Contour Mattress Genie Adjustable Bed Wedge System - Inflatable Under The Bed Wedge Mattress Riser for Elevated Support, Fits Queen Size Bed

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Contour Mattress Genie Adjustable Bed Wedge System - Inflatable Under The Bed Wedge Mattress Riser for Elevated Support, Fits Queen Size Bed

Contour Mattress Genie Adjustable Bed Wedge System - Inflatable Under The Bed Wedge Mattress Riser for Elevated Support, Fits Queen Size Bed

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TheMattress Genie Electronic Mattress Tilter is also ideal for reading, watching TV or eating in bed. Yes, as the Mattress Genie is made with a durable polymer and reinforced double-welded seams, it will maintain its shape and inflation all night long. This will allow you to sleep in a comfortable position without fear that the angle will change overnight. Can I Use the Mattress Genie on a Wooden Slatted Bed? The council assessor considers the type and level of your need. If you have many needs or if your needs are assessed as essential or complex the council may help directly; for example, if you have difficulty moving in bed and getting out of bed.

Inflation is performed with a powerful mains-powered pump and an illuminated remote hand controller. Simply place the air chamber under the head of your mattress and within minutes you have all the benefits of an adjustable bed. As the chamber fills with air, it gently flexes the mattress and the head of your bed is raised to the desired level. Is the Mattress Tilter Flat When Not in Use? Besides providing comfort for watching TV and eating in bed, sleeping at an incline can combat a number of health conditions, making the Mattress Genie Adjustable Mattress Tilteran economical way to transform how you enjoy your bed. Fitting underneath your mattress, you can inflate the tilter up to 66cm, creating an incline angle of 40 degrees where it will remain all night to provide a peaceful night's sleep with clear airways. What's Included? While the Mattress Genie will make some noise while the pump is initially inflating the tilter to your desired position, this noise stops completely once it is fully inflated. This will allow you to get a good night's sleep without being disturbed by noise. Key Features of the Mattress Genie Mattress Tilter

How Do I Use the Mattress Tilter Genie?

The Mattress Genie turns your regular bed into a fully adjustable bed, allowing you to adjust the incline of your mattress to the exact angle you require. The graphic below shows a brief overview of the sort of angles you should try for a range of different uses. If you have a disability or you are caring for someone with a disability, remember that you have the right to ask social services for a community care assessment. Adjustable height beds can be powered manually or electrically. Manually operated beds usually have a hydraulic mechanism that raises and lowers the bed. This movement may feel jerky as the bed rises. The control is often a foot pump at the side of the bed. It cannot be operated by the user. As the Mattress Lifter is supplied with a cover, it can be cared for and protected from dust and debris. Should you want to wash the cover, it is suitable for machine washing. How Many Colours Are Available?

Lifting poles are not usually suitable for people with painful arms, painful shoulders, limited overhead shoulder movement or abdominal weakness. These are made of a length of material which has either been stitched to form a continuous roller or is folded in a similar way so that the slippery material on the surfaces inside will easily slide against each other. Using your Mattress Genie is incredibly easy. Simply place the genie under your bed, and plug the pump into the mains. Once you have done this, you can inflate and deflate the genie to a level of your choosing using the included hand controller. What Are Measurements of the Mattress Genie Mattress Tilter?bed rails should never be used to restrain a person who may attempt to climb over them. They risk falling from a greater height; Lifting poles (or pull handles) are designed to make moving around, moving into semi-lying positions or getting in and out of bed easier. The majority have a floor standing cantilever gantry, although some are wall- or bed-attached. If freestanding, care should be taken to ensure that the base is positioned properly under the bed, otherwise the gantry frame may tip over. A handle hangs from the gantry and, when adjusted to a suitable height, some people with enough strength can pull on it safely. The user does need to have fairly strong upper limbs and good abdominal control. The bulletin recommends that alternative methods of bed care/management should be considered first, such as:

The Mattress Genie is supplied in single, double or king size versions. The Mattress Genie Adjustable Mattress Tilter is a firm favourite with both NHS and personal users as it provides excellent value for money and is so easy to use. Which Mattresses Are Compatible? The gentle slope of the mattress wedge minimise sleep disruption whilst giving significant relief from many conditions including: However, other items are regarded as daily living equipment, i.e. that which enables a person to get on with daily living, and may make them more independent. A small mobile hoist can be used for many handling tasks in and around the home. With the wide range of slings available, it can cater for many different needs and abilities. With just the touch of a button you can raise the head of the bed by up to 66cm (26 inches). This creates a 40 degrees incline from the horizontal allowing you to achieve your own comfortable position. The Mattress GenieMattress Tilter is fully adjustable so that you can create an angle anywhere between lying down flat, and that 40 degree maximum angle.

How Can the Harley Mattress Lifter Improve Your Health?

some models dismantle for transporting, which may make it possible to take the lifting pole on holiday; Care should be taken that there is no wall- mounted obstruction to prevent the bed from moving vertically or that nothing can get trapped underneath the bed when it is lowered. Always ensure the bed is raised symmetrically, i.e. all the legs are raised equally. Raising one end of a domestic bed or not raising all its legs puts strain on the bed and it can collapse. Double beds can have four, six or eight legs. Some electric beds can be controlled by the occupant. This means he/she can select the most suitable height for getting in and getting out of the bed, sometimes with little or no assistance. The Mattress Genie Adjustable Mattress Tilter comprises a wedge-shaped inflatable chamber constructed of durable polymer with double-welded seams. This tough construction enables it to stand up to intense pressure, allowing it to lift up to 1000 pounds at a time! Can the Mattress Genie be Used Directly Under a Pillow?

Many of the beds with special features are available as a double bed where one side of the bed remains as a standard bed. Yes, when the controller is not set to an inflated position, the Mattress Genie will be completely flat and unnoticeable underneath your mattress. This allows it to be comfortably used when watching TV or reading at an inclined angle for those who do not want an elevated sleeping position. Does It Maintain a Constant Angle When Inflated? Two main sizes of roller are available: a small version (large cushion size) and a larger version (sleeping bag size). If the smaller, cushion sized roller is used, it is placed under the user’s shoulders and bottom. The larger, sleeping bag sized version is placed so that it extends from head to toe. When used for turning, the open ends of the rollers are always towards the head and foot end of the bed. if raisers are recommended to raise the bed for hoist access, ensure (if the increased height would make existing transfers more difficult) that they are only fitted when the hoist is available for use;ensure that there is enough room for the base to slide under a divan bed and, where possible, fasten it to the bed headboard for greater stability; Some rollers are padded and can, occasionally, be left in position under the person; others are very thin and are nearly always removed after use. If a roller is left in position it is important to ensure the person will not accidentally slip out of bed.

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