NOMU Skinny Hot Chocolate | Instant Diabetic-Friendly, Low Calorie Hot Chocolate Powder | No Added Sugar | Rich and Chocolatey | 33 Servings | 200 g)

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NOMU Skinny Hot Chocolate | Instant Diabetic-Friendly, Low Calorie Hot Chocolate Powder | No Added Sugar | Rich and Chocolatey | 33 Servings | 200 g)

NOMU Skinny Hot Chocolate | Instant Diabetic-Friendly, Low Calorie Hot Chocolate Powder | No Added Sugar | Rich and Chocolatey | 33 Servings | 200 g)

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If you have a sensitive stomach or are following a Keto or Paleo diet, you might be trying to avoid artificial sweeteners. Or maybe you’re just super healthy that way! Either way there are still lots of options for you! Monk Fruit Sweetener If you have a sweetener that you like to use in your coffee, I would recommend using the same one to make your hot chocolate. I really like Pyure Organic Stevia, which is my sweetener of choice for my coffee. Pretty much any zero-calorie sweetener will work for this recipe and easily dissolve in hot water. You can use Splenda, Swerve, Truvia, Monkfruit, or any other sweetener designed to substitute for granular sugar. This sugar-free hot chocolate recipe makes the perfect guilt-free indulgence for a cold winter night! A cup of this rich and creamy hot cocoa only has about 50 calories per serving. Also, if you're keto, you may want to top off your hot chocolate with full fat whipped cream, but it's up to you! Paleo and Dairy-free

To reduce the sugar and carbs from milk, you can use unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk instead of dairy milk (both fresh milk and dry milk powder have a few grams of sugar and carbs). The sprinkle of salt really brings out the chocolate flavor of our skinny hot chocolate. I also sometimes like to add a little bit of cinnamon (and if you’re feeling really adventurous a dash of cayenne pepper and cinnamon) for a Mexican-style hot chocolate. I hope this hot chocolate helps you guys meet your fitness and health goals this year! The lowest calorie option is just using plain water, but I think you really need at least a little bit of milk to make it creamy and delicious. Single Cup Instructions For a sugar-free topping, try sugar-free whipped cream, cool whip, caramel syrup, or chocolate syrup. How to Store Deeply chocolatey, comforting and full of authentic flavours, our hot chocolate makes for a moreish treat. There’s one for every mood and every taste — discover our range of utterly irresistible flavours. From Ginger and Mint to Hazelnut and 100% Dark, there’s a velvety smooth hot chocolate waiting for everyone. Of course, you’ll also want to take a peek at our Velvetisers — the best way to achieve the silky smooth hot chocolate of your dreams.In this recipe I use sugar-free Torani syrup, I’ve found this at most grocery stores usually by the coffee and hot chocolate. The place I’ve found the largest variety of flavors is over at World Market! I love these sugar free syrups, I love trying new flavors in my hot chocolate and adding them into my diet coke for a refreshing treat! I typically don’t love stevia, for me it has a super bitter aftertaste. However, my favorite brand is this Now Stevia brand, which tastes the best to me! Be careful if you’re adding stevia to this mixture, unless your stevia specifically says it measures like sugar, stevia is utually super concentrated. So add a little at a time.

