it (but crucially, does not make them a wizard so any of those predatory spells will be wild). Artefacts These guys are an incredible unit in the Gloomspite Gitz, pushing your chosen units to fight harder by supplying them with deadly fungi. With a few Sneaky Snufflers nearby, even a unit of mere grots can be transformed into a terrifying force on the battlefield.The Grots box lets you build 1 Moonclan Boss, 3 Netters and any combination of Shootas, Stabbas, and Pokin Spears. We built a Moonclan boss, 1 Standard Bearer (in case we want to use them in Age of Sigmar), 3 Netters and then 5 Shootas, 5 Stabbas and 5 Stabbas with Pokin Spears. This gives a huge amount of flexibility to our warband construction. This kit lets you build and customise 6 Sneaky Snufflers, with their attendant snufflesquigs, and features a host of interchangeable heads for customising your models. There are a lot of artefacts to get through here as they’re more split up by keyword, so these are just a selection of the more interesting ones.

Using only the balanced deployment cards, Shield is deployed 15 times out of 18 on the table. You want to get your core of Squig riders on the table early, maybe keeping 1 in reserve. Having your boss and another rider on the table first allows them to position, while the rest of the swarm does their job. Oh and I haven’t even mentioned that you can recycle units through the Loon shrine to keep the value train rolling. Mathew Swinney – Stormcast Eternals – 2nd Place Matthew Barker – Nurgle: Glottkin makes an appearance, acting as a means for a unit of 10 Blightkings to hurtle up the board and counter charge in his opponents turn, as well as 3 Varanguard to act as an efficient and fast flanking unit.Sneaky Snufflers are mobs of Moonclan Grots that range ahead the the main armies in search of the mushrooms known as Looncaps, that grow under the light of the Bad Moon. For this purpose they train Snufflesquigs to identify these mushrooms from those that induce effects such as vomit slime, break out in luminous yellow spots, babble uncontrollably or even burst into flames. When the Bad Moon approaches these unique squigs begin to howl with raised snouts. [1] We are a small team of Warhammer Enthusiasts and miniature collectors, hoping to support and further promote the hobby. There are a mountain of warscrolls here, so this isn’t an exhaustive list of everything in the book and everything that’s changed. Heroes

Next weekend, the Bad Moon will rise over the Mortal Realms, heralding the first wave of the Gloomspite Gitz – a new army that combines the Moonclan Grots, Spiderfang Grots, troggoths and even some gargants into a single madcap faction. Because we love you guys, the nights are long and we wanted to end the year with a bang, we thought we’d give you the lowdown on what to expect: It’s mostly the same list we covered last week, just with a few tweaks (shields on one unit for a better triumph bid, some artefact adjustments). The reality is that many of the top armies in the game right now don’t really have the tools to deal with a grindy blob of Dwarves in the middle, and this archetype has proven it’s got the ability to slap down Lumineth, which may make it a compelling option for tournament goers over the next few months. Simon Rooke – Jaws of Mork – 2nd Place Path to Glory rules for your Gloomspite Gitz to concoct strange and esoteric potions to empower your clan. What is impressive I think about the Stormcast book is that despite being the first book released, it’s managed to stay relevant throughout all the releases that have since followed and after taking several significant nerfs. This list wants to be more versatile than what it’s facing off against, with access to Deep Strike, very potent long range shooting as well as one of the premiere hammer/anvil combo units in the game in the Fulminators. Troggs have the Glowy Howzit , a mighty 4+ ward artefact that gets turned off if you roll a 1 after taking damage that isn’t negated, and the Pet Gribbly which gives +1 wound and then +1 to hit and wound if you roll a 1 after taking damage that isn’t negated.This review was completed using a copy of Battletome: Gloomspite Gitz given to us free by Games Workshop. Veteran Gitz players will notice that three of the old moon buffs have been cut, and the extra CP and cast bonuses will be rough to lose, but we promise good news from here on in.

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