Hermès Voyage d'Hermès Parfum Spray 100 ml.

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Hermès Voyage d'Hermès Parfum Spray 100 ml.

Hermès Voyage d'Hermès Parfum Spray 100 ml.

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With a rich floral heart over a woody and musk base, Voyage d’Hermès is a proud member of the Woody Floral Musk olfactive sub-family. Head Notes I also agree with grapefruit and something slightly mineralic but do you also get something like ( very clean) vetiver? Maybe it’s the combination of other notes that’s creating the illusion. These images have achieved a sort of internet fame in the years since his passing, and are often used as prime examples of the masterful art style he used throughout his career. One thing that is rarely noted however is that these images were not typical of his work, but were instead a bold, late-career experiment. Moebius crafted the entire set digitally on a Wacom Cintiq, a technology he adopted only a couple of years prior, after a lifetime of pen and paper. Elderly and ailing, Moebius was still experimenting with his craft, and with Voyage d’Hermès reaching new heights. Above: The 9th and concluding plate in the Voyage d’Hermès folio. Although deep and heady, Voyage is far from overpowering. The notes cycle through their dry-down with a few transitional notes extending others along the way. As mentioned above, the cardamom is really what makes this fragrance sing and is omnipresent throughout its lifespan.

We see juniper and angelica join a dry lemon, with the former replacing pepper and lime of olden varieties, but delivering that same dry bracing opening, but with a touch more floral character. This is honestly the best part of Voyage d'Hermès, and lasts the longest. Once all of an hour passes, we go into a rather reference-grade cedar smell, which isn't quite "hamster cage" level, but very evident. The final phase gives us some pink pepper, Australian sandalwood, and the expectant dry white musk filler. Thankfully, this is devoid of any norlimbanol or ambroxan abuse shenanigans, but if you know anything about Jean-Claude Ellena, you'll know that sort of bludgeoning sillage isn't his style. After four hours this is all but a memory on skin, albeit a pleasant memory, I'd call this a casual all-season scent as well, so wear it anytime, anywhere you please, outside maybe formal occasions. I'm also not sure how you would refill the supposed refillable bottle, as the only thing I see sold at the Hermès counters most places is the bottle and stand together, so there's that to consider as well. Both the time of day and season play large roles in when to successfully wear this fragrance. Firstly, its cardamom and spices aren’t something that you’d wear for winter despite being deep and sensual. In fact, it fares far better during the late spring and summer. However, it’s probably too heavy and musky for a summer’s day. Instead, it’s the perfect companion for balmy summer nights. Thanks to its paradoxical fresh and warm notes, it complements the heat and offers something that is both unique an alluring. Voyage d'Hermès (2010) is a fascinating reinvention of the Victorian barbershop accord of dry woods, citrus, and bracing pepper, but with a few key note swaps to make it modern and unisex. Jean-Claude Ellena may have taken inspiration from Pierre Bourdon, who has done something rather similar with French Lover by Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle (2007), except minus the galbanum and heavier elements. Released in an interesting swivel refillable bottle, Voyage d'Hermès lends itself well as a freshening scent for a vacation or extended traveling abroad, and has the usual short-lived nature of the kind of barbershop scents it seems to take after, not to mention possessing Jean-Claude Ellena's patent "transparency" in the way it gleams but barely registers much presence on skin outside the wispy top notes and recurring base accord. Fleeting eau de colognes are fine if they're labelled as such, but here it seems this passes for an eau de toilette, which is part of my beef with the stuff.Others also enjoyed the bouquet of spices and woody notes but since the cardamom is firmly fixed in the limelight, it’s the one that receives all the glory. Of course, if you don’t let the smell of cardamom, this isn’t a fragrance that you’ll enjoy! Ok, that was my little side rant. The bottle (designed by Philippe Mouquet, an in-house designer at Hermès) looks brilliant but I have not seen it in person, if you have, please comment! Following the success of the 2010 eau de toilette of the same name, Hermès released the parfum edition in 2012. Also created by the in-house nose, Jean-Claude Ellena, the parfum promises an enriched experience with a composition of citrusy aromas, spicy blends as well as herbaceous green notes and precious wood. The nine plates tell the loose story of a wondrous journey in which a glowing, rainbow-coloured bird leads an explorer across vast, uncanny landscapes. Many of Moebius’ lifelong visual preoccupations are here: austere deserts with limitless horizons, the melding of architecture and landform, flying machines and flying beasts, crystals and spheres. These nine images construct a world as beautiful and coherent as any Moebius ever created. Above: Plate 8. It is, as advertised, perfectly unisex: anyone could wear it. It isn't my absolute favorite of what Jean-Claude Ellena has done at Hermès so far, but I loved it at first sniff and went right on loving it over the course of subsequent tries. I think fans of his work will be pleased. My guess is that non-fans will not be converted.

