Elechomes Humidifiers for Bedroom Baby Room, Ultrasonic Humidifier 6L, Warm and Cool Mist, Dual 360° Mist Nozzles with Remote, Sleep Mode, LED Touch Display, 12 Hours Timer - EC5501

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Elechomes Humidifiers for Bedroom Baby Room, Ultrasonic Humidifier 6L, Warm and Cool Mist, Dual 360° Mist Nozzles with Remote, Sleep Mode, LED Touch Display, 12 Hours Timer - EC5501

Elechomes Humidifiers for Bedroom Baby Room, Ultrasonic Humidifier 6L, Warm and Cool Mist, Dual 360° Mist Nozzles with Remote, Sleep Mode, LED Touch Display, 12 Hours Timer - EC5501

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Having worked for many years in the NHS, initially as a GP, and then as Lead Clinician for an integrated Community Sexual Health Service, Dr Deborah Lee now works as a health and medical writer, with an emphasis on women’s health. She is a menopause specialist. How we test How do we test humidifiers on Live Science? In practice, all of these humidifiers will raise the indoor humidity but we found cool mist humidifiers to be the best option on the market. In our testing, cool mist humidifiers were far less energy demanding than warm mist (avg. 40 watts cool vs 260 watts warm), and considerably easier to clean. Benefits of Using a Humidifier This mechanical approach is a simple one, but it does mean that when the float drops, there will still be some water left in the bottom. If you want to transport the SH8820, then make sure that you tip out any remaining water. The highest mist setting can raise the humidity levels in a medium sized room up to 69% in just under an hour, while the humidity target can be adjusted so you never feel uncomfortable with the humidity levels in the room. However, be careful that the water doesn’t leak on the highest setting - our reviewer had a pool of water escape when it was tested. The aroma pad is also a nice extra, enabling you to add essential oils to the pad that the humidifier then emits with the mist, giving an extra scent to the air. There are lots of factors you'll want to consider when buying a humidifier, most importantly: how often will you be using it and for what purpose? Whether you're looking for a machine to humidify a large room or a smaller version for your desk at work, the capacity, runtime and square footage will tell you everything you need to know. Most humidifiers on this list hold around a gallon of water in their water tank and runtimes range from 6 to 70 hours. If you're looking for a machine that you can leave on all day every day with minimal refills, then you'll want the one with a higher runtime and capacity most likely. But if you're just looking for a humidifier to get you through the night, a smaller capacity and runtime may be okay, especially if it means a lower price point. The square footage a certain model is able to cover will also tell you if it will work in the space you have in mind because, like air purifiers, humidifiers work best in small, enclosed spaces.

Maintains humidity accurately, but it’s better suited to rooms smaller than the quoted maximum size in my tests The Elechomes SH8820 is an excellent value ultrasonic humidifier that comes with a full gamut of features. At 26.5cm x 18cm x 30.5cm, this humidifier is a perfect size for both floor or desktop use. We especially like its simple Apple-esque styling, the clearly etched lettering on the touch sensitive control panel, the ingeniously simple uni-directional vapour spout with integral aroma diffuser, and the way you can fill its ample 5.5-litre water tank without having to lift it out. Small wonder it’s one of the most popular humidifiers in the USA. It’s recommended that you aim for around 50% humidity in any room, to provide the optimum level of comfort and to keep skin healthy. Increasing humidity means that your heating would have to warm the water in the air, which might take longer in a more humid environment than a dry one – but the temperature will drop more slowly as a result, increasing comfort. The humidifier does feel a little bit flimsy (which surprised us for the price), and leaked a bit when we tried to transport it into another room with water still in the tank. However, it's an efficient machine that does a good job of improving indoor humidity, and it has the added benefit of looking good too.Turn on the humidifier and you’ll see a set of LED light up to display the current humidity level in the room. If you use the Humidify option, you can set a target humidity level between 30% and 80%, increasing in 5% increments. With a small LCD display on the front, it also has various buttons that enable you to control the mist level, humidity and how long the humidifier will run for. The mist function has three settings going from low to high, while the humidity button enables you to change the percentage of humidity in the air. During testing, we found that even on the highest mist level, the humidifier didn’t need a refill until the next day, running for more than 17 hours. Meanwhile, the nifty remote control means that you can control the humidifier from up to 16 feet away. In addition, there are controls for managing humidity output. First, you can set the output level, which at maximum is capable of outputting 600ml per hour, giving nine hours of runtime on a full tank; on minimum output, you can get up to 40 hours. Remember that humidifiers are releasing moisture, so you want to keep them at least a foot away from walls, furniture or curtains to avoid causing water damage, and direct the mist outlet towards the center of the room to enjoy the benefits. If the water is condensing on a surface before it can reach you, the humidifier will be less effective. This one foot rule also applies to floors and carpets; it’s best to keep your humidifier at least one foot above the ground to avoid puddling. Ultrasonic humidifiers in particular are prone to puddling, as they release miniature water droplets as opposed to evaporating the water. The elevation also allows the mist to reach higher and therefore disperse further within the room.

