Michelle Paver's Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Collection - 6 Books (Spirit Walker, Wolf Brother, Outcast, Soul Eater, Ghost Hunter, Oath Breaker) (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness)

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Michelle Paver's Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Collection - 6 Books (Spirit Walker, Wolf Brother, Outcast, Soul Eater, Ghost Hunter, Oath Breaker) (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness)

Michelle Paver's Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Collection - 6 Books (Spirit Walker, Wolf Brother, Outcast, Soul Eater, Ghost Hunter, Oath Breaker) (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness)

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Es un comienzo de una saga de seis obras, pero la verdad es que no me ha dejado con la sensación de que faltara algo, como me ha sucedido con otros principios. Estoy segura de que voy a ir a por el siguiente en un futuro muy cercano, quiero volver a sentir los lametones de Lobo. La labor de investigación de la autora, por lo que he visto, ha llevado mucho tiempo, ha implicado muchos viajes y muchas personas. “Hay veces que se tarda sólo unos tres segundos en retroceder seis mil años”, dice la propia escritora al final del libro, mientras andaba por los mismos bosques en los que se sitúan los clanes que aparecen en la novela. Bale is a young man from the Seal clan who is also Torak's kinsman as Torak's paternal grandmother was from the Seal Clan. They initially get off to a bad start as he captures Torak and takes him to Seal Island, but later become friends. Bale first appears in the book Spirit Walker. Bale is killed in the beginning of the book Oath Breaker by the Soul Eater named Thiazzi. Grand finale to the prize-winning adventure series that's changed the lives of millions of readers. Breathtaking world-building on an epic scale. Pure escapism at its best. Dos giros finales que lograron sorprenderme lo suficiente como para subirle la nota. Originalmente la novela iba para un tres sólido.

What a charming, fantastic book. This is everything that I hoped Jean Auel’s books would be, but weren’t. That’s high praise from me, and considering I spent a year perusing stone age fiction in hopes of finding a good series and failing to do so. As the three heroes travel the icy wastelands beyond the limits of the Forest, they come across old friends from the White Fox Clan and make the acquaintance of the Narwhal Clan, a much harder ice clan which raises its hunters in the hard, unforgiving hands of their uncles rather than their parents to prepare them for the difficult life of living on the ice. Renn is saved by a young Narwhal clan hunter named Naiginn and, when Torak and Wolf catch up to them, she reveals that Naiginn is actually her half-brother. Seshru had come to the Far North following the Great Fire which had broken apart the Soul Eaters the first time. There, she had seduced the Narwhal clan Mage and born him a child. Much as she had planned for Renn, she had turned the child into a demon-possessed tokoroth. Renn, assisted by Naiginn, is determined to find his father and discover the reasons why she has suddenly become compelled to harm her mate. Knowing Torak will never let her go, she drugs him in the night and leaves with Naiginn. Wolf Brother is the first book in the series Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver. Wolf Brother takes place six thousand years ago during the Middle Stone Age, and tells the story of twelve-year-old Torak, a boy who can talk to wolves. The book was published in 2004 by Orion Children's Books. In 2019, Paver announced that she would be returning to the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness with three further books, set after the end of the main series, once again following Torak, Renn and Wolf. The titles of the books were announced as: Viper's Daughter, Skin Taker and Wolfbane. As you know, we’ve made a commitment to the Clan to try to make sure that you always are the first people to know about important news concerning Michelle and her work. And as many of you know, in addition to being “admin”, I’m also her agent.

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I enjoyed it well enough, but it's really written for kids. I'd have loved it more in about 5th grade. The author has a degree in biochemistry and lots of experience with animals, including wolves and bears. But hopefully not bears possessed by an evil spirit. Algo en este antagonista me petrificó hasta los huesos. La primera vez que apareció frente al protagonista, literalmente me dieron ganas de llorar por la tensión. Me dio miedo. Jamás me pasó que el antagonista de algún libro me provocara un miedo tan real, al punto de hacerme contener el aliento o quedarme inmóvil en mi asiento, como si tratara de evitar ser escuchada.

