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Sword of Destiny

Sword of Destiny

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Wrong Genre Savvy: The Bounds of Reason introduces a whole host, taking part in a dragon hunt - a knight who thinks he's in a chivalric tale, a peasant who thinks he's in a folk legend, a wizard who is out to protect endangered species (the dragon), and a sorceress who thinks dragons are a threat to society. This being Witcherworld, none are right. One-Gender Race: Dryads from the titular short story are downplayed version. They still need a male mate, but their offspring is always female. And they don't mind raising human girls as their own or outright brainwash pre-teens to bolster their numbers. The next scene opens at night as Geralt wakes up to find himself being treated by a sorceress and healer, Visenna. Up until this point, he had always wondered if he would ever cross paths with the woman who gave him up to the witchers. He had thought about her from time to time over the years contemplating what he would tell to her, what question he would ask should they ever meet. He assumed it would cause some twisted pleasure to him. Now that the meeting has happened, he's too tired and weak and plans to look her in the eyes and ask his question the next day in the daylight. However Visenna steers Geralt to rest stating he won't want that anymore when he's awake again. By asking rhetorical questions she further dismisses the idea of doing what he plans as it won't change anything. As she finally says a goodbye, Geralt tries to resist her soothing activity and prevent her from disappearing again, but fails. Insane Troll Logic: Where Istredd tries to lecture Geralt on why he, as a Witcher, doesn't have human emotions. What's terrible, though? It works. It also serves as a Breaking Speech.

Guile Hero: Dudu. By assuming the right identities, hearing the latest news, and making the most lucrative trades, he's able to turn himself into one of the richest people in Novigrad in record time. Most impressively, he's even able to convince Geralt into leaving him alone.

Tropes found in the book:

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Fate Drives Us Together: Geralt towards Yennefer and Ciri. Geralt shows up in Cintra to collect the Surprise Child, only to give up his claim. Naturally, he later rescues Ciri from becoming a Dryad. Finally, the books final story has Geralt invoking the Law of Surprise once more, and ends with said Surprise once again being Ciri. In the following scene Geralt and Yurga hold a conversation about the aftermath of the second battle of Sodden, Visenna's self-sacrifice while Geralt was unconscious and the locals' feelings towards mages, which stem from the experienced battle and its outcome. When Yurga mentions the number of the fallen mages, Geralt shows signs of instability. Enumerating the mages name by name makes Geralt stop his companion.

The second book in The Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski, originally in Polish. For whatever reason, the English translator decided to skip it and jump from the first book straight to the third (despite the small fact that it introduced Ciri, around whom much of the saga revolves) but a translation was finally released in the UK in 2015. The original Polish title was Miecz Przeznaczenia. But hey, it's not ALL bad. Just so you know, I deny ever writing what you are about to read. It only exists in your alcohol-drenched little head. You shouldn't drink and read, you know. It's not the most sensible behavior, you know. Follow my example! Drink chamomile tea at all times!

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