The Rare Record Price Guide 2024

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The Rare Record Price Guide 2024

The Rare Record Price Guide 2024

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Other artists may have had records with high values only during the time they were recording, with prices in the collector market dropping considerably after they finished their careers or when they passed away. Exceptions to that exist; that can come in the form of artists who were never particularly popular, but who were influential in the industry. That’s true of artists such as Robert Johnson, the Velvet Underground, or the Stooges. None of these artists were very successful and their records sold poorly when new. All three were enormous influences on other musicians, however, and as a result, their records sell for surprisingly high prices today. While all of the factors listed above are important when it comes to evaluating a vinyl record’s value, perhaps none is as important as the condition of the record. Most mass produced records sold over the past 60 years or so have been poorly cared for by their owners. They may have been played on low-quality equipment, stored outside of their covers, and handled by their playing surfaces, rather than their edges. Many albums from Japan from the late 1950s through the early 1970s were pressed on dark red vinyl. Japanese pressings were also issued with a paper sash, or “obi,” that wrapped around the cover and provided information for the buyer in Japanese. Launched in 1987 and published bi-annually - the Rare Record Price Guide 2024 is the SEVENTEENTH edition of the World's most comprehensive guide to prices of UK releases from 1950 to the current day.

It’s the box set of Queen albums “Queen – The Complete Works”. I bought this from a lady who was a massive fan and said she did not play the records as she did not want to spoil them. By looking at them I would say they are unplayed. This is the limited edition with a number of 014189. On close inspection I realised there were 2 of the white sleeves labelled with X. It appears there is no X1. The second X sleeve contains an error vinyl which has on one side Queen 2 (Ogre Battle/ Evermore etc) and the other side has one side of Live Killer ( Don’t stop me now/ Spread Your Wings etc). This appears to be an original factory error. It does mean there is no copy of Flash Gordon which should be the X1 record.This factor is pretty straightforward when it comes to vinyl records value; records that sold well and are quite common are going to be less valuable than records that sold poorly or are hard to find. A lot of albums sold in the 1970s and early 1980s sold millions of copies when new, and as such, it isn’t difficult to find copies in nice, playable condition.

The market for the rarest records continues to be strong. The rare 1920s through 1960s keys from Paramount, Vocalion and others inPulling all of the above together it’s clear that valuing your vinyl record collection can be quite a task as there is a lot to consider. It’s having the right combination of the above attributes in your collection that will really help your value increase. As a Record Dealer I love seeing record collections in genres that are in high demand, in beautiful condition and with a few ….(well more merrier) rare/scarce records in them. As many albums by popular artists have remained in print for many years, or even decades, the label on the record in question is often a significant factor in determining that vinyl record’s value. Listed below are a few examples of record albums which were withdrawn from the market shortly before or shortly after being released to stores. Collectors are interested in buying records in the best possible condition, and ideally, they’d like to own copies of all of their records in the same condition in which they were originally sold – mint and unplayed, with pristine covers. One factor that can influence vinyl records value is having the autograph of the artist on it. While autographed albums and single aren’t particularly common (while forgeries of them are), they usually do command a premium over regular copies of the record that are not signed.

The list of qualities that can affect a vinyl record’s value is constantly changing, and the list shown below should not be considered to be definitive. As this post on vinyl records value is going to be fairly lengthy, we’ll divide it into sections. Vinyl Records Value Categories Once you choose a record to appraise, the first step to take is determining its condition. Obviously, a record in mint condition has a higher value than a damaged one. In this step of the appraisal process, look at the following attributes: • Warping: Is your record warped? If so, its sound quality and physical integrity may be compromised. Warping can be caused by improper storage methods, extreme temperatures, and other factors, and it’s one of the main reasons some rare records sell for less than others. In the 1960’s most of the earlier 1960’s Lp’s sold in Mono around 1966/67 even numbers of Mono and Stereo records were sold and in the late 1960’s most were sold in Stereo. So another great example is the very first issue from 1963 of Please Please Me by the Beatles, it’s worth so much more in Stereo than Mono. One simple reason scarcity, hardly any were sold in Stereo. Move forward 6 years and look at yellow submarine. This sold way more in Stereo than Mono. Which ones worth more… Mono. Again scarcity is what pushed the value up.If you’re planning on trying to determine the worth of one of your records on your own, don’t let the task intimidate you – figuring out a record’s monetary value isn’t always as hard as it sounds. NOTE: Because there have been millions of records issued over the years, our guide seeks to list only the most valuble ones. Our staff is working diligently to expand our listings. This is one of the factors that pretty much has no exceptions; a record with a picture sleeve is always more valuable than the same record without one. Record Collector Grading System– Mainly used in the UK as the guide to describing the condition of a record.

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