The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents: (Discworld Novel 28) (Discworld Novels)

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The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents: (Discworld Novel 28) (Discworld Novels)

The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents: (Discworld Novel 28) (Discworld Novels)

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Not Making This Up" Disclaimer: Some details about rats, mentioned in the author's notes: he says he had to leave out some stuff that was too implausible for fiction.

The large medical kit and the small medical kit come from Tomb Raider and probably other similar games. And that was almost the end of the story.How the crowd yelled when rats erupted from every hole and drain. How they cheered when both pipers danced out of the town, with the rats racing along behind them. How they whistled when the rats plunged off the bridge into the river. The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents is a children's fantasy novel by British writer Terry Pratchett, published by Doubleday in 2001. It is the 28th novel in the Discworld series and the first written for children. Hoist by His Own Petard: The Rat King turns its sapience-stripping power on Maurice, reducing him to an ordinary cat with no thoughts, only instincts — including the instinct to pounce on nearby small squeaky things, and a lot of pent up aggression from having spent months repressing that instinct around the Changelings. A few minutes later, there's no more Rat King. The book is funny, but more importantly, characters surprise us with their depth. Darktan, the toolbelt-swathed engineering-wizard rat, has a crisis of faith about his role as a leader. Other rats in his Clan are hammering out rules for ethical living, much to sharpster Maurice's disgust.


Pratchett won the annual Carnegie Medal from the British librarians, recognising the year's best children's book published in the U.K. [2] It was his first major award. [1] Series [ edit ]

The reference to "four children and a dog, which is the right number for an adventure, [...]'" is to Enid Blyton's Famous Five stories. Upon arriving in town, the group discovers that the people are convinced of a massive rat infestation, and have spent much of their savings on two rat catchers. Despite their efforts, food continues to disappear from the town. Sardines – an older rat who wears a hat and tap dances. Sardines epitomizes the group of rats who harass the humans into thinking they have a full-blown infestation. He does not seek to lead but provides insightful help to Darktan after the latter becomes the leader of the Clan. He understands how to read both humans and rats and can manipulate both (but much more kindly than Maurice).A subtle one: at the end, Darktan and the Mayor both express skepticism about Mr. Bunnsy, because who ever heard of a talking rabbit? Anyone who read Moving Pictures, the first time that talking animals appear in the series, of course! And it’s very nearly the smallest bedroom. There are practically no cupboards and I’m running out of bookshelf space!’ My granny and my great-aunt were very famous story-tellers, you know,’ said Malicia eventually, in a strained little voice. ‘Agoniza and Eviscera Grim.’ Maurice and his savvy, talking rodents arrive in town, ready once again to pull the old "Pied Piper" scheme. They scare the bejeezus out of the townsfolk, nibble on the comestibles and widdle everywhere. The citizens waste no time hiring Keith to play his magic flute, rats follow him out of the village, everybody splits the money and VOILA! - it's on to the next little hamlet.

Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents are first mentioned in Reaper Man. The novel presents a new take on the classic fairy tale The Pied Piper of Hamelin, which was based on German folklore and has been popularized by such authors as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the Brothers Grimm, and Robert Browning.But somehow this one passed me by. I think it's because it's a stand-alone within the Discworld universe, and those have never been my favourites. Also, I'm not yet sold on the young-adult Discworld books. Before The Amazing Maurice I'd only read The Wee Free Men and I wasn't convinced, so I felt little urgency to grab a copy. Includes Extras: Terry Pratchett's Carnegie Medal acceptance speech. Chatting with Terry Pratchett. Read on excerpt from the first of the Tiffany aching adventures: The wee free men Lodge, Guy (30 January 2023). " 'The Amazing Maurice' Review: Spry British Animated Romp Shows a Cat (or Even a Rat) May Look at a King". Variety . Retrieved 30 June 2023.

Oblivious Guilt Slinging: Maurice swears he will never eat prey that can talk, and everyone reassures him they know he won't, but knows he learned to speak by eating one of the intelligent rats (who had a speech impediment). Shrouded in Myth: The genuine Rat Piper encourages tales about what his magic pipe can do so that people will deal on his terms. Cats Have Nine Lives: Maurice literally has nine lives — or rather five, as he's lost four already.Darktan's troop are a parody of the military structure of an army. The Light and Heavy Widdlers are a reference to the Light Cavalry and Heavy Horse Regiments which, after the end of the use of horses, became the Light and Heavy Tank Battalions. The rat trap squad is reminiscent of the bomb squads in the London Blitz who disarmed and dismantled the German ordinance that fell on the city during WWII and has many parallels to the British TV series, Danger UBX. But Bad Blintz is different. This is a town that REALLY HATES RATS! There are full-time Rat Catchers paying 50 cents a tail and traps and poisons and a mysterious voice that gets inside your head and Malicia, a book-loving girl who won't stop talking.

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