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It's Behind You

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The audience and the character comically share the knowledge that the Dame is not really a woman; that the Principal Boy is not really a Boy

finally, but that's just my personal preference, i would have liked this better if there was actual paranormal involved ; the fact that the "twist"—adding quotation marks because said twist was very anticlimactic—ended up being a human murdering people disappointed me. also, i'm not sure i really understood her motives ?? that might just be me though, i didn't pay much attention during the classic "villain's monologue where they reveal their whole plan".


I was a little surprised as Lex wasn't hiding something, and wasn't involved in the big conspiracy that drew everyone together. She is an unsuspecting person to make up numbers and ends up along for the ride. It was quite nice though, not to have a "twist, it was the main character all along" or "twist, the main character is the focus of the act." Most of the characters are insufferable and not in a "hes secretly misunderstood and really interesting" way, most of them were just boring and annoying to read about. The novel falls victim to an issue that I find in most mystery novels - the characters are underdeveloped. When the story focuses more on the mystery thriller element, it forgets to really bring the characters to life, and relies on exposition to tell you what the character's motivations are. I did like the range of characters we got, and I think for most of them I could grasp their personalities and reasonings. Lex, as a main character, was wonderful; it was so different having a main character who was a little self-centred and a lot chaotic. She was fun and was only there to win, and it made her interactions with everyone so much more interesting. unfortunately, this book was quite disappointing ! let me preface this by saying i never usually read horror/thriller—a friend gifted it to me—, so i don't have much to compare it to, but i'm still going to try and write a constructive review !

Perhaps that sadness was what attracted him, both in costume and in temperament, to Pierrot, the broken-hearted French Clown. Certainly Grimaldi liked to play on this mixture of light and darkness in his character, telling his audiences, ‘I am Grim all day, but I make you laugh at night’. It was not long before the grimness started to take over.I think this book is the definition of “meh”. I finished it yesterday and I don’t even remember any of the characters names. The plot of this story is not really pacy, but slow and engaging as the teenagers' personalities are disclosed to the reader along with their secrets, making it suitable for the 13+ reader, confident/non confident who are not afraid of things that go bump in the night. Therefore, not for the nervous reader. The story would be great for book clubs and for intervention groups as it's completely engaging with lots of discussion points. This is the second book by this talented author, who really knows how to build suspense and create an unsettling atmosphere; she clearly deserves a place in any school library as her books will be very popular.

As the production crew ramps up the frights, secrets start to be revealed… these teenagers have hidden motives for taking part in It’s Behind You! and could some of them be… murder? It took a bit for the story to get going (and I initially hated the MC, Lex) but once all the contestants entered the cave, the story really took off. The setting was exceptional and the feeling of dread and claustrophobia was palpable throughout the story. I have mixed thoughts on the plot twist, I liked Grayson at the start and I really shipped him and Beatrix and so I’m mad that he’s a bad person. Also I feel like the plot twist was too cliche, multiple characters made jokes about how it’s always the ex bf and then it was him, it felt so stereotypical. At the same time, in a way I thought that would be too obvious and cliche for a plot twist so I completely dismissed the possibility so maybe that did actually make it a good plot twist. Also the way the book tried to make us feel sorry for Grayson at first and view Rose as mean and an antagonist, only for it to be revealed that he was actually a stalker and harassed her because he wasn’t over the breakup was a good comment on sexism (Alexa play The Man by Taylor Swift). I thought the fact that pretty much everybody in the book did something to treat Rose badly in her life was a good plot point, it’s giving an inspector calls (the English teachers at my school would love it). As mentioned at the beginning, this movie was written and directed by the duo Andrew Mecham and Matthew Whedon. Of course, the name “Whedon” does carry some weight when it comes to genre productions. Joss Whedon wrote the horror movie The Cabin in the Woods (2011) with its director Drew Goddard. It’s a movie I love and consider terribly underrated. That ending! WOW! WOW! WOW! Kind of sad the game of tag was over, but this was also fine with me. Things really got put in a rollercoaster!

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According to writer and caricaturist Max Beerbohm, pantomime is the only art form ever invented in England. It's a splendid witticism, albeit untrue. Pantomime has become quintessentially British: as British as Earl Grey tea or a good Indian curry.

The amazing leaps and pratfalls he performed forced Grimaldi into premature retirement, destitution and an early death. Thousands of people would line the streets as his coffin made its way up to Pentonville Hill. Into the Victoria age - Dan Leno and the Pantomime Dame The plot of Behind You features a mirror as the gateway to releasing a ghost or demon of sorts. You just have to say something out loud a few times while looking into the mirror. Yes, pretty much exactly like Candyman or even the girls in Paranormal Activity 3 summoning Bloody Mary. The story of pantomime is a tale of dragons and serpents. It features men dressed as women, and women masquerading as young men. Pantomime presents a tale of good and evil, where hope triumphs over adversity after danger and virtual despair. It has its roots in ancient Greece, and via Italy and France, insinuates itself into Britain. Pantomime's unique fusion of eccentricity, ambiguity and absurdity has much to tell us about our national identity. Christmas, for many of us, would not be Christmas without pantomime; and pantomime was the place we first discovered the magic of theatre.I also just realised that I started the year by reading two books about ghosts even though they both couldn’t be any more different. Think of the combined power of television and the internet and you start to understand the theatre’s reach and influence in the 18 th century If there is one major weakness in the book it is probably that the characterisation of the leading lady is so impressive it tends to overshadow most of the others and, at times, what start off looking like potentially intriguing sub-plots simply peter out – or even jarringly spring up from almost nowhere. And, for a once famous face on a soap that is now haemorrhaging viewers at an alarming rate, that is not much.

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