AQA A Level Sociology Themes and Perspectives: Year 2 (Haralambos and Holborn AQA A Level Sociology)

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AQA A Level Sociology Themes and Perspectives: Year 2 (Haralambos and Holborn AQA A Level Sociology)

AQA A Level Sociology Themes and Perspectives: Year 2 (Haralambos and Holborn AQA A Level Sociology)

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Chapman et al (2015) A Level Sociology Student Book One, Including AS Level [Fourth Edition], Collins. ISBN-10: 0007597479 As long as you have great syllabus notes and lots of past paper questions the rest is really up to you. If you want to score an A* or A grade you need to act like someone who’s going to score these grades. These resources contain all the core sociology knowledge students need for a through introduction sociology, illustrated with numerous up to date contemporary case studies and statistics. Haralambos and Holborn (2013) – Sociology Themes and Perspectives, Eighth Edition, Collins. ISBN-10: 0007597479

The attractive, full-colour design and thought-provoking photos stimulate students' interest and engagement. the relationship of the family to the social structure and social change, with particular reference to the economy and to state policiesReviseSociology has been live since February 2014 and just keeps on growing: I aim to provide at least three new posts a week, but these days most of my time is spent keeping historic material up to date, and I am to update all of the main A-level posts and the most popular posts more generally at least once every three years.

Steve Chapman has been a co-author of Sociology AS for AQA and Sociology A2 for AQA, as well as the OCR editions, since the first edition was published in 2000. He is also the author of several student support Books for both AQA and OCR A-level and AS Sociology. He has edited and written a series of student unit guides for OCR Sociology, the Letts revision guides, an AS/A-Level Sociology Essential Word Dictionary and two books focused on original sociological research. He is an experienced teacher of over 30 years’ standing and was Chief Examiner for a major exam board.Theory and research methods including applied methods, aka methods in context (Papers 7193/1 and 7192/3) Exploring and raising awareness of alternative lifestyles and networks which offer more self-fulfilling and sustainable ways of being. Highlighting the ‘insanity of normality’ – raising awareness of how ‘perfectly ordinary’ everyday aspirations, habitual actions, and ‘typical lifestyles’ have negative consequences for the self (in terms of physical and mental health), the reproduction of society and the environment. the role of transnational corporations, non-governmental organisations and international agencies in local and global strategies for development

If you need bespoke infographics producing around specific content and can supply the data, get in touch: I might be able to help you out. Personal academic interests the relationship between positivism, interpretivism and sociological methods; the nature of ‘social facts’ provides free revision resources for A-level sociology students, focussing on revision notes, revision mind maps and diagrams, and model answers for all types of exam questions written for the AQA A-level sociology specification (2015 onwards). I’ve found Infographics extremely useful for livening up many topics in A-level sociology, and I’ve developed an interest in learning how to create my own.

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The problem I’ve found is that however pretty they are, infographics are only as good as the data used in their construction, and I’ve found that the infographics available rarely have all of the information I need when teaching a particular topic. It follows that I’ve developed an interest in producing data visualisations, which in turn has taken me down the route of learning more about the strengths and limitations of quantitative data and different techniques of data analysis. development in relation to aid and trade, industrialisation, urbanisation, the environment, and war and conflict The very existence of this blog is an experiment in the use of educational technology. Personally I think it is ‘evolutionary’, but please feel free to disagree! religious organisations, including cults, sects, denominations, churches and New Age movements, and their relationship to religious and spiritual belief and practice My favourite fully resourced lesson plans – consisting of a variety of individual and interactive activities which draw on my two decades of experience teaching sociology. Everything from…

Evaluate – HISTORICAL CRITICISM – Is the theory/ concept dated? When was the concept developed? Is it still relevant today, or has society changed so much that it is no longer relevant? Has society changed in such a way that some aspects of the theory are now more relevant? HOWEVER, I do not have an entirely rose tinted view of the use of technology in education, and one of my interests is in critically evaluating the effects of the use of educational technology on students, teachers and wider society more generally. the theoretical, practical and ethical considerations influencing choice of topic, choice of method(s) and the conduct of research I’m currently in the process of developing a range of interactive, educational infographics in the following areas:There is no great mystery about how to study for sociology A-level. Many students, although they’re not naturally that ‘academic’ still score A and A* grades through sheer hard work, focus and determination. Reflecting on and theorising about why so many of us lead such ‘sub-optimal lifestyles’…. To what extent Is it down to society and the logic of our institutions, or is sub-optimality just down to individual ‘choice’? Exam question and essay plan templates – these are a series of A4 and A3 templates designed to get students into the habit of ‘structuring’ their answers properly. They have been designed to go with the exam material in the revision bundle. Good data visualisations are powerfully efficient educational tools: they are the most engaging way of presenting a lot of quantitative information in a condensed form and I’ve found them especially useful in A-level sociology for livening up topics such as ‘gender and subject choice’ and ‘family and household diversity’. I believe blogging is one of the powerful forms of educational technology available for presenting the core knowledge relevant to A-level and degree level subjects in clearly structured, accessible and understandable format.

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