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Look at this animated version of the story. Could you create your own animated retelling of the book? Find the locations of forests in your local area. Could you visit some of them? Plan the journey there. Age 5-7 Pete is a badger who likes things to be tidy. He keeps the forest tidy even tidying away the Autumn leaves! Not content with this he decides to get rid of the trees as well and even goes as far as concreting over the forest. Now the forest is really tidy but Pete soon discovers he has no food and no way to get into his home either. Has he done the right thing? A clever story about the natural environment and what happens when it is destroyed. Are there possible perils in being just too tidy?! Lots to talk about here in this stunning picturebook. The cut outs in the cover and end papers make a lovely woodland scene. The rhyming text makes it perfect for joining in.

Can you create a book that has a ‘window’ in the front cover? Could you use this window in different creative ways? Carry out some role-play activities based on the book, e.g. interview the other forest animals to ask them what they think about Pete’s actions. In Tidy, the badger, Pete initially seems to be helpfully keeping things neat and tidy in the forest. However this soon becomes obsessive behaviour that results in ecological disaster. Pete is not the reliable source of wisdom and good sense that have been attributed to badgers in other stories. It might be interesting to compare different badger characters and look at some non-fiction about the wild animals to see if there is a realistic basis for representing badgers with these characteristics. Look at photos of badgers (and other forest animals) and use these as the starting point for your own pictures and paintings. Can you think of a better way to show children the virtues of the forests and the dangers of losing them? I can't! The Book Bag

Julia Eccleshare, the editorial expert on Lovereading4kids says, Prize-winning illustrator Emily Gravett’s distinctive illustrations are always full of wit bringing the unexpected into stories and injecting them all with delightful humour. There’s magic in Spells as a frog turns himself into a handsome prince – well, almost!, excellent advice for rabbits on how to spot the danger of wolves in Wolves, lots of useful tips on how to be braver than you feel in Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears, a thoughtful exploration of how home often turns out to be best despite feelings of wanderlust in Meerkat Mail, a celebration of exuberant movement in Monkey and Me and a fresh and delightful look at Dogs. The Window is a stunning example of collage work which may inspire creativity in illustrations of children. Children could imagine they are one of the animals and write a letter to Pete complaining about his tidying up. Make a poster

This book is also about the impact humans have on the world. It has no words and uses beautifully created collage to show the progress of a scene from a window showing creeping urbanisation, over a period of possibly twenty years. The attention to detail is fascinating and the message, like the other books, is about our own part in the impact on the environment and the changes we might need to make. Badger Characters in children’s literature. A hilarious book about a badger with a big cleaning problem and what happens when things go out of hand. Plus points to the cover (which has a hole so it looks like you are looking through a tunnel in the forest and see the badger cleaning things up).Make a keep our forest tidy poster to encourage (human!) visitors not to drop litter Make your own cut out ‘peep through’ scene This beautiful book, illustrated in warm tones, is full of expressive, characterful animals and tells a charming story. Emily Gravett's place in the world of children's books is already established but in Tidy she excels herself and will delight new audiences. -- Jane Sandell The Scotsman The winner of two CILIP Kate Greenaway Medals, her skill and wit are second to none. Emily first sprang into the limelight with the ground-breaking Wolves in 2005, which has been followed by such modern classics as Meerkat Mail, Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears, Monkey and Me and Again! and the fabulous Bear and Hare series for younger readers, as well as the beautiful Tidy, Old Hat, Cyril and Pat and Meerkat Christmas. At the end of the story, the animals have a picnic. What food would these animals eat as part of a picnic? Create some pictures of trees using finger painting. Here are some instructions from the author, Emily Gravett:

Children might like to try use the Drop Box programme to try and make their own illustrations more detailed and entertaining. Make two masks, one for the badger Pete and one of the other animals in the story (eg the fox or the rabbit). You and your child could then act out imaginary conversations between the characters. This sort of play will help children think about the story, be creative and have fun too. Write a letter I laughed myself silly reading this one. I just could see what would happen to the forest, well OK I didn't totally expect that at the end, but I was close. :P Poor animals, I wonder why they didn't try harder to stop the badger. It was quite fun how it started with just cleaning here and there and then escalated to that. The message is admirable and the cut-out cover enticing, but the greatest joy is in the comic expressions, hand-wrought images and witty detail. Sunday TimesAfter really enjoying Meerkat Mail, I decided to look at some of Emily Gravett's other work. Contrasting MM, this is a very simple story, most suitable for EYFS (but still wouldn't be out of place in a KS1 book corner). A badger named Pete loves to clean the forest - to the extent that he chops it all down and replaces it with concrete, so it can never get messy ever again. But he realises that he's gone too far - both he and other animals rely on the forest. Together, they re-build it, and from now on Pete decides that only the actual rubbish should be put in the bin.

Before you start to read the story aloud take time to look at the end papers and talk about what you both can see and what the story might be about. Read the story aloud, pausing now and then to talk about what Pete is doing and what might happen next. Join in Find out more about badgers. Where do they live? What do they eat? Can you write a report about them? Badgers feature in Wind in the Willows– Kenneth Graham, The Fantastic Mr. Fox– Roald Dahl, Badger’s Parting Gift –Susan Varley and Mr. Badger and the Big Surprise –Leigh Hobbs. None of the badgers in these books appear as active or irresponsible as Pete in Tidy, although wild badgers do go to some trouble to keep their sett clean and remove stale bedding away from any openings. It would be interesting to find out if any other behaviour traits found in the wild animals are also found in the fictional badgers. Technique in creating illustrations in picture books. Lush foliage and delightfully funny characters abound in this dramatic tale of overzealous neatness that delivers its message of environmental preservation with subtlety and humour. The freshness and vibrancy of the illustrations, the endearing charm of the animal characters, and the many deft comic details throughout make this a very special book - once you enter this forest, you'll never want to leave.With some adult help with cutting, children can make their own peep through picture. Your child can draw their own picture of Pete or another woodland animal in the centre of a piece of A 4 paper. (Find the centre of the paper by folding it in half and then half again). Fold the second in the same way then draw a wiggly circle around the centre and cut around the line to make a hole slightly bigger than your child’s picture, the drawing should peep through. Children can decorate the frame with a woodland scene using crayons or felt pens.

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