LEGO Harry Potter Series 1 - Mad-Eye Moody Minifigure (14/22) Bagged

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LEGO Harry Potter Series 1 - Mad-Eye Moody Minifigure (14/22) Bagged

LEGO Harry Potter Series 1 - Mad-Eye Moody Minifigure (14/22) Bagged

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Defence Against the Dark Arts: Being considered the greatest Auror of all time, Moody would have received either an " Outstanding" or " Exceeds Expectations" in his O.W.L. and N.E.W.T. for this subject, [45] with Moody's capability and knowledge in defending against the Dark Arts being extreme. This mastery can be seen by his ability to defeat many Dark wizards and witches as an Auror. He may also have been considerably capable in breaking and countering curses, so as to be able to negate the dark spells performed by his enemies. Even though Moody's duelling abilities had grown rusty during his retirement, his mastery of defending against the Dark Arts was still exceptional, as Dumbledore (himself formerly a professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts) held Moody's abilities in high enough esteem that he hired Moody to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts for one year. Moody was also skilled enough in defensive magical wards that he personally set up the defences on 12 Grimmauld Place, defences powerful enough that even Lord Voldemort could not penetrate them. Moreover, Moody was an expert at fending off dark creatures, with him volunteering to get rid of a Boggart for Molly Weasley. [29]

Vance was killed by Death Eaters in 1996, while Podmore was imprisoned in Azkaban for attempting to open the door of the Department of Mysteries. Moody didn't know it and was angry with Podmore, because he had taken his Invisibility Cloak. Moody was described as having a growling voice and looking as though his face was roughly carved from wood. Due to injuries from his long career as an Auror, it was covered with scars, and a chunk of his nose was missing. He had dark grey, grizzled hair. He also had a wooden leg that was described as having a clawed foot. Alastor Moody was always on good terms with the Weasley family. He was friendly with Arthur Weasley, whom he had met through the Ministry of Magic. Arthur had a high opinion of Moody and thought he was a little mad, but he was a great wizard and the most famous Auror of his time. Arthur and Moody fought together in the Battle of the Seven Potters. When Moody was killed by Lord Voldemort, Arthur was very sad. He says in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 that Polyjuice Potion "tastes like goblin piss" before the Battle of the Seven Potters. After the final defeat of Voldemort, Harry followed in Mad-Eye's footsteps by becoming an Auror, [41] and sometime after becoming the Head of the department in 2007, [42] ensured that a long line of successive Dark wizard catchers at the Ministry got to benefit from Moody's example by including assignments inspired by the life and ways of Mad-Eye on the Auror recruitment programme. This included a series of participatory training exercises that required Aurors in training to be on their feet and continously defend themselves for over an hour aimed at increasing the amount of damage they would be able to withstand in combat, a lesson on his myriad career accomplishment and by then famous mantra, [43] By the 2008–2009 school year, a portrait of him had also been mounted on the wall at the Grand Staircase at Hogwarts in commemoration of the fallen warrior, hung on high alongside those of hundreds other distinguished alumni of the school. [44] The CalamityTwo students are included, beginning with Hermione Granger. This minifigure takes inspiration from Hermione's appearance during The Goblet of Fire, so features a wavy hair component and medium legs. These approximate the onscreen character and this Hogwarts uniform looks great too, displaying the Gryffindor colours and emblem. Neville Longbottom wears a similar robe, albeit open to reveal the dark bluish grey jumper underneath. Both torsos were introduced last year, so have appeared elsewhere. Neville's double-sided head is less common, returning from 75969 Hogwarts Astronomy Tower and including suitably prominent teeth. His smiling face looks nice, but something more expressive would have been perfect for Neville's harrowing experience in Moody's class.

