When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays)

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When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays)

When We Are Married (Oberon Modern Plays)

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Female lead was taking advantage of SML till the end… like Girl he confessed to you already yet you keep talking to him as if nothing happened and even accepting extra helps from him… Gu Xixi ( played by Uvin Wang ) — Not having much to say about her. I think the way her role is… she didn't stand out much in the drama. She didn't impress me or disappoint me. In the heart of Northern England, three respectable couples, married on the same day, at the same church, and by the same vicar, join to celebrate 25 years of blissful matrimony. Or so they think.

a b Schmidt, Klaus M.; Schmidt, Ingrid (12 December 2016). Lexikon Literaturverfilmungen: Deutschsprachige Filme 1945 - 1990. ISBN 9783476035929. Joan Sydney: Neighbours and A Country Practice star dies at 83". BBC News. 6 January 2023 . Retrieved 6 January 2023. Mu Ruona ( Yang Yue ) …&… ✦ Shang Ke ( Li Jun Chen) form the 2nd lead couple here. They tried to form a decent story yet it wasn't interesting for me at all. I don't know it's the concept or the acting but it just felt weird between them and I can't help but skip their already less scenes…Minor performance niggles aside, When We Are Married is a solid and successful effort from Northern Broadsides. They’ve proven themselves as a company that tell their stories with soul and northern charm. This production doesn’t try to smash stereotypes in the way that their previous efforts have done. Rather, it merely showcases the uniqueness and power of live performance. You know with those contract marriage to love tropes there’s not much scope for freshness ...but still the leads portray a decent chemistry ...with fun moments scattered all the way …you are in for a decent ride … There's also excellent support from Jodie McNee as the chirpy maid from Rotherham; Lynda Baron as the cook/ housekeeper who listens at keyholes and treats her employers with open contempt; and Roy Hudd is photographer Henry Ormonroyd who has more interest in alcohol than taking snaps. There isn't a dud performance in the ranks and this venerable play still delivers the comic goods with engaging panache."

Into this tasteful palette burst the startling vermilion of Lottie Grady (Zoe Lambert), and the lurid suit and tie of Henry Ormonroyd (Barrie Rutter), in much the same way as these characters crash into the story. Set designers Carolyn and David Garwes with their construction team created an Edwardian sitting room perfectly: aspidistras, antimacassars, velvet curtains and sepia photographs conveyed an image of prosperous respectability, cushioned from the world outside. The costumes complemented the set, giving an impression of starched, buttoned-up formality, creating a sense that keeping up appearances is of prime importance. A triumph of the 1996 season was a production of JB Priestley’s comedy When We Are Married about three respectable Yorkshire couples who find out on their silver anniversaries that their marriages are unauthorised. Set in a prosperous woollen town in Yorkshire's West Riding, 'When We Are Married' is a comedy which has stood the test of time relatively well. Now a septuagenarian, it's as much a historical piece as a comedy, but it's also one of those plays that has actors fighting for parts because of the richness of the characters, and the riches to be found in Priestley's unique concept and nimble dialogue. This fine ensemble make the most of every moment. Maureen Lipman as Clara Soppitt employs her exceptional comic timing to great effect as her mousey husband (Sam Kelly) suddenly finds his voice and exerts his authority. Simon Rouse's bombastic Councillor Parker has to rethink his marital stance as his initially meek wife Annie (Michele Dotrice) bluntly tells him that he's not only "pompous, dull and stingy" but also "very, very dreary". And David Horovitch's Alderman Helliwell finds his temper strained as his better half Maria (played by Susie Blake) threatens to leave him and the drudgery she endures in running the household.The facades of propriety and rectitude that they have so carefully constructed come crashing down, as these pillars of the chapel realise they have been living in sin all this time. What will the neighbours say? Faultless performances From left: Sue Devaney, kate Anthony, Zoe Lambert, Kat Rose Martin and Geraldine Fitzgerald Luke Adamson as Gerald Forbes and Sophia Hatfield as Nancy Holmes Have realistic hopes and the show delivers well …hope for misunderstandings ...hope for SLS (second lead syndrome) hope for a not so necessary leap...hope for typical gender role reversal through horror movies and roller coaster rides (that’s the typical way to describe things...I am not a discriminating fella ...both are allowed to be scared...) ….hope for a lot of cute scenes and laughs...hope for fillers ….hope for a cliched drama ...and there you are ...this drama will meet all your expectations ! (aren’t you wondering ….why am I stressing so much on cliches ….bec the drama wouldn’t exist without them...no not even an ep) For the rest...music ….no I am sorry it didn’t catch my attention ...no rewatch value either….cuz the first watch also feels like rewatch ...lol Hope Amateur Dramatic Independent Theatre (HADIT) provided laughs galore in their production of J.B. Priestley’s well-loved comedy, When We Are Married, writes Margaret Coupe. the villain here or 2nd female lead ~ doesn't gives a damn about her own life, has no self respect & just wants ML anyhow so she keeps pestering him even after he rejects her with insults… she is evil af… I wanted to shout at her. "Girl, wake up. He is married. He jumps around with his wife, praising her & what not. So please open your eyes. Move on. You are pretty, rich & talented. You deserve better." Oh! but she wants to be villain after all…

Mo Zixian ( Ian Yi ) — I hope they gave him a different suit lol. He was literally repeating the same suit in the whole drama. He had a good role here & his acting compliments it. I wish to see him in a lead role someday… This comedy is one of those delightful Who's Who of British Theatre productions that doesn't put a foot wrong. Written in 1938 by one of Britains best playwrights, JB Priestly, it is set in Northern England, 1908, where the theme of the story would indeed have made the participants social pariahs and bywords. Three couples are celebrating their combined 25th wedding anniversaries when they receive news of such calamity, such misfortune, such...well I shan't spoil the surprise, just try and watch it if you can. The story centres around solving what seems at first to be unsolvable. When We Are Married is a 1943 British comedy-drama film directed by Lance Comfort and starring Sydney Howard, Raymond Huntley and Olga Lindo. [1] Plot [ edit ] Even though there were loopholes with the story yet the chemistry between Main leads felt real in some scenes… I guess it's their acting…BBC's Play of the Month broadcast an adaptation on 29 December 1975 directed by David Giles with John Stratton as Joseph Helliwell, Beryl Reid as Maria Helliwell, Eric Porter as Albert Parker, Patricia Routledge as Annie Parker, Richard Pearson as Herbert Soppitt, Thora Hird as Clara Soppitt, Shirley Steedman as Ruby Birtle, Sheila Burrell as Mrs. Northrop, Ronnie Barker as Henry Ormonroyd and Sheila Reid as Lottie Grady. [11] Paul Archer’s portrayal of Councillor Albert Parker, a pompous windbag and ‘swankpot’ was a tour de force. Annie, his wife (Sue Shearsmith), really came into her own in a showdown when, after 25 years of being spoken at, she told him he was dreary and stingy. Hope you enjoy watching ...cuz I did too ...for I knew what to expect ….and this became a good watch ! When We Are Married, presented by Shaw Festival Theatre in Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario | Shaw Festival Theatre – Great theatre in the heart of Niagara Wine Country". Archived from the original on 11 September 2014 . Retrieved 2 September 2014. This is the premise of JB Priestley’s classic comedy When We Are Married in the more than capable hands of Barrie Rutter and Northern Broadsides.

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