Outwell Eco Prime 24L 12v/230v Coolbox Grey

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Outwell Eco Prime 24L 12v/230v Coolbox Grey

Outwell Eco Prime 24L 12v/230v Coolbox Grey

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Dimensions are reasonably compact at 26.9 (W) x 32.2(D) x 38(H) cm, and we found this an excellent size for a few nights away in our tent. It’s a great option for a mini-break or an afternoon retreat as it is small enough to be easily carried using the ergonomic handle on top. However, it’s probably more of a fridge than a coolbox to take picnicing – just bear this in mind! Capacity: If you’re only planning to use your cool box for fridge overflow in the kitchen, cellar or garden, you can afford to invest in a 50-litre-plus whopper. But bear in mind that cool boxes, like fridges, work best when they’re full. A 47-litre cool box is big enough for well over 80 regular cans of drink.

The EcoCool could also be called the EcoHeat as the cooling action can be switched to heat for temperatures up to 60°C higher than ambient. This is plenty for keeping soup or pies warm whilst you go out for a late night winter walk. This cool box has all year round use! Quite frankly, few items are as important in a camp environment as having a top-performing electric cool box. From our experience, it is important to carefully examine the features of a particular product to make sure it will match up to the conditions under which you will be using it. Cool box with heater function - Chills to 18-25°C below outside temperature, warms to 50-60°C What’s the best cool box for camping? It's recommended that you measure out the space you have available in your car or camping gear, and find a cool box that will fit that space and meet your needs. We love the fact that it comes with an internal basket, a built-in LED light for viewing your grub at night, and an adjustable thermostatically-controlled temperature system. There is a digital display too which we found legible and easy to use. Cooling AbilityDespite being a decent-sized cool box (storage volume measures 63 x 51 x 42cm), the Eco Deep is portable enough to move around when required. Weight is a fairly hefty 17kg, but the presence of a decent folding handle and wheels makes transport simple and efficient. It also features two removable shelves inside so you have plenty of space for anything – from your favorite beer to a good old Cornish pasty!

The EcoCool offers two cooling modes with a cooling delta of up to 25°C below the outdoors temperature on the MAX setting operation. This means that even on a scorching day, you can still get temperatures close to freezing. Power source: Electric cool boxes that plug into your car's cigarette lighter or have a rechargeable battery can be very convenient, but keep in mind that they will require a power source. The size of the cool box you need for your camping trip will depend on a few factors, such as the number of people you are camping with, the duration of your trip, and the types of food and drinks you plan to bring. We think 20 – 30 litres is the sweet spot for a camping trip away for one to four people. It can store just enough stuff to keep you all going for a few days, and the fewer of you there are, the longer you can last between reloading! Don’t empty the melted ice. The cold water acts as an insulator and will help food stay chilled for longer.The cheapest cool box in our recommendation is the HI-GEAR 20L Cooler. It is another 12V only system which can cool food and drinks to around the 10°C mark. For the money, it’s excellent value and has a few extra little design touches we like. The alternatives to electricity include gas powered fridges which can take cannisters of propane/butane to provide the chilling action. The problem with this is both cost and supply – you might run out when you need it most! However, most gas fridges can also run off electricity, but cost more than pure electric alternatives. Freeze or chill items before you place them in the cool box. The ice won’t need to work so hard to keep things cold so will last longer.

Durability: Look for a cool box that is made of high-quality materials and is built to last. Look for features such as reinforced corners, sturdy hinges, and a robust lid seal. The best cool box for camping will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Some factors to consider when choosing a cool box include: The size of the EcoCool is 52 x 32 x 43 cm and it weighs around 8kg which is fairly substantial. There is a great swing handle for lifting the box and it does not struggle with a fully laden fridge. Do you want an energy saving coolbox that uses less power to run? Different types of cool box explainedMains-powered boxes are more powerful, but 12V in-car electric coolers are ideal for keeping in your motor for road trips and commutes. A 20 litre capacity is not going to set the world on fire if you’re planning a long trip, but it’s ample for a night or two away. Hi-Gear make cheap, dependable equipment and we were impressed with the quality of plastic used on this cooler. It looks more expensive than it is! An electric cool box is a portable refrigeration unit that can be powered by electricity from a car or boat cigarette lighter or mains power. They are a good choice for people who need to keep food and drinks cold while on the go, such as on camping trips, picnics, or long car journeys. They are also useful for people who don't have access to a refrigerator in a particular location, such as at a beach house or vacation home. Electric cool boxes are also more environmentally friendly than traditional coolers that use ice, as they don't require the constant replenishment of ice and don't add to landfills. What size cool box do I need for my camping trip? Need a new cool box or investing in your first one? Not sure whether you need a Arctiv Chill, ECOcool, electric cool box, car cool box or picnic cool box? Or what the difference is between them all? Never fear, this handy guide will help you decide which is the best cool box for your needs. Things to consider before you buy a cool box

The 45l ECO Deep offers the convenience of using either AC (240V) or DC (12V) power connection. Current draw is low at only 5 amps, even on 12V power which means a typical 100Ah leisure battery will not get drained until after about 20 hours of continuous operation. They’re small. You will struggle to find a cost-effective electric cooler much larger than 24 litres. Although at Camping Secrets we always try to offer value-for-money recommendations on gear, the truth is that sometimes it’s worth buying from a reputable manufacturer – we’ve found that this is especially true for powered items. You may pay slightly more than the cheapest Chinese imports (which can often be built in the same factory!), but you get peace of mind that the company will stand behind their product.Thermoelectric cool box – these are well insulated coolboxes which use a Peltier cooler (12V or 240V powered usually) and electric fan to drive heat out of the box and keep your food and drink chilled. The best thermoelectric coolboxes can lower the temperature by about 30°C below the ambient temperature which means they can be used all year round in the UK. Downsides are fan noise, but in a tent you’re unlikely to hear it. Electric coolers are miniature fridges. They actively cool your food rather than simply maintaining low temperature, and they keep food chilled for many days.

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