Orange Whip Fullsize Golf Swing Trainer - 47"

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Orange Whip Fullsize Golf Swing Trainer - 47"

Orange Whip Fullsize Golf Swing Trainer - 47"

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The device is intentionally designed to be slightly longer than a normal golf club. The extra length helps exaggerate the motions made while swinging your driver. It forces you to adjust your tempo so that your entire body stays connected. If you’ve struggled with tempo, this device could be a gamechanger. Yes, the Orange Peel Balance trainer is an awesome upgrade to the swing trainer. It has a concave surface so your stance will adjust to the center and balance your course. It will help create all possible slope conditions that you will find on a golf course. It’s a training aid that replaces the head of a golf club with a weighted orange foam ball. The grip, shaft, and head all work together to help you create a more consistent golf swing. SKLZ training aid is aimed at improving your hand position, thus improving the way you hold the club. Like the Orange Whip, it also works on the swing tempo and plane.

Towards the end of my first year, I decided to do something a little different to test whether the Orange Whip really was the difference maker. I put it away and didn’t swing it for a few weeks. Wrist hinge in the golf swing is extremely important to maximize the clubhead speed you generate. Slide your hands to the lowest point on the grip, laying the grip across the fingers of your trailing hand with the thumb resting on top of the grip.I continued doing my sets for the next couple of days, and I did not swing a golf club. The beauty of this product is that it won’t work unless you are using it properly. If you lose your balance or your tempo, the weighted ball will let you know immediately, which is the greatest feature of this trainer. While it’s always great to take lessons from a teaching pro, sometimes it’s just not in the budget. I think you can get your money’s worth if you train with this product, and start incorporating the feeling you get to your actual golf swing.

It’s also highly rated but seems to be more used for warming up than mastering your tempo. If you like the idea of the Orange Whip but don’t want to spend this much on a training aid, this is a good option. When I first got my hands on the Orange Whip about a year ago, I was a skeptic. How could this noodle with a goofy looking orange ball on the end benefit my golf swing? One of the best and often overlooked features of the Orange Whip Trainer is the ability to use it indoors without compromising its unparalleled performance. It only requires a minimal amount of space and 5-10 minutes of training time per day. No golf swing trainer is more time efficient and effective. You can work with an Orange Whip year round and never again have to depend on weather conditions or daylight when you want to improve your golf swing and fitness. It’s the ideal tool for those living in challenging winter environments and busy individuals with little time to practice. RELATED: 12 Best Driving Range Tips To Improve Your Swing And Your Game Does the Orange Whip help a slice?

This isn’t one of those training aids that you will use for a season only to watch it break down next season. These are built for endurance and even comes with 2-year warranty! He realized that average golfers needed to feel this rhythm and started creating the original design. Now, there are four versions and tons of fitness accessories as well. Do pro golfers use Orange Whip? I wouldn't consider myself eligible to write an Orange Whip review if I hadn't gotten into the weeds and tested it for myself.

I believe the golf swing is not as complicated as most people make it out to be. I’ve seen thousands of players' swings, and I believe that by fixing two issues their games will improve dramatically. In doing this you will find your swing rhythm while maintaining a solid foundation and full balance. Furthermore, this will also strengthen your core muscles which are essential for a well-balanced swing.


Are you going to miraculously fix your swing with this product overnight? Probably not. There’s no such thing as alchemy in golf despite what some companies will tell you. The Orange Whip will point you in the right direction, and you’re going to have to put work in to groove your swing. However, over time I believe this product can help golfers solve some of the main problems that affect us all. Orange Whip Trainer was designed to coordinate your golf swing, improving the swing plane and maintaining stability throughout the swing sequence. Which Size Orange Whip is best?

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