Cómo he vivido tantos años sin conocer esta saga? Me ha parecido espectacular. He llorado, he sufrido y he reído en un viaje apasionante, junto con Torak y Lobo (ala, ya está, ¡me he vuelto a enamorar de otro peludo!) por los bosques de la Finlandia de hace 6000 años. During a "Michelle Live" live stream on YouTube and twitch on 30 March 2020, Paver herself revealed that she has just completed a deal with Kindle Entertainment and Lionsgate and that a live action TV series will be made based on the series. Paver said "I've had more meetings with producers about Wolf Brother than I can remember but Anne Brogan and Melanie Stokes from Kindle Entertainment stood out from the very first time I met them. They knew the series inside out and – a big plus for me – their children were fans. Wolf Brother fans have extremely high expectations for a television series and Anne and Mel share the same burning desire to create a legendary series. I'm entrusting them with the lives of Torak, Renn and Wolf! I know they will be in safe hands." Torak, Renn and Wolf leave the Clans for the Deep Forest, convinced they will find a piece of the Forest in the Sacred Grove, where the oldest tree stands, while Dark finds two pieces at camp. One is found by appealing the Hidden People of the caves, who hand him a crystal and tell him he will find another "in the jaws of the wolf". The second is found having been unmarked by Pebble chewing on it. At the same, Dark discovers his father, who he has lingering animosity towards but who had been trying to make amends, and the other Swan Clan hunters stealing food. He learns that there is a new Leader among the Deep Forest Clans, a powerful figure who protected them from the Thunderstar and convinced them to renounce the old ways of the Clans. Suspecting who this new Leader might be, Dark leaves camp with Fin-Kedinn's blessing to find Torak and Renn. The Wolf Brother series is set in northern Scandinavia 6,000 years after the Ice Age and follows Torak,his friend Renn and his wolf, Wolf. The bond between Torak and Wolf is the heart of the story and the clans featured in the books are based on real hunter-gatherers whose connection with, and respect for the land, resonated with readers. In the interim, she “took a bit of a wrong turn”, becoming a biotechnological patents lawyer for 13 years. “I thought, ‘I’m quite good at exams, why don’t I do law for a couple of years and maybe I’ll be published by then?’” After years of trying to write in the evenings and at weekends, and not really wanting to be a lawyer at all, she “had to jump off the treadmill”. She resigned without a book deal. During her six months’ notice period, she landed one. “My earnings fell off a cliff. I went from six figures to earning less than a student teacher. But it was unbelievable how much it felt like the right thing. I didn’t have to dress up in Armani trouser suits, I could just wear jeans.”This deal sees Michelle reunited with her wonderful editor and publisher, Fiona Kennedy. It’s taken some time to do, but fans all over the world will thank me for it!” I missed them acutely when I finished Ghost Hunter,” says Paver now, who has spent the interim years publishing a handful of critically acclaimed novels for adults, from the terrifying ghost story Dark Matter and Thin Air, where five Englishmen set out to climb Kangchenjunga and which was described as a “a heart-freezing masterpiece” by the Observer. “It was immersive and great fun to be writing an adult gothic, or a ghost story, but even when I was writing them, Torak and Renn and Wolf didn’t go away. They’d pop into my head at odd moments, and that is very different to other books.”

The first book in Michelle Paver's hugely popular Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series, Wolf Brother is a gripping and original adventure story. Magical, imaginative, vividly-told and rich in detail, young readers will find Torak's tale completely engrossing.I’m really glad that you like my books! But I’m afraid that after I finished Wolf Bane, I just knew that I wouldn’t be writing any more books featuring Torak, Renn and Wolf. You see, I think nine books is a satisfying number, and as I’m really pleased with how Wolf Bane turned out, I prefer to end it there, rather than letting the series trail off into stories that aren’t quite as good, and might get repetitive. Also, I think I’ve developed the main characters – not only Wolf, Torak and Renn, but others, such as Dark – to the point where readers can imagine for themselves how their lives will turn out, and what might happen to them. As for the future, the books which I write after Wolf Bane are going to be ghost stories for grown-ups (maybe you’ll enjoy them when you’re a bit older). I’m sorry to disappoint you. But perhaps re-reading some of the Wolf Brother stories will help; I know that many readers enjoy doing this.

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