SeatSleeper The Travel Pillow Alternative That Stops Head Bobbing – Airplane Head Straps and Car Head Support Band Great on Travel Upright – Super Comfy Head & Neck Support – Small & Compact

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SeatSleeper The Travel Pillow Alternative That Stops Head Bobbing – Airplane Head Straps and Car Head Support Band Great on Travel Upright – Super Comfy Head & Neck Support – Small & Compact

SeatSleeper The Travel Pillow Alternative That Stops Head Bobbing – Airplane Head Straps and Car Head Support Band Great on Travel Upright – Super Comfy Head & Neck Support – Small & Compact

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Initially, the Sleeper Hold was only intended for airplane use, but then the inventors realized it also works on trains, buses, cars, and even office/gaming chairs!

You can add or remove the hulls to achieve your ideal loft. Hullo also sells hulls in bulk if you ever need to replenish your supply, so the pillow’s expected lifespan is much longer than average. One thing to keep in mind: the pillow is quite heavy and may be difficult to move at night. It's the pillow's versatility that meant it scored so highly, with it being one of the few pillows on the market that allows you to adjust the inner filling to make it just the right loft (height) for you. This is great for side sleepers as it means you can raise the height of the pillow to just the right loft for your spine to be in alignment. Just add or remove the foam 'nanocubes' to make the pillow the correct height for you.There's also a handy storage bag for storing any spare foam filling. If you go for a feather pillow you should find that you don’t need to turn the pillow over to the cold side as often, as they are cooler than both down and microfibre. Down retains more heat, and it doesn't have hard quills to poke through and spike into you, like feather pillows. Hypoallergenic means that the actual material and filling of the pillow isn't made of a known potential allergen, such as feathers, wool or latex. But other allergens like dust mites can still develop on these types of pillow. Knowing I definitely wanted to use my Sleeper Hold on our flight from Detroit to Incheon, I attached the strap to my seat’s headrest soon after boarding. I also elected to put the pillow itself under the strap, regardless of whether or not this is how it was intended (honestly, I’m not sure but it worked). I then tested attaching the eye mask portion but decided to leave that off until I was really ready to sleep.Alongside a slightly more malleable memory foam core that is brilliant for creating good spinal alignment whilst you sleep, the Panda Hybrid Bamboo pillow is topped with a cool and silky bamboo rayon top layer that gives the pillow a really luxurious feel compared to your usual rather 'boxy' memory foam pillow. However, you'll also want to take the pros and cons of different pillow materials into account when you shop.

Brooklinen delivers everything we love about down pillows — a plush, cloud-like feel with chambered construction to keep your head aloft and a breathable cover that reduces heat retention. The pillow is available in three density levels, each with a distinct firmness to accommodate different sleep positions. Shredded fill makes the pillow quite moldable and snuggly, but we also noticed decent shape retention due to the chambered design. Temperature control was another highlight during our tests. Air circulates nicely throughout the inner chamber to minimize heat retention, and the breathable cover also helps ensure consistent cooling. Wool:Wool is a less common fill material that is growing in popularity as customers search for natural pillow options. Most wool pillows are hypoallergenic, organic, and on the luxury end of the price spectrum. Wool is naturally temperature neutral and not extremely conforming.The ratio of feather to down can vary greatly, although as a rule if it is sold as a ‘feather’ pillow, it must be made of at least 30% of the exterior feathers of the bird. Down pillows must be at least 70% down. Water:Water pillows typically contain water along with another fill material, such as memory foam or polyfill. Most water pillows require customers to fill the pillow with water themselves. This system allows for adjustable firmness levels. Water pillows are known for being supportive and cooling.

Standard:Standard pillows measure 20 inches wide by 26 inches long. Standard pillows are the smallest, and therefore the least expensive, pillows on the market today. They are also the most commonly sold pillows. Super Standard:Super Standard pillows measure 20 inches wide by 28 inches long. Like standard pillows, they are usually used one per twin or full bed, and two per larger bed. Super Standard pillows provide 2 more inches of length for sleepers who need it due to head size, body weight, or propensity to move during the night. Queen:Queen pillows measure 20 inches wide by 30 inches long, 2 inches longer than Super Standard pillows. Queen pillows give extra room to sleepers who tend to toss and turn throughout the night or find themselves slipping off of smaller pillows.The only testers this pillow didn't impress were those who prefer a firmer sleep surface – it is quite soft – and those who prefer to opt for more breathable natural materials over synthetics. Feather:Generally, the term “feather pillow” is used to refer to pillows that contain both feathers and down. Since feathers are harder than down, 100% feather pillows are less common. Feather pillows are soft, breathable, and a good option for people who sleep hot and want a lower loft. Off-Gassing: Certain pillows made with synthetic materials may initially off-gas volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. VOCs are relatively harmless and the odors eventually dissipate, but some people may find them unpleasant at first. Our testers use a VOC meter to detect off-gassing odors in pillows. A little more expensive than synthetic pillows and some types of feather and down, eg Hungarian Goose, can be very expensive

We do not personally test CPAP equipment, anti-snoring mouthguards, supplements, and other medical devices that require a doctor's prescription. Rather than using specific rating criteria, we rely on our team's extensive knowledge of sleep products and medical industry standards to pair each reader with the right devices. These evaluations are also based on material and design quality, features, and other noteworthy product attributes. verifyErrors }}{{ message }}{{ /verifyErrors }}{{

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For the remainder of our tests, we evaluated the pillow at about 90% volume. The shredded foam and synthetic down outer chamber gave the pillow an exceptionally moldable feel, and the chambered design helped to distribute the fill evenly and maintain a full shape. Thanks to the cotton cover, none of our testers felt excessively hot. To be clear, this isn’t to say that the Sleeper Hold pillow isn’t good — it’s just that I think I’d personally prioritize the space in my bag. Perhaps I’ll feel differently with more trips under my belt, but that’s where my head is now (no pun intended). If how your bed looks is also important to you, then that classic pillow shape also means it fills out a pillowcase better than most memory foam pillows, so this option still looks great on the bed. The Sleeper Hold works REALLY good. If you’re a traveler, this thing will change your life forever. We’ve tested it for 5 years and get nothing but compliments from other passengers AND flight attendants. The Boll & Branch Down Chamber Pillow is a carefully constructed pillow that emulates the look and feel of high-quality hotel pillows. Our tests show that the mostly down construction has a luxuriously plush feel that suits a wide array of sleepers.

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