Agfa AG603001 Photo Analogue 35 mm Photo Camera Red Set (Film + Battery)

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Agfa AG603001 Photo Analogue 35 mm Photo Camera Red Set (Film + Battery)

Agfa AG603001 Photo Analogue 35 mm Photo Camera Red Set (Film + Battery)

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When I pulled my first Agfa from the box, I was blown away by how small it was. How was I supposed to fit a roll of film in this thing? I’m being dramatic, as always, but it was abundantly clear that this camera had been designed meticulously and with purpose.

Open system red-sensitive film with hard dot image quality, intended for exposure in imagesetters with LED array (660 nm) You’ll get the best results from the Agfa Camera on a bright day. Keep at least 1m away from your subject. Ideally, keep the main subject in the centre. Avoid direct sunlight into the lens. In cloudy weather or indoors the flash is recommended. Acquisition of the Harold M. Pitman Company a US supplier of products and systems for the graphic industry. And these are gateway cameras to new folk. They are cheap enough to give a go and have a lo-fi aesthetic that we know appeals. And it truly was. The vivid colors, strong sun, and intense flora showed up on Ektar and Portra exactly how they did in my memories.For a lo-fi half frame this is a good camera. It really is a niche product for lovers of the plastic fantastic but it holds up okay. It holds up against the established model and optically it is a close call. I prefer the Ektar H35 images just. And think it oozes more retro style but this is way cheaper and looks good too. It also has the advantage of the droppable stop Advertisements for Agfa products in Asahi Camera February 1930 and Shashin Salon January 1934. ( Image rights) It was a bolt out of the blue and a clever move from Agfphoto. And you know a bit of competition does no harm.

Merger of Agfa AG and Gevaert Photo-Producten N.V. with Bayer AG and Gevaert each holding a 50% interest in the new operating company. Acquisition of Dotrix, a Belgian producer of digital colour printing systems for industrial applications. Since January 1, 2019, two new entities emerged within the Agfa-Gevaert Group: Agfa HealthCare (ITCo) and Agfa (MainCo). Agfa HealthCare groups all IT-related activities of the former Agfa HealthCare business group. The newer Agfa includes the activities of the former Agfa Graphics and Agfa Specialty Products business groups, as well as the Imaging activities of the former Agfa HealthCare business group. [5] Agfa Healthcare [ edit ] In the early days of digital photography Agfa sold low end compact cameras under the Agfa ePhoto name. Today the AgfaPhoto brand is licenced by German photographic company Plawa which sells a modest line of AgfaPhoto Sensor compact digital cameras.

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The company began as a dye manufacturer in 1867. In 1925, the company merged with several other German chemical companies to become a chemicals giant IG Farben. IG Farben would go on to play major role in the economy of Nazi Germany. It extensively employed forced and slave labor during the Nazi period, and produced the notorious Zyklon B chemical used in The Holocaust. IG Farben was disestablished by the Allies in 1945. AGFA was reconstituted (as a subsidiary of Bayer) from the remnants of IG Farben in 1952. The activities of the Agfa division have been subdivided into three groups: Offset Solutions (the prepress business of the former Agfa Graphics business group), Digital Print & Chemicals (the inkjet business of the former Agfa Graphics business group and the activities of the former Agfa Specialty Products business group) and Radiology Solutions (the imaging activities of the former Agfa HealthCare business group). [5] Products [ edit ] Agfa Box 50 (ca.1949)

Sale of Agfa Monotype Corporation, a provider of fonts and font-related software technology, to Boston-based private equity investor TA Associates. That tiny light sensor directly above the lens does a great job metering the entire scene, and the Agfa’s flexible shutter has a wide range. The Optima Sensor series is named based on their top shutter speed. The 335 is 1/300, 535 is 1/500, and the 1035 is 1/1000. All the models can, according to Agfa, handle up to 15 second exposures. Pretty impressive for something so small. The zone focus is the ideal amount of interaction for me. It’s just as fast as using a rangefinder once you memorize your camera’s zones. The Agfa’s are 5 feet, 15 feet, and infinity, with an unmarked “macro mode” at 3 ft. That’s 1.5m, 5m, and infinity for everyone at home not using the Queen’s units. I was a collector. I loved (and still love) to try new cameras, figure out their quirks, and then be either excited or disappointed with the results. I’m a big appreciator of the design and feel of a camera, and a big believer in the idea that if you’re a good photographer, you can make good photos with pretty much any gear. I guess that’s part of why I write for CP.Agfa Ansco View Cameras (field cameras in quarter-plate, 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10-inch sizes; strictly Ansco cameras) Acquisition of GWI, a German developer of healthcare information systems for medical records, nursing, business management, and facility administration. Agfa Graphics and Shenzhen Brothers create the Agfa Graphics Asia joint venture to reinforce their position in the Greater China and ASEAN region. In the early 1980s Agfa produced its last film cameras. The new models of the Selectronic series were manufactured by Chinon. Agfa gave up camera production in 1983 after having been taken over by Bayer in 1981. All later Agfa film cameras were OEM products. By contrast, Agfaphoto branded photographic films are not made by Agfa-Gevaert at all, originally having been made by the now closed Ferrania plant in Italy. Agfaphoto films are now produced by Fujifilm in Japan for Lupus Imaging Media.

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