This makes a great low-calorie dessert or treat to enjoy when it's cold outside. It's so rich and creamy you won't even miss the added sugar! Jump to: To make a single cup, mix together 2 tablespoon cocoa powder, 2 tablespoon sugar-equivalent sweetener, 2 tablespoon dry milk powder, ⅛ teaspoon vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, and 1 cup water. You can mix up all of the dry ingredients (cocoa powder, sweetener, dry milk powder, and salt) and store the powder in a mason jar for 2-3 months. To make each serving, add a heaping ⅓ cup of dry mix to 1 cup of water and ⅛ teaspoon vanilla extract. Microwave the liquid until hot (about 1 minute) and stir until well combined. Toppings If you’re keto, almond milk is great! But if you’re looking to incorporate more fat in your diet you can use coconut milk (make sure it’s not sweetened!) or cream. A little cream goes a long way so I don’t think I’d add a full half cup of cream. A few tablespoons of it added to your water or almond milk and water would give this a really rich creamy flavor! To make this recipe dairy free, you can use any type of nondairy milk. Unsweetened almond milk is a good option that is both low in calories and carbs! You could also try unsweetened coconut milk. Calories Per ServingHot chocolate, but not as you know it. Our chocolatiers have worked together to create a drinking chocolate like no other. Designed to be less creamy and sweet than the usual drinking chocolate, our drinking chocolate promises an incredible smoothness and deep cacao flavours. We use grated pieces of real chocolate to make sure you can taste all the nuanced cacao notes in each sip. You can absolutely substitute the almond milk here for another type of milk or cream. Just know that it will change the calorie count on this recipe. Keto If you make a larger batch of sugar-free hot chocolate mix, you can store the powder in a mason jar or any other airtight container. Hot chocolate mix will stay fresh in the pantry (room temperature) for 1-2 months. How to Make it Keto

If your sweetener measures 1:1 to sugar, use 2 tablespoons of sweetener for each serving. If your sweetener measures 2:1 to sugar (twice as sweet as sugar), use 1 tablespoon of sweetener for each serving. You can also adjust the amount of sweetener (to taste) if you prefer your hot chocolate more or less sweet. Substitutions for Dry Milk Powder Built by Dualit, our Velvetisers contain top-tier engineering directed towards one goal — making you the smoothest, silkiest, velvetised hot chocolate possible. Say goodbye to expensive coffee shop trips. With the Velvetiser, you’ll be able to make premium, barista-grade hot chocolates in the comfort of your own home, even with your own hot chocolate station. There are so many different flavors for the sugar free Torani syrups, as you guys can see I have quite the collections. For this hot chocolate, my favorite tends to be either vanilla, which gives you a very classic hot chocolate flavor or raspberry. Raspberry dark chocolate skinny hot chocolate mmmmm... tablespoon sugar-equivalent sweetener, to taste (I use 1 tablespoon Pyure Organic Stevia, which measures twice as sweet as sugar)I prefer to use a high-qulaity cocoa powder. Dutch-processed, like Hershey’s Special dark is my favorite, it gives a much more intense flavor! However, I would use Hershey’s cocoa over regular baking cocoa powder. I do not recommend generic baking cocoa powder as the flavor is not nearly as good! To make this recipe lower in carbs and more keto-friendly, substitute the dry milk powder and water for unsweetened almond milk, coconut milk, or any other low-carb milk. While this recipe is no sugar added, any type of dairy milk does have a few grams of sugar and carbs per serving. You can use water only instead of milk or use a low-carb milk to further reduce the carbs and sugar. How to Make it Dairy Free Using the dry milk powder is perfect for making pre-made mix to save for later. It is shelf stable and you never have to worry about keeping fresh milk on-hand. It also is super creamy!

A small handful of mini marshmallows makes for a delicious low-calorie topping! You can add two tablespoons of mini marshmallows for about 20 calories. Instead of 2 tablespoons of nonfat dry milk powder (about 30 calories) with 1 cup of water, you could use:


I’m not going to lie to you and say that this is the world’s best hot chocolate. Because it’s not. If that’s what you’re looking for try our incredible French Hot Chocolate. But this hot chocolate helps me meet my nutrition and fitness goals! I use unsweetened almond milk in this recipe simply because it is the lowest calorie option, at 30 calories a cup you really cannot beat that! Plus it’s dairy-free for those who are lactose-intolerant, vegan, or keto. Stir powder and water until well blended. Microwave for about 60 seconds or until hot, and then stir until all of the powder is fully dissolved. Batch Mix Instructions

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