Bluelab TRUNV2 Truncheon Nutrient Meter for Plant Germination, White

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Bluelab TRUNV2 Truncheon Nutrient Meter for Plant Germination, White

Bluelab TRUNV2 Truncheon Nutrient Meter for Plant Germination, White

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Place 1 or 2 drops of Conductivity Probe Cleaner on the probe face. Rub firmly with a Bluelab Chamois. 3: Rinse the probe face

Only measure solutions with 200 ppm or higher. Anything less will not return a reading. Read the guide on RO water for more.The display LED's are a bright blue which makes them easy to read, even in daylight. The Bluelab V2 Truncheon automatically switches itself on when dipped into liquid and switches itself off when it is removed from the liquid to save battery-life. The Bluelab V2 Truncheon is pre-calibrated at the factory and has temperature compensation to ensure accuracy. The whole Truncheon is made of a super-tough, waterproof plastic and it's shape means that it can even be used to stir your nutrient solution with. Very highly recommended. Growers everywhere regard the Bluelab Truncheon CF/EC/PPM as the best nutrient strength meter you can get. The Bluelab V2 Truncheon measures the electrical conductivity of your nutrient solution via electrodes on the bottom end. The Bluelab V2 Truncheon then displays the measurement on a row of LED's calibrated in all the popular scales (CF, EC and PPM). The electrodes are very high quality and will last a long time and are protected by a slotted plastic shroud. Bluelab are renowned for producing the most accurate and reliable measuring devices. How To Use The Bluelab Nutrient Truncheon While it was designed for daily use, rest assured that the Bluelab Truncheon Nutrient Meter will be your lifelong companion on your gardening journey. Built for Growers, by Growers Durability Guaranteed

Unfortunately the answer is no, the truncheon is purely for measuring EC/CF. The Bluelab pH pen is sold seperately, you can find this here. The Bluelab Truncheon measures the electrical conductivity of your nutrient solution through electrodes on the bottom end. The electrode reads the water, compensates for the water temperature (very important for an accurate reading), then the measurement is displayed in a simple, easy to read format via the row of LED’s along the shaft. The Truncheon displays readings in every form of measurement; EC, CF, PPM and TDS. The measurement of your nutrient solution is key if you want to get the best results. When you add nutrients to your water you increase the conductivity; the potential for electricity to move through the solution. By measuring this we can therefore get a clearer picture of concentration of the solution and tailor this to the plants requirements or accurately follow a nutrient schedules recommendations.The Bluelab Truncheon has continued to prove itself as the best nutrient meter on the market. This ultra tough device is built to last a lifetime. It can measure your conductivity in a range of easy-to-read formats. It's 'long' design is perfect for stirring nutrient tanks with, plus its fully waterproof incase it ends up in one! Does Leidinn Group Pty Ltd Share the Information It Receives?Information about our customers is an important part of our business, and we are not in the business of selling it to others. We share customer information only with the subsidiaries Leidinn Group Pty Ltd controls and as described below. The Bluelab Truncheon CF/EC/PPM Meter'stough, completely waterproof and famously reliable, making it the favourite nutrient strength meter of growers for years. The Bluelab Truncheon gives you an easy to read, incredibly accurate view of your nutrient strength, so you can make sure your plants are getting exactly what they need, taking you from hobbist to professional. It's no wonder that most growers choose to use a Bluelab Truncheon. How the Bluelab V2 Truncheon CF/EC/PPM Meter works: As a grower, pH (potential Hydrogen) is your fundamental measurement. It dictates nutrient solubility in water, making it accessible to your plants. The Bluelab pH Pen, compact and affordable, is your trusted companion for on-the-go pH and temperature measurement. The Ultimate Toolkit Your plants deserve the perfect diet to flourish. Maintaining the right balance of nutrients is the secret to their success. Overfeeding or underfeeding can waste valuable resources and lead to health problems for your plants. The Power of Conductivity

For all Bluelab conductivity probes and the Bluelab Commercial Trun cheon, warm the shroud in your hand for a few seconds to help with removal. Hold the body and gently pull the shroud off. 2: Clean probe face when your ready to harvest and your flushing what should the reading be? and if i take a reading when im growing how will i know om giving it the correct amount of feed is there a chart or something telling you does it give you the reading on the truncheon? The Truncheon is very robust and can withstand heavy use. It features an unbeatable 5 year warranty and requires no calibration, it will continually provide accurate readings time after time.Possibly the simplest nutrient meter to use. No buttons just immerse the probe in your nutrient solution, the meter will automatically turn on and display a reading along the shaft. Remove the meter from the water and it will turn off. It really is that easy! The Bluelab Truncheon is the most popular nutrient meter on the market, having proven itself indispensable to hydroponic enthusiasts everywhere. The Bluelab nutrient Truncheon is very easy to use, all you do is place the probe head in the solution and the truncheon lights up to show your nutrient strength in EC or PPM. The Bluelab Nutrient Truncheon may seem a bit expensive but you're paying for the bullet-proof reliability that Bluelabs provide, they have so much confidence in the quality of their product that they offer a 5-year guarantee.

Bluelab Truncheon Nutrient Meter: Your Key to Nutrient Optimization Why Measure Conductivity? Fueling Plant Growth There should be no beads of water on the probe face. If beading is present repeat steps 2and 3. 5: Refit the shroud and test Bluelab E.C. Truncheon the go to electrical conductivity meter for the professional hydroponic grower and hobbyist alike. Bluelabs reputation for quality precision measurement instruments for horticulture is well known and respected. The information we learn from customers helps us personalise and continually improve your shopping experience at Leidinn Group Pty Ltd. Dirty probe head. The carbons on the probe head are easily contaminated with oils and greases, for example, from fertilisers and organic nutrients, and even your fingers. Try not to touch the probe head for this reason.If the Truncheon fails to illuminate any LEDs when immersed in solution, the batteries should be changed. i was led to believe that the truncheon was an all in one reader but does not mention ph is a ph reader needed as most tap water is neutreul Test in 2.77 EC Conductivity Standard Solution to ensure cleaning was adequate. Place the probe in the solution and wait for the reading to stabilise to a consistent value.

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