The Lost Twin: A Scarlet and Ivy Mystery: Book 1

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The Lost Twin: A Scarlet and Ivy Mystery: Book 1

The Lost Twin: A Scarlet and Ivy Mystery: Book 1

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Locals say that at night the troubled souls buried in the ancient flooded graveyard no longer rest in peace... Ahhhh! This was such a BRILLANT book💕 The story was gripping and there were many twists throughout the book❤️ It is a mystery middle grade and I relished reading it!!!❤️ It was super fast paced!!! Newly veiled threats, a cryptic letter and secrets to uncover - Rookwood is in real danger this time... Different covers were made for the UK releases due to people mistaking Scarlet and Ivy as a fantasy series rather than a mystery one. [2] So yes, big mystery. It’s the best kind of mystery writing too, the kind where, if you pay close attention, you can figure it out yourself, instead of waiting for it to be explained. I felt more and more engaged with each clue as I tried to beat Ivy to the metaphorical punch.

WAS HAT MIR GUT GEFALLEN? Ich liebe die Internatsatmosphäre und die Zeitlosigkeit der Geschichte. Ich habe nämlich tatsächlich erst später gemerkt, dass die Geschichte nicht in unserer Zeit spielt. Das ist bei so etwas aber auch nicht wichtig, da Internate sowieso Paralleluniversen sind oder? Die Geschichte und das "Suchspiel" waren super konstruiert und auch wenn man Vermutungen hat, konnte man so schnell nicht komplett durchsteigen. Und das, obwohl ich deutlich älter bin, als die eigene Zeilgruppe. Zu guter letzt finde ich Ivy auch super sympathisch. Ich habe sie beinahe sofort ins Herz geschlossen und da tanzt sie immer noch herum. I really love Mrs. Sophie Cleverly’s writing style!! Her writing is beautiful❤️ One of the best things about her books is that the endings are not loose ❤️

But rumours swirl like ghosts around Ebony, and not all of them are nice. And when a prank on All Hallow's Eve goes horribly wrong, it's Ebony who gets the blame. Ivy and Scarlet aren't so sure. There might be more to Ebony than meets the eye, but surely she's not dangerous? But if it's not Ebony, then who or what is to blame?

There's a new girl at Rookwood School, and she's as enchanting as she is mysterious. But is Ebony really who she seems? Three more spine-tingling mysteries for Scarlet and Ivy to solve in the creepily atmospheric Rookwood School… As for Rose’s character, she is quite different to the other girls—she is very shy, she struggles with speech and learning (often being selectively mute), and has a special interest in horses. Her differences wouldn’t be well understood in those days, but I wanted to show that she could be an important part of the group, too. Scarlet and Ivy are resigned to staying at Rookwood School for Girls, all the better for getting rid of the horrible Principal Batholomew. With a new acting Principal, Rookwood will at least be safer to attend. Or maybe not? This is not the only excitement for the twins and best friend Ariade. They are following clues about their mother. What was her real name? Why did she use someone else’s? Why did they never learn she’d been a pupil at Rookwood too?SC: Definitely! After hearing about things like the Bechdel Test, I really liked the idea of a series where the focus is almost entirely on girls and women due to the all-girls school environment. I went to an all-girls school myself (though it wasn’t private or a boarding school), so it was very familiar to me. I wanted to showcase female voices with a wide range of differences.

So, the story itself was intriguing. Then you couple it with Ivy. She’s one of those characters you can’t help but love, torn between her own shy self and needing to act the part of her brash sister made for some interesting character moments. I think my absolute favourite was a snap, very bad, decision Ivy makes that she can barely tell whether it is her own or her acting going too far. The girls around her make up a good cast as well, even the girls giving her a hard time are never truly bad, everything is shown evenly and the friend Ivy finds is just so cute I want to bundle her away. This is the third book in the series and I quite enjoyed what the author did with this book. It kinda felt like she wrapped up the trilogy. The first book had a loose end, the second book had a few loose ends and this book is working through those loose ends carefully and wraps them up very nicely. Of course, it's all not very surprising. And if you start this book thinking it's a whodunnit you will end up disappointed, but as a boarding school adventure it works perfectly fine. This has a VERY satisfying ending, but with an ‘opening’ that makes you want to read on by CHOICE! (a different kind of thing altogether)Over the last few months, I have been working my way through the Scarlet and Ivy series by Sophie Cleverly. This middle-grade book series captured my imagination and is now entertaining my nine-year-old son as well. What Is Scarlet and Ivy? I also like how in this book the differences between the twins become a little clearer, partly because other characters decide to abuse those differences. Although their thought and speaking pattern is still very much the same, and therefore I couldn't always remember who's point of view I was reading, I like how Scarlet and Ivy are two different people in this book, making different choices and having a different influence on other people and each other. GM: Were there any other characters you especially enjoyed writing? If so, what was it about them that inspired you? It’s summer and as a special treat after the horrors of last term Mrs Knight announces a school trip to Shady Pines Hotel on the shores of Lake Seren. Scarlet and Ivy are thrilled to get away from Rookwood for a break! Ivy and Scarlet aren’t so sure. There might be more to Ebony than meets the eye, but surely she’s not dangerous? But if it’s not Ebony, then who or what is to blame?

But the old hotel and the waters of the lake reservoir are covering up dark secrets. And when mysterious things start happening to hotel guests it seems that a malicious new threat is haunting the girls. Madame Zelda, the new ballet teacher, was someone I felt that was a suspect at first. I felt that she was the responsible one for everything that was happening... but no. I was totally wrong! In my opinion, the author was super clever, trying to make Madame Zelda seem super suspicious so no-one would think it was anyone else, even though Madame Zelda was innocent. I enjoyed this book but would be better starting with the first book in the series and working my way to this one. I would've liked more dance including in the story as the cover and title are a bit misleading but there was a good continuing mystery to the story of Scarlet and Ivy.GM: Which was your favorite twin to write and do you feel like you identify with one more than the other? Scarlet, Ivy, and their friends get to go on a week-long residential trip to a countryside hotel by the edge of a reservoir, but Rookwood’s mysteries are determined to follow them. The legends surrounding the town drowned beneath the reservoir seem to be coming true, and is there more to one of their friends than she is letting on? I loved Ivy (the main charcater) and timid Ariadne very muchhhh❤️. I even loved the evil Mrs.Fox . She was a teacher but was a headmistress in this book because the headmaster was on a vacation😂There was an amazing plot twist too which shook me❤️❤️ This book was so GRIPPING!!!!!! I think that this series is going to impress me😂 The ending was a bit loose but I liked it😂

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