Electric Pressure Washer - 160 BAR

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Electric Pressure Washer - 160 BAR

Electric Pressure Washer - 160 BAR

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The first thing to consider is the amount of pressure you need. For jobs around the home, a mains-powered pressure washer will be suitably powerful – there’s no need to mess with petrol models. With innovative technology such as the Smart Control gun, the 3-in-1 Multi Jet spray lance and the Plug 'n' Clean cleaning agent system, you can face any cleaning challenge with ease. Smart Control Models also come equipped with an integrated hose reel, meaning you won't get tangled up whilst cleaning. Powerful, but economical The maximum pressure of a pressure washer indicates the maximum pressure the unit can reach. For example, if the water flow is interrupted, a high pressure can build up in the unit for a short time. This is then calculated or measured and is output as the maximum pressure.

This pressure washer doesn’t come with all the attachments of larger, more expensive machines, and it doesn’t have a detergent tank, but it delivers a good compromise between price and quality. With many pressure washers it can be very time consuming and annoying to have to keep moving the heavy base unit around whilst in the middle of a task. Yet, with the Easy Aquatak 120 this isn’t such a problem;. I’d say it’s the best pressure washer in terms of portability due to its light weight. It’s even possible to be useful as a handheld pressure washer – you can even carry it with you as you go.bar and 360 l/h flow rate is what a pressure washer should have at least for normal household use. However, if you only want to clean your bicycle and garden furniture, you can get by with less. However, if you need the pressure washer for larger tasks around the house, you should go for one with more power. What are the benefits of high pressures?

Thisrobust unit is ideal for a large sized domestic environment. The E160 can cope with a whole range of cleaning tasks including paths, walls, garage doors & vehicle washing. Comes with both a garden tap adaptor as well as a suction hose, meaning that you can use it just about anywhere! As you can see in the table, a pressure of about 100 bar is needed for most tasks. But why are there so many pressure washers with more than 100 bar? The reason is actually quite simple. Because with a higher pressure you can clean larger areas faster. In DIY stores, you often find pressure washers that can build up a high pressure but are rather more sparingly dimensioned in terms of delivery capacity. This has a simple reason: it is easier for a manufacturer to build a pressure washer with a lower delivery rate than one with a higher delivery rate.This pressure washer is almost already fully assembled, meaning that you can get it up and running in just a couple of minutes Its pressure range is 20-180 bar, with its maximum being higher than most other home pressure washers The hose is only 6 m long which isn’t quite long enough to reach around a whole car when cleaning it, but at 11.9 kg it’s easy enough to move this particular pressure washer around for better positioning during jobs. With a 5-metre hose, as well as a lance and gun attachment, this pressure washer is both compact and sufficiently equipped. The hose is a little short for reaching around a whole car, but this isn’t too disruptive as the unit can be easily carried or wheeled as it isn’t overly heavy.

Pressure output, measured in PSI, and water flow rate, measured in L/hr, are critical factors in determining the cleaning power of a pressure washer. In terms of accessories, the Wilks-USA RX525 comes with lots of options – there’s a brush head, gutter-cleaning attachment and five different spray-nozzle attachments. This pressure washer lends itself to completing lots of different jobs and is competitively priced for such a well-equipped unit. In fact, I’d say this is the best pressure washer for included accessories. The 3 m hose comes up a little short – it’s the shortest of all the pressure washers featured here. It’s not long enough to reach all the way around the car whilst cleaning it, but if an extension cable is used then it’s possible to move the unit around easily using the built-in handle. The E160 benefits from a high-quality aluminium pump which increases the durability of the machine & an impact-resistant, recyclable plastic casing effectively prevents dirt particles from damaging the motor & pump. The E160's 2300 Watt induction motor also features added rubber suspension to reduce noise emissions from the machine.When selecting a pressure washer, it’s crucial to consider key features that contribute to its overall performance and ease of use. Some of the most important aspects to consider include: Given that this is a budget option, there aren’t as many ‘thoughtful touches’ on this machine as with more premium pressure washers. For example, it isn’t possible to store the accessories on board, and the mains cable doesn’t always store perfectly neatly over the plastic hook. Automatic start/stop system - machine automatically turns on when trigger is pulled and turns off as soon as you let go If you’re after high power, and plenty of accessories, the Wilks-USA RX525 Pressure Washer is a good pressure washer to consider. It’s great for a range of jobs, offering a maximum pressure of 165 bar, with a continuous pressure output of 125 bar. For comparison, the premium Kärcher K7 pressure washer (also featured here) delivers 160 bar of continuous pressure.

While some may find this pressure washer to be on the heavy side (it officially weighs 17.76kg, but feels heavier when there’s water running through it), this gives it great stability when it’s in use – there’s no chance of it falling over and scratching your car! That said, when you do need to move it, the telescopic handle and sturdy wheels make manoeuvring this machine feel almost effortless. To make it easier to complete a range of jobs, you’ll want a pressure washer with an adjustable spray nozzle . This will offer at least a fan spray, wide spray and jet spray option. Look for additional accessories if you want a more versatile tool . For example, angled lances can help with clearing gutters, and patio-cleaning attachments can clean flagstones whilst protecting the grouting. When it comes to car cleaning, look for a lower pressure setting of around 80 bar . Using as low a pressure as possible will avoid damaging paintwork and causing rust.


In addition, the higher the maximum pressure of the device, the more difficult and therefore more expensive this becomes. However, the delivery rate should always be in proportion to the maximum pressure, otherwise only spray mist will come out of the nozzle after a short distance. As you have read above, this would exactly counteract the sensible effect of a pressure washer with more pressure (bar). As you can imagine, this means that the pressure washer performs exceptionally well. With that amount of pressure, there’s nothing around the average home and garden that this machine wouldn’t be able to clean, especially with the addition of the boost function to give you an extra 15 bar of pressure. The Plug n Clean detergent system worked impressively well too – the convenience of being able to slot a shampoo bottle in rather than having to fill (and refill) a separate container helps to get the job done much more efficiently.

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