Tamagotchi 42903B2 Pix Blue, Single, Ages 6 +

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Tamagotchi 42903B2 Pix Blue, Single, Ages 6 +

Tamagotchi 42903B2 Pix Blue, Single, Ages 6 +

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Characters: Over 20 adult characters to nurture, which are a mixture of popular and new characters. Tamagotchi Uni allows users to connect in a completely new way with the Tamaverse, the metaverse of the Tamagotchi world. Fans can now play together with the Tamaverse’s Tama Arena, Tama Parties, Tama Fashion, and Tama Travel features, opening up the fun on a global scale. Tamagotchi Uni enjoys new features, offering fans their own unique experience including DIY activities, exploration with their character and an in-device social platform. The toy that sparked a worldwide virtual pet frenzy in the 90s promises to shake up the toy industry once again with an all-new device, Tamagotchi Uni, marking the brand’s first simultaneous global launch of core Tamagotchi.

Adult: Indefinite until death with neglect, Tamagotchi goes home by themselves after 4-5 days, or user sends them home. PLAY ALONE OR WITH FRIENDS: Tamagotchi Pix includes 17 new games earning Gotchi points that keep your Tamagotchi happy, plus you can now connect to your friend's device to exchange gifts, set up playdates and explore together UNIVERSAL. Link to the world through the Tamaverse where you can meet characters from around the world, sample global fashions and share your UniTama’s style, go on globetrotting adventures and meet the partner of your UniTama’s dreams and get married! NEW TAMAGOTCHI PIX COMES WITH LOADS OF NEW FEATURES: Tamagotchi Pix has a new interactive colour screen, built in camera, new games, social and customisation options making raising your virtual pet even more funUnique: Kids can raise a UniTama that’s one-of-a-kind, inside and out, with unique personalities, accessories and decorating. Tamagotchi Uni is the newest generation of your favorite interactive virtual pet with a blue shell and allows fans to connect in a completely new way – the Tamaverse!The Tamaverse is the metaverse of the Tamagotchi world allowing fans from around the globe to play together in the Tama Arena, Tama Party, Tama Fashion, and Tama Travel! While maintaining its core Tamagotchi attributes of nurturing, communication, portability, and gaming, your virtual pet is better than ever – it’s more Unique, United, and Universal! So if you’re looking for a great gift for someone who loves pets, why not give them a Tamagotchi pet? MULTILINGUAL.Choose from 7 languages for gameplay: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese

Universal: Linking to the world through the Tamaverse lets kids meet characters from around the world, sample global fashions and share their UniTama’s style, go on globetrotting adventures, meet the partner of their UniTama’s dreams and get married. UNITED. Connect Tamagotchi Uni devices to play together, craft together, exchange items and propose! With over 91m sales worldwide, Tamagotchi is now connecting fans globally for the first time with a truly unique device created for the modern digital world, taking its brand-transcending nurturing virtual pet experience to a whole new level.When you're shopping educational toys for your child, the first thing to consider is the age of the toy. Educational toys should be age appropriate, otherwise they will not be helpful in developing skills or learning concepts. For example, if you are buying a toy for a toddler that is too advanced, they may get bored and turn to other activities while they wait for the toy to be played with. Thus, early learning toys are appropriate for toddlers, instead of too complex toys. Bandai UK is also partnering with British-based social talent to support the new product launch. On 27th June, the company will hold its own launch event in line with the US and Europe, hosting media, celebrities, and influencers who will be the first to experience and get hands-on with the new Uni prior to it hitting UK shelves from 15th July. The next thing to consider when choosing toys for children is what do we want them to learn? Do we want them to learn about animals? About colors? About counting? These are all important topics that you may want your child exposed to from an early age so that they can begin learning about these things before school starts and continue learning throughout the year. Educational toys play a big role in this, as they keep on introducing and nurturing children with educational topics, their surroundings, life skills and many more. Multilingual: There are seven languages for gameplay: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese.

Today, the Tamagotchi comes to us a little different than they used to be. How Is the New Tamagotchi Different Today? Accessory: The included pink or purple band means kids can take their Tamagotchi Uni with them wherever they go and to interact in new ways. For example, if a child wants to play with cars but can't yet reach them without climbing up on furniture or standing on boxes, then consider purchasing an attachment that allows them to play with cars without having to stand up or climb up things. United: Connected Tamagotchi Uni devices play together, craft together, exchange items and propose.

TikTok sensation, entrepreneur, and global superstar Charli D’Amelio has been selected as the global brand ambassador to showcase what makes Tamagotchi Uni unique, united and universal. A celebrated creator herself, the company says Charli was a ‘natural fit’ when choosing the face of Tamagotchi Uni, which expands on the nurturing play pattern with exciting features that infuse creativity and personality. The Hulu star will be giving her own followers a first-hand look at the new device with a content series on her social channels. Instead of looking at specific developmental areas that children might need help with, look at their interests and how those interests can be incorporated into the toy. This will ensure that play and learn go hand in hand, allowing learning toys to develop important skills in children during their play-time.

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