The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival (Vintage Departures)

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The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival (Vintage Departures)

The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival (Vintage Departures)

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Few writers have taken such pains to understand their monsters, and few depict them in such arresting prose. When we are healthy and untraumatized, these instinctual responses add sensuality, variety, and a sense of wonder to our lives. Vaillant does an excellent job building up the surrounding circumstances to one rogue tiger's streak of what appears to be vengeance, breaking down every element in play from sociology to scientific facts. Honestly, this can be a great resource for someone just starting to learn about trauma (either to broaden your insights of others or of yourself). But once you're done with this, there are certainly better resources to promote actual healing. There are a lot of great insights here that people general may not think about when it comes to trauma (like bodily reactions, flight/flight, nervous system). But there is so much more that he just misses.

The Tiger is the sort of book I very much like and rarely find. Humans are hard-wired to fear tigers, so this book will attract intense interest. By regularly bringing down large prey like elk, moose, boar, and deer, the tiger feeds countless smaller animals, birds, and insects, not to mention the soil. Every such event sends another pulse of lifeblood through the body of the forest."People and tigers don't coexist well. Especially in a place like Russia's "Wild East." But their population has modestly rebounded since Vaillant's book was written, due to intensive conservation efforts: Peter Brown’s Wild Robot is loved by many, but his tiger-based picture book Mr Tiger Goes Wildis a book that many adults will be able to connect with. Mr Tiger lives among a civilised town, but the responsibility of being sensible is wearing thin, so one day he decides to go WILD! What will the other animals think? Food-Based Laughs Doing voices and getting into character: Nathan and Lewis share their magical experiences of sharing stories with their babies

Compared to social norms today, the depiction of gender roles in this story is out of date, with the mother as house wife preparing supper for daddy, and the father as the sole bread winner. However it must be considered that this story was written over forty years ago so I don’t think this is a real criticism. Whatever it was made the tiger change direction, and he stalked this new information with a single-minded intensity that would have been chilling to behold.

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In dreams, mythical stories, and lore, one universal symbol for the human body and its instinctual nature is the horse. ... When Medusa was slain two things emerged from the body: Pegasus, the winged horse, and Chrysaor, a warrior with a golden sword. ... The sword symbolizes absolute truth, the mythic heroes ultimate weapon of defense. It conveys a sense of clarity and triumph, of rising to meet extraordinary challenges, and of ultimate resourcefulness. The horse signifies instinctual grounding, while wings create ... an image for rising above earthbound existence." (p. 66) This book must be read by everybody who is interested in the conservation of wildlife. It takes you to the Russian wilderness to meet face-to-face with the Siberian tiger.

It’s sharing the intimacy of a story – that special moment between you and them”: Helping dads to get reading Louie on the magic of shared reading: 'You just see the positive outcome. Your connection to your child is so different' The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr is for me, a forgotten childhood favorite. The glee of sitting down with my grandfather as he read it to me had slipped my memory until I had to catalog a copy. In a way, I'd say this book should not be read as a psychology book. It should be read as a magical manual, much as if you were reading Carlos Castaneda or, say, Silver RavenWolf (sorry, I just had to): To what extent are his insights only valid for him subjectively, and useless bullsh*t from an objective point of view? To what extent does my universe match the subjective world of the writer? Are some of his practices useful for my practice? We are inextricably drawn into situations that replicate the original trauma in both obvious and unobvious ways. The prostitute or “stripper” with a history of childhood sexual abuse is a common example.To end a person's life is one thing; to eradicate him from the face of the earth is another. The latter is far more difficult to do, and yet the tiger had done it, had transported this young man beyond death to a kind of carnal oblivion." Peter A. Levine received his Ph.D. in medical biophysics from the University of California at Berkeley, and also holds a doctorate in psychology from International University. He has worked in the field of stress and trauma for over 40 years and is the developer of “Somatic Experiencing.” I like the way Levine spells out that trauma doesn't just occur from war and violence, but that completely benign situations, like medical procedures, can also traumatize. There is no rule to what can cause trauma. It's all about the subjective experience. With exceptional skill the writer weaves a spellbinding account with the thread of hunter and hunted, alternating roles between Amur tiger and man throughout, the detail of the telling magnetic. It's a veritable adventure/thriller/horror book. That is only the binding of the book though. What I found equally immersing was the extensive augmenting material. Such being the relative effects of Russian history from Lenin through perestroika, China's benighted potions market, tiger history and interactions, constructive and aggravating human activities, individual histories and mindsets, topography of the Primorye region, indeed most anything relevant. I loved this book so much that I was moved to make a contribution to one of the conservation groups Vaillant mentions in his book. It is an extraordinary story of human survival and co-existence with nature, as well as the intelligence, natural history, and prospects for the Amur Tiger.

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