Lost in the Clouds: A gentle story to help children understand death and grief (Difficult Conversations)

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Lost in the Clouds: A gentle story to help children understand death and grief (Difficult Conversations)

Lost in the Clouds: A gentle story to help children understand death and grief (Difficult Conversations)

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Cirrus goes to get Candy, and thanks Da-in again for taking care of her. As he’s walking home, he notices a leaf resting on Candy's head. He laughs a bit as he finds it cute, and he makes a note of how nice the day is. He thinks about how excited Skylar must be to have the flash drive. [40] Cirrus went to the same middle school as Chan-il and ended up befriending him. He seems to get along with his peers well, but has trouble forming close relationships with them. He is also implied to have hurt a classmate when he was in elementary school, with people know have known him longer than Chan-il deeming him 'dangerous'. Therefore, some of his peers at school avoid him.

The next day, Skylar arrives at his desk, to see the photos on them. He delivers them to the freshmen students. During lunchtime, he sits down as Dongsik and Jeong-hoon are in the middle of a conversation. Skylar asks his two friends what they're talking about. In response, the two men stare at Skylar, then drop the conversation that they were having, telling him that they were conversing about a game that he wouldn't be interested in. [37] Skylar notes how odd their behavior is, and that they have been leaving him out of their conversations recently. He begins to become anxious, as he wonders what could've caused them to become distant suddenly. [37] While the school bell rings, Skylar attempts to explain his frustration with the midterm results. He explains that Cirrus had triggered him, which caused him to have trouble focusing on the test. He had sacrificed so much because it was the only hope he had for going to college. [19] Cirrus teases him some more, asking Skylar if he had enjoyed the kiss so much that he couldn’t study. If that was the case, then he was flattered. However, he would forgive the sudden strike due to the fact that he had kissed Skylar without consent. Cirrus moves on to showing Skylar his bleeding mouth, prefacing that Skylar had punched him hard just then. [19]Skylar becoming popular recently at school while Cirrus losing his popularity, pretty ironic right? At first, Skylar thought Chan-il to be annoying and dorky, and he wanted nothing to do with him. Chan-il was horrible at taking pictures, and someone called Chan-il cute for it. Skylar silently replied that Chan-il was just vying for attention. [14] A few days later, as Skylar is on his way to gym class, his homeroom teacher asks to speak with him. He takes Skylar to the teacher’s lounge, where he shows him his midterm exam answer sheet. He tells Skylar that he had marked off the rows by one, and he wanted to ask him if the sheet was truly his. [18] Skylar confirms that it is. His teacher asks if something has been going on with him for the past few days. Skylar replies that there hasn't. After he voices his disappointment, he dismisses him. Skylar goes to sit down on the stairs and begins to cry. [18] After calming down, he goes to gym class. In their last year of middle school, Skylar and Minwoo joined the soccer team of their school, but Skylar was a menace on the team. He was exceedingly aggressive towards new players, one particular player that he antagonized, both on and off the field, was a young man named JoonHo. [51] One day, Minwoo invited Skylar over to his house to play a video game on his brand new console, also his parents weren't home. Due to this, the boys decided to drink some of Minwoo's father's whiskey. While the two didn't plan on drinking the entire bottle, they ended up doing so and became incredibly intoxicated. Minwoo had seemingly passed out on the couch at some point, while Skylar kept drinking. [52] He had bought a camera to take photos of his puppy Candy. Mentioning how Skylar and Chan-il are in the photography club, Cirrus states he wanted to tag along.

He has a tendency to be apathetic to other's feelings, as shown when he was desultory when Skylar tried to explain why he was angry with him. It is shown that Cirrus struggles a great deal with being vulnerable and opening up to others, leading to this aggressive and cold behaviour when cornered. Another example of this when he used Skylar to humiliate his stepmother in public, even though the man was uncomfortable with it. Cirrus did not seem to understand why Skylar was not attracted to him, despite how he treated him in their first few months of knowing each other. Cirrus asks Skylar if his friends ever come up to him for anything else other than to borrow his things, and he doesn’t understand why Skylar keeps humoring them. Skylar replies that he’s not humoring them. He lets them use his stuff because they’re his friends. Skylar asks Cirrus why he’s conversing with him, as their business with each other is done. Cirrus teases him, asking him how he can abandon him after seeing him naked. Skylar, in his head, tells Cirrus that he was the one who came out of the bathroom naked. Then, Skylar realizes he has nothing more to do with Cirrus and he doesn’t need to keep conversing with him. Skylar grins evilly and tells Cirrus he could care less what he thinks of him. Then, he leaves Cirrus alone. [41]


cirrus is an amazing bf and he has friends , gets on well with his mother and talks to his sister more often AU where minwoo is chan-ils cousin but skylar doesnt know Language: English Words: 1,342 Chapters: 1/5 Comments: 6 Kudos: 40 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 586 You don’t have to weather the storm alone! This moving book about grief shows children that, despite their loss, they always have someone to talk to. While in his classroom, Skylar is approached by two freshman students that are in his photography club. They inform him that Dongsik still hasn’t given them the photos they need. He apologizes to them and tells them that he’ll get the photos from him, then bring them to them himself. After teasing him a bit, the two girls leave Skylar. [43] Skylar heads over to Dongsik’s class and lectures him about the photos. He reminds him not to forget to bring them tomorrow. However, as he’s lecturing him, Dongsik seems to be preoccupied with his arm, and he gives a halfhearted reply. Skylar hesitates before he leaves, wondering if Dongsik truly heard him. [43] A sensitively written narrative that moves away from the typical institutional approaches to grief for children

