Tai-Pan: The Second Novel of the Asian Saga

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Tai-Pan: The Second Novel of the Asian Saga

Tai-Pan: The Second Novel of the Asian Saga

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The novel begins following the British victory of the first Opium War and the seizure of Hong Kong. Although the island is largely uninhabited and the terrain unfriendly, it has a large natural harbour that both the British government and various trading companies believe will be useful for the import of merchandise to be traded in mainland China, a highly lucrative market. Clavell was also an ardent supporter of Free Trade, an avowed opponent of Communism and Fascism and an admirer of certain aspects of both Asian and Western culture. Much has also been written about Clavell's fondness of blending those aspects that he believed were the best of both worlds to make a new culture. I would have to agree with those folks. All these aspects of Clavell come out strongly in his novels and will either drive you crazy or have you nodding in agreement. Whatever route you take it might be helpful to be prepared.

A fabulous epic of the Far East that will disturb and excite you . . . a thrilling and enticing tale of adventure and human relationships . . . dramatic episodes, exotic vignettes and heady descriptive passages.”— Baltimore Sun Clavell wrote about history, but he leaves a long history of his own. In some ways, he is his own story, with such a long list of achievements. The nine-hour miniseries was nominated for 14 Emmy Awards, winning three including Best Limited Series. [2] [3] It also won three Golden Globe Awards. [3] The sweeping epic novel of the founding of Hong Kong, by the #1 New York Times bestselling author and unparalleled master of historical fiction, James ClavellSome of the characters make appearances in multiple books, and many characters from one book are referred to in later books. For example, two characters from King Rat (Robin Grey and Peter Marlowe) reappear in Noble House, and Robert Armstrong is a major character in both Noble House and Whirlwind. As a tie-in, Linc Bartlett's ( Noble House) namesake ancestor appears in Clavell's film, Walk Like a Dragon (1960).

In 1837, Jin-qua arranged for May–May, his favourite granddaughter, to become Dirk Struan's mistress. She was secretly assigned the task of teaching "the green-eyed devil" Struan "civilised" (Chinese) ways. The hotel was the first in Hong Kong to have direct-dial phones and the first in Asia to include a bath in every guestroom. Totally renovated in 2005-2006, the lobby, Captain’s Bar, Clipper Lounge, and Chinnery Bar remain recognisable, but the other restaurants, bars, public spaces, and rooms are entirely new.Much more happily, the book is a lot shorter than Shogun. They cut off most of the romance stuff, and what romance there is, they've got a lot better chemistry and spend much less time just dully telling each other how much they're in love, or "pillowing", or talking about dildos. Worth a half star more all on its own.

Set in the budding village of Hong Kong in 1841 this is a historical fiction about that time and place, and its place in the socio-economic world of that time, as much as it is a character study about the Tai-Pan – Dirk Struan. There are better options, half a dozen at least of the women/girls he knows who would help to open more doors for him, but there is just one damn problem...HE...LOVES...May-May. He will marry her and let them be damned if they dinna like it. He has never met a problem that a cascade of silver won’t fix, by God! Captain Scragger – pirate and negotiator for Wu Fang Choi, the pirate king. Scragger's family line is mentioned several times in succeeding books of the Asian Saga. My memories of James Clavell sit proudly on my bookshelf in hardcover editions of all of his books, from King Rat to Escape. Tai-Pan (1986), released as a theatrical film starring Bryan Brown and Joan Chen, was a critical and box office failure.This is an epic tale, with Shakespearean romance, typhoons, love and malaria, incest, discord between fathers and sons, the building of a city of trade, lust, complicated characters with tangled relationships, and an exploration of the power of possession. These larger than life figures are battling on a small and large scale for what is theirs, but also for what will be their childrens and their children’s children. I was very impressed with the depth of the plot, the deftness with which Clavell pulled me into the story, and the breadth and scope he was willing to manfully shoulder to bring these characters to life. Ryan, Desmond (Dec 8, 1983). " 'Shogun' author strikes again, with help from De Laurentiis". Chicago Tribune. p.E15 – via ProQuest. a b KNOEDELSEDER, WILLIAM K Jr. (Aug 30, 1987). "De Laurentiis PRODUCER'S PICTURE DARKENS". Los Angeles Times. p.1. Man is born to die, Father. I just try to protect mysel’ and mine as best I know how and to choose the time of my dying, that’s all.”

My memory of Tai-Pan will always be of the teaching or taming of Struan, “the green-eyed devil”, by May-May. Weiler, A.H. (3 July 1966). " 'Tai-Pan' Means Big Novel, Big Money, Big Movie: More on Movies". The New York Times. p.45. It was agreed that whenever anyone presented the Tai-Pan with their half of one of the coins, the Tai-Pan would be obliged to grant that person one request, either legal or illegal. Dirk Lochlin Struan is a Scotsman who has spent a good part of his adult life in the orient amassing a fleet of clipper ships and a great fortune. He is called the Tai-Pan. He has made his own joss by being smarter, more ruthless, accumulating more wealth, and being stronger than his opponents. He calls his company The Noble House. The company is built along clan lines with loyalty being first among the most weighted characteristics for joining his empire, and by association, those selected, will also benefiting from his protection. Before anyone has a chance to show loyalty they have to prove something more than just competence. They have to be really good at something that is useful, something that will strengthen “the clan”. Struan is tough on people, but that comes from the struggles he experienced reaching the top of the mountain. He knows how merciless life can be and his primary goal every day is to protect what is his and the people he cares about.Rosenfield, Paul (19 April 1981). "AUTHOR JAMES CLAVELL: A LEGEND IN HIS OWN TIME". Los Angeles Times. p.L5.

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