With its glossy plastic body, the Elechomes 5.5L Large Room Humidifier SH8820 sports a simple design. Measuring 264 x 182 x 305mm, this mid-sized box won’t take up too much floor space, and you could easily fit the humidifier onto a counter if need be.I started out by measuring the power draw of the humidifier. In Cool mode, the SH8820 used between 17W and 25W, depending on the humidifier option chosen. That’s little more than a regular fan, making this humidifier efficient to run. Humidifiers work by releasing moisture into the air to increase the humidity levels. “If air is too dry, this dries out mucous membranes and exacerbates coughing and wheezing,” explains Dr Deborah Lee, MD and representative for Dr Fox Online Pharmacy.“If air is too humid, this can precipitate house dust mites and mold, triggering asthma symptoms. Overly humid air directly triggers the airways to constrict, resulting in allergens being trapped inside, and worsening asthma symptoms,” she says. We tested the Elechomes HTJ-2119 Ultrasonic Humidifier on all three of its mist settings — low, medium, and high. On the highest mist setting, the humidifier raised the humidity in a 234 square foot room from 64 percent to 66 percent in the first hour. By the second hour, the humidity increased another three percent, to 69 percent. On the highest mist setting, the humidifier lasted 12 hours before running out of water. This model also has a fragrance dispenser for essential oils though this writer found it difficult to detect the scent beyond the actual vapour trail; even with my face in it, the scent was extremely subtle. In other words, don’t expect your room to be infused with a scent of jasmine unless, perhaps, your home is already clinically clean and completely free of odours – and that means no pets!

Every humidifier in this guide has been tested to the exact same standards, using the same processes.Elechomes 5.5L Large Room Humidifier SH8820 design and features – Simple and easy to use, it does what you need it to Turn it on in Heat mode and power use increases dramatically to between 102W and 282W, depending on the humidity and temperature option chosen. That’s quite a significant power draw, so be mindful if you need to run this product for long periods. If you’re going to buy a humidifier, it makes sense to opt for a model that can kill bacteria in the tank, and can automatically turn off when the desired humidity level is reached. The best in the business is the Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool, which effectively kills all bacteria without having to use heating, lowering running costs. The Dyson Pure Humidify+Coo is also a brilliant purifier, and it’s smart too, working with Alexa and the Dyson Link app. This humidifier performs well. In our at-home testing, it reached up to 63% humidity on its highest level, while on the lowest level it reached up to 53%. As its two water tanks are so large, it can also run continuously for 24 hours on its lowest setting before needing to be filled up again. Clean and dry the humidifier thoroughly when storing the product or when it is being used infrequently.

You should empty the tank of the humidifier, wipe all of the surfaces dry and refill the water in portable humidifiers daily. This will help to reduce the growth of microorganisms. The Elechomes HTJ-2119 Ultrasonic Humidifier requires virtually no setup. After opening the box, you simply need to fill the tank, plug in the base, and place the water tank and the nozzle on top. The tank is small enough to easily fit under a shallow bathroom sink. Our tester tried the Elechomes HTJ-2119 Ultrasonic Humidifier in her bedroom and was able to fill the tank in the bathroom closest to her room instead of carrying it to and from the kitchen. It acts as both a humidifier and a fan, featuring 10 levels, and will look good in any office or living area space. With some great functions, it enables you to set it for sleeping, while an auto mode gives you a choice of your preferred humidity level. However, it’s one of the most expensive models on the market and its water tank is relatively small - only holding 3.75 quarts. Humidifiers are of most use in arid countries and well-sealed modern homes with air conditioning, which is very drying. It’s also worth noting that a humidifier won’t be as practical if your home has poor insulation, old-fashioned floorboards with no carpeting or you leave your windows open all year long. This is because outdoor air already has a relatively high level of natural humidity. and what’s outside comes inside.Second, you can turn on the Heat mode, choosing from three levels. Heating the water brings two benefits: it kills bacteria and it pushes warm water into the air, making it more comfortable during the winter months. Here’s the full list of humidifiers we tested, feel free to jump straight to them or keep scrolling: Using the humidifier in a large room (742 square feet), I found that the SH8220 was pushed to its limit. It was slow to raise humidity from the 42% starting point to my set level of 55%, taking a few hours. However, use this humidifier in a smaller room – your average living room or bedroom, for example – and it will cope exceptionally well. Reviewers who were less impressed with this humidifier noticed water pooling around the humidifier, as our tester did. "The humidifier releases it's mist from the top of the device and the water will pool around the nozzle and drip down the side of the humidifier and leak everywhere", said one reviewer. Other complaints were that the handle is too small to lift and carry the water tank comfortably, and that the display lights are too bright at night. Should you buy the Elechomes HTJ-2119 Ultrasonic Humidifier? The Elechomes HTJ-2119 Ultrasonic Humidifier is an excellent option if you want a humidifier with extra features but don’t have the budget or space for larger, more expensive models. We like that this humidifier has a big water tank for its size, even though it's smaller than other models. Running continuously on the highest setting, the water tank didn’t run out of water for 12 hours.

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