During lunchtime, Yoochan and Jiwon get into a discourse over how Jiwon took the bread Yoochan had been wanting the entire morning, just to spite Yoochan. Jiwon asks Chan-il and Cirrus if they understand the feeling of wanting to take what someone else wants, and the two immediately tell him "no" in their own way. The group continues talking, however, Cirrus stops listening to them as he hears Dongsik's voice. He listens to him complain about his mother gatekeeping him from buying new earbuds. As the two passes by him, Dongsik trips over Cirrus's foot, embarrassing him completely. Dongsik, believing he didn't fall by accident, turns around to see what could have happened to him, but doesn't see a thing. He wonders what he tripped over. [43]


Cirrus couldn't accept this fact, he thought that his popularity was the reason that was making him lose his sanity, but no, no... It was the fact that this all happened in February, the month of the lovey-dovey season. Cirrus subconsciously wanted to have his little moment with Skylar someday in this month, too bad Skylar is swarmed with girls recently. If anyone else were in his shoes right now, they’d think the situation was romantic. The room was dark save for the soft candlelight on the table, it was hot and humid with the smell of roses, and he’d just eaten the fanciest slice of cake in his life. But the bells and whistles of romance always lead to an escalating series of events. Billy misses his mommy very much. She lives in the clouds. Some days when he and Daddy play in the garden, he knows that Mommy is letting the sun shine for them. But not all days are like that. Sometimes Mommy’s clouds are dark, and Billy feels sad and alone. First, my giant (yet unknowing) gripe: DK, thank you immensely for taking this story for publication. It is a gem. I do not know how your selections are made and under what ramifications, but I sure wish Tom Tinn-Disbury and Stacey Hart were given much more high credit for their beautiful work.

Years later, in high school, when he saw him again, he almost didn’t recognize Cirrus. He looked and acted completely different. Jeong-hoon explains the way Cirrus acts feels fake and unnatural to him somehow. [42] Jeong-hoon tells them that they can’t tell anyone else. Skylar explains he won’t and he isn’t close with Cirrus anyway. They’ve only talked a few times since Cirrus sits in front of him. With that, the trio return to class. Unbeknownst to the group, someone was listening in on their conversation. [42] During a school day, the class needs to do a performance assessment in the form of a presentation. They will work in groups of four, and she divides the class up depending on where they are sitting. She gives them a two-week deadline. Skylar and Cirrus get put in a group together. [27] Cirrus takes charge, and explains that they should assign the responsibilities. Skylar states he’ll do the research, along with another student. The other student gets the responsibility to make the slides, while Cirrus gave himself the responsibility of presenting. Minwoo blindfolded Skylar beforehand and kissed him. At first, Skylar enjoyed what was happening, however, the kiss started to become aggressive and uncomfortable for him. Skylar asked him to stop, but he didn't. As Skylar resisted, he suddenly heard Minwoo's voice behind him. Skylar immediately took the blindfold off and turned around, to see Minwoo sitting complacently behind him. [54] He faced forward to see a fellow classmate in front of him. The classmate apologized and claimed that Minwoo made him do it. Skylar broke down, as Minwoo ridiculed him, explaining that he, essentially, just simulated what Skylar did to him. [54] As he left the classroom, he thanked Skylar for faking their friendship all these years. The following day, during the ten minutes of free time in gym class, Skylar goes to the bathroom. Upon seeing this, Cirrus decides to mess with him more, and he brings his friends to the front of the bathroom door. [6] As Skylar is about to get out of the bathroom, he hears Cirrus talking and decides to eavesdrop on their conversation. He can’t hear much, but is able to make out the words "Chan-il" and "secret". Upon hearing this, Skylar believes Cirrus to be talking about the events of yesterday and begins to panic. [6] Eventually, Cirrus ends up explaining that he had won a bet that Chan-il and he had made: If Cirrus won at least one out of the ten games they would play, Chan-il would give him one wish. After a bit, the trio leaves the area.Meanwhile, Skylar is destroying the flash drive. First, he puts it in water, breaks it open to get the memory card, and unwraps the card. After all that, he throws it away. [40] He realizes that it might fall out of the bag, and pushes the memory card far down to the bottom of the bag. As he’s doing so, Ha-yeon asks him what he’s looking for. Skylar immediately drops what he’s doing and walks away from the trash bag, explaining that he thought one of his mechanical pencils was in there. As he’s walking away, Ha-yeon asks him if he’s close with the friend that came over, and that he should give her a warning before he comes over. She explains that she looked like a “bum”, and it was embarrassing. Skylar laughs and tells her that his friend is never coming over to their place, so she shouldn’t worry about looking like a bum. She should just be her normal self. [40]

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