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Enigma: Isaac's Story

Enigma: Isaac's Story

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Building and supporting a community of self-published authors dedicated to both sharing experiences and le Officially 15k Members Strong & Climbing!! Neither Isabella or Isaac are what they seem on the outside, and in the author’s own words ‘Until you have your own legitimate reason not to like someone, you should treat them how you wish to be treated’ I have loved this first book and can’t wait to get my teeth sunk into Isaac #2. The only downfall with this book was the cliff-hanger ending, but that just made me more eager to get onto the next book.

I loved both characters. Both were strong, independent equally in love. The story is told in both characters perspective alternately and it works beautifully to reveal the depth of love each has for the other. You know both their thoughts and the intensity of their love for each other as they deal with lifes issues that affect them. Usually, I hate when a heroine keeps something from the Hero that you know will only be worse the longer the information is withheld, but in this case, with the storyline, it works because their is a valid reason for it.

i think one of my favorite scenes is the one with the quote i put above. the amount of times i’ve seen this quote literally everywhere, it just convinced me to read this book. there are so many scenes i loved, but i’m gonna be honest, i’m gonna stop writing now so i can continue reading unraveling an enigma. these books are so addicting i can’t stop. and i have two arcs i need to read by like tonight but i can’t bring myself to stop reading this story. I love that although the characters evolved and developed over the story they never changed completely they just became better versions of themselves. This series took me a month to read which is crazy for me. It just had a hard time keeping my interest. There were a lot of things I liked about this series, however there were too many repetitive things. Something crazy happens, then they have sex. Something crazy happens and then they have sex. Catch my drift. It was getting kind of monotonous. Enigma of Life: Isaac’s Story is a five star novel by Shandi Boyes. This book is book number six in the Perception series. This book can be read as a standalone since Isaac is normally such an insignificant character in the other books. You may not even remember him fully! But not anymore. Isabelle is flying to her new job. Boy, she hates to fly. She is so deathly afraid of flying that on the first leg of her journey, she didn't even let go of her death grip on the armrest the entire flight. Now, she has to do it all over again on the second leg. Thankfully, this is a much shorter flight for her. As she is going through the airport, she literally falls into the most handsome gentleman she has ever seen. He is very much dressed to impress and is a very confident man. As he tries to balance her and help her up with her things, they bump heads again. He can't help but be amused at all that is happening right now. He then invites her to the lounge to wait with him until her flight. She graciously accepts until she realizes how pitifully undressed she would be for a place like that. He tells her it won't matter, and she follows him inside. Once there, he reaches behind the bar like he owns the place. He gets some ice for her eye and gets some glasses for their drink. The bartender brings over the whiskey like he knows exactly what Isaac wants. After the drink, Isabelle realizes she is going to be late for her flight if she doesn't hurry. She thanks her gentleman and runs out the door. Little does she know, he has a plan to see her on the next flight. He helps her calm her nerves and entices her in every way imaginable. She knows she needs to stay away from him. He invites her as a one and done deal to a club that Saturday. After their encounter, she can't get him out of her head. She hopes one day she will see him again but also knows she cannot become involved with him. Ever. The story that spans these four books follows Isaac Holt and Isabelle Brahm, and takes us on a heart-aching, intense, nail biting, incredible, panty melting ride of our lives. This boxed set drew me in right at the beginning of book one and kept me completely enthralled the whole way through to the end of book four. Ms. Boyes is a true genius when it comes to captivating storylines, endearing and interesting characters, scintillating dialogue and vivid descriptive details. If she isn’t on your must-read author list, then she really should be.

I won’t,” he breathes out with a relieved sigh. “I’ll tell her you’re indisposed or some shit. She loves me, so she’ll believe me.” The King has decided it’s time to remove the final pawn from the chess board. He needs to protect his Queen.”It's like we spent this novel questioning the case against Isaac Holt. I am still here wondering, what was the point of it all? An Enigma is a defined as a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand. She asks Regina why he is being investigated and is told because he made his first million dollars by the time he was twenty. Isabelle introduces herself to Brandon but before he can answer Alex yells across the office telling Brandon he wanted the paper work and now. Alex wanted a blonde agent as they have only seen him with blondes over the last couple of months, seeing Isabelle is a brunette he yells at someone else, telling Isabella that she is not here for her brains but as eye candy for Isaac. The first 45% of this book was spent wanting to sleep with Isaac Holt and the other 55% was spent sleeping with Isaac Holt.

Isaac and Izzy are not only in a fight for her freedom on murder charges but they are also in for a fight of their life for their relationship. With the evidence against Izzy looking more like planted evidence Regan is now sure she can get Izzy off the murder charges but that will have to wait until it goes to court for the judge to decide. Until he judge makes his ruling there is nothing Isaac and Izzy can do but wait. However with the one single indiscretion Isaac has had since he and Izzy became a couple hanging over his head he is in a mess and everything is worthless to him if he doesn’t have Izzy in his life. To be honest I thought after book 3 I would have started to get fed up of Isabelle and Isaac like I have with others before but no – I still love them and I still want more! I definitely don’t want this series to end! I have a feeling I am heading for a book hangover! So if you want to read a story that completely changes your life, read not only this one but all of Isaac & Izzy’s books. Isaac will, forever & always, be my number one. He’s everything I needed at the time when I met him and I didn’t even know it, not just him, but Izzy and Hugo and Hunter and everyone else as well. This whole universe changed my life. Understood.” His tone is so clipped, I imagine him giving me the one-finger salute before a better idea to even the score pops into his head. “And I appreciate your belief she’ll beg for me to come inside. I’m a pretty lovabl—”There was a lot of mystery and action in this series that keeps you engrossed. Additionally there's a lot of HOT sex which is very well written (if a little unbelievable, but hey...we can dream, right ladies?). I don't know anything about Isaac other than he is hung like a horse and is angry all the time. He is also crazily possessive and rich. It took me a year to realize that this review would never be perfect. It would never fully encompass everything that this book means to me. It will never fully encompass what Isaac is and what he means to me, after all he is an Enigma 😉 It isn’t until fate throws these two into each other’s lives that things get really interesting. She falls at the feet of Isaac Holt and he is smitten with her right away. The first real problem with that is that he doesn’t do relationships or commitments. He has been burned far too badly in the past to go down that road again. “I don’t have time for relationships. If we do this, I need you to be fully aware that this is a one-time-only deal. There won’t be any calls in the morning, no dates next week. One time only.” Jesus Christ,” I grunt out when I glide past a hangar far enough to spot the reason flashing lights are brightening the sky. A private jet in the middle of the tarmac is surrounded by patrol cars, and Ryan is shouting into a PA speaker demanding for the passengers inside to disembark one at a time with their hands behind their heads.

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