Harry Potter: " Professor Moody?" Moody: " I don't know so much about 'Professor'. Never got round to much teaching, did I?" — A discussion on Moody's failed teaching career [src] Amelia Bones · Elphias Doge · Albus Dumbledore · Cornelius Fudge · Griselda Marchbanks · Tiberius Ogden · Ralston Potter · Henry Potter · Dolores Umbridge · Two elderly witches · Dumpy, heavily-moustached wizard · Frizzy-haired witch He was also friendly with Hermione Granger. Hermione and Moody fought at several battles together, but, when Moody was killed, Hermione was devastated. To this end, Crouch used Polyjuice Potion to take on Moody's form to replace him at Hogwarts, successfully fooling staff and pupils alike. He imitated many of Moody's normal habits, including regularly drinking Polyjuice Potion out of Moody's hip flask. Doing this allowed him to impersonate Moody for almost the whole year without raising suspicion. [15]During the 2010s, Mad-Eye appeared as a Foundable during the Calamity. Volunteer members of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force were able to free him, allowing Mad-Eye to return to his original time. [21] Clear night. Could've done with a bit more cloud cover. Right, you, we're going to be flying in close formation. Tonks'll be right in front of you, keep close on her tail. Lupin'll be covering you from below. I'm going to be behind you. The rest'll be circling us. We don't break ranks for anything, got me? If one of us is killed —" — Moody cautiously preparing for flight [src]

Sneakoscope: Moody's Sneakoscope was large, and Barty Crouch, impersonating Moody, said that he disabled it because it was constantly spinning and whistling due to the large number of students who were practising untrustworthy behaviour in the vicinity. In reality, it was constantly signalling that Barty Crouch was committing a deception. Of course, it is discovered that Barty Crouch Jr. has actually taken on Alastor Moody's identity during Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts, using Polyjuice Potion. The character's alternative face accordingly belongs to Crouch and appears outstanding, with his tongue visible! An appropriate hair piece is also supplied, again matching the Collectable Minifigure, alongside a wooden staff and a hip flask. Alastor" is Ancient Greek for "he who does not forget", thus (1) "avenger", "persecutor", "tormenter", (2) "one who suffers from divine vengeance". It gives him, therefore, certain similarities to Alecto Carrow, whose name is that of the first of the Furies, or Erinyes, and means "implacable anger". [50] [51] It is similar to "Alastair", which is the Scottish form of Alexander, which means "protector of mankind", and also evolved into "Alistair". Alastor is also the name of the Greek Personification of Family Blood Feuds sometimes known as the God/Spirit of Vengeance (with connotations of Justice and Retribution). The God/Spirit was said to be a firm believer in the philosophy that the sins of the forefathers should indeed leave their eternal stigmas upon all the younger generations.


Invisibility Cloaks: Moody possessed two Invisibility Cloaks, though he lent one to Sturgis Podmore, which was never returned. [29] It is also possible that Moody's travelling cloak was one of his Invisibility Cloaks. In 1994, he agreed to Albus Dumbledore's request to become the new Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor at Hogwarts; [11] however, he was kidnapped just prior to taking up the position by Barty Crouch Jnr, who subsequently disguised himself as Moody as part of a plan to kidnap Harry Potter on the instructions of Lord Voldemort. [15]

Mad-Eye' Moody has appeared remarkably infrequently across the Harry Potter range, most recently in the first series of Collectable Minifigures. This depiction of the character closely resembles that Collectable Minifigure, which is fantastic because the existing design was essentially perfect! The tan hair piece, for example, remains unchanged and Moody's scarred face includes wonderful detail. Apparition: Moody, like most accomplished adult wizards, could Apparate at will. He originally intended to bring Harry away from the Dursley's through side-along apparition. Potions: As an Auror, Moody was proficient in potion-making, as he had to have received at least an Exceeds Expectations in his O.W.L. and N.E.W.T. for this subject. [45] Indeed, Moody was capable of brewing the highly complex Polyjuice Potion, making enough of it to disguise all seven of the willing participants of the Battle of the Seven Potters as Harry Potter, to ensure the latter's safety, showing his great talent in this field. [12]


Working hard and using all of his cunning, Crouch, as Moody, ensured that Harry Potter would get into the Triwizard Tournament and ascend to the Third Task. Upon doing so, Voldemort used Harry Potter to return to life in a body of his own with all its powers once again. When Crouch learned of this upon Harry's return, he tried to murder him, but Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, and Severus Snape stopped him. World Exclusive Interview with J K Rowling," South West News Service, 8 July 2000 - "Hogwarts just serves Britain and Ireland." Mafalda Hopkirk · Honoria's fiancé · Mafalda Hopkirk's Ministerial Superior · Rufus Fudge · Orabella Nuttley · Chester Davies · Linderina Crane In the films, Moody is portrayed considerably different from his literary counterpart. Differences between his description in the book and his portrayal on film include his magical eye being held in place by an eye patch-like strap and brass ring, having a less mutilated face, including a full nose instead of a piece of it missing.

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