I haven’t noticed any difference between city and suburban SA’s but my shopping experiences are pretty much limited to the city I’m in. That doesn’t surprise me at all, though. As the citrus and pepper notes fade, we’re revealed a floral bouquet featured rose, juniper and sweet jasmine. The juniper adds an almost herbaceous note reminiscent of cedar yet the cardamom continues to persist throughout the heart. Base NotesVoyage d’Hermès features a very interesting and unique flacon. Said to be designed for travelling, the glass swivels inside a metal frame so that it can’t be accidentally pressed when in your luggage. However, I’m not quite convinced that it’s a practical solution.

After having used Voyage d’Hermès for a number of months, it was time to give it a full review using the Fragrance Formula to see how it fares. I do think my age factors into it; I probably seem pretty young for someone into perfume, especially for a man. Even when I say, “Oh, that must be the rhubarb I read about,” they tend to look around like I’m beneath them. Sometimes I feel like screaming, “I like perfume and I’m actually willing to pay what you’re selling it for. Would you please at least ACT like you’re paying attention?” However, in 2010 and at the age of 72, the master of French sci-fi comics released a nine plate folio that might be viewed as a culmination of his entire career, Voyage d’Hermès, subtitled “ Les Mondes Élémentaires: Un Voyage Imaginé et Dessiné par Moebius” or “ The Elemental Worlds: An Imagined and Drawn Journey by Moebius“. Above: Plates 3 and 4. As for the age range, it’s perfectly wearable for anyone in their late twenties but is probably more suitable for someone who is established. Therefore, it’s a great fragrance for those in their thirties, forties or above.Being absolutely infatuated by Terre d’Hermès, I was keen to see what else the historical French house had to offer. When I discovered that Voyage d’Hermès was a unisex fragrance that I could share with my wife, I was excited to give it a try. What Hermès (and the world) got out of their investment was Moebius at his purest; clean, precise lines and a vibrant, electric palette straight from the first moments of an acid trip. Above: Plates 6 and 7.. In terms of occasion, it can be quite versatile. As much as it’s a respectable office fragrance that isn’t overpowering for small workplaces, it’s best reserved for the nighttime. Therefore, whether you’re just going out, staying casual or enjoying your evening, it’s a wonderful companion. We’d even suggest it as a unique alternative for dating! huh, unmistakably Ellena.” The notes I got were a driving citrus topnote opening with a strange tuberose/coconut undernote in the opening. The latter notes seemed more pronounced a few minutes into it. On subsequent wearings & reapplications (my partner and I have both worn this every day since Saturday), we got different opening/middle impressions: a) gin and tonic b) sur le nil c) apres la mousson d) citrus + cumin/cardamom, etc. etc.

Hermès Voyage d'Hermès is available in 35 and 100 ml refillable Eau de Toilette spray and in 125 ml refills. It can be found now at Hermès boutiques, and is expected to go into wider distribution in April. Finally, Voyage d’Hermès is a strange beast when it comes to the masculine. On paper, its notes are rather masculine and sound like something best worn by men. However, it’s very much a unisex fragrance that can be bought by anyone or even shared by a couple.Being a very deep and sensual fragrance, it was better received by more mature people from their thirties and above. However, it’s a very contemporary if classy blend. Conversely, it came across as a little too prominent for younger people. Nevertheless, it’s a fragrance that both men and women find attractive and this universality is probably the secret to its success. Voyage d'Hermès is the latest from perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena at Hermès. Reportedly he wanted the unisex fragrance to say "It's calling to me" rather than "It reminds me"; that is, Voyage d'Hermès — unlike the Jardin series — is not intended to evoke any particular place or time. Hermès is calling Voyage a fresh musky woods, but so far as I know they have not released a list of notes — presumably in keeping with the intention that "this perfume would not smell of a kind of wood, a flower, a particular raw material, but of the unknown in all its glory". 1 What I *love* about this fragrance is its changing character, described so wonderfully by you, Robin, but also in my own experiences listed above. It’s impressionistic the way notes appear and recede, moving in and out one’s perceptions. And Voyage never feels totally like the same fragrance twice. The endless quotations of Ellena’s other creations works terrifically here. I think this perfectly matches the imaginative power of the “voyage” theme – the idea that you (or anyone, female/male, etc.) can be transported anywhere (place, time) through one’s own varied imaginings, including to another (familiar) perfume for which you associations, memories, etc. Again, I LOVE this fragrance and I think it will become one of my favorites…in a way, it already is. Commissioned by French fashion house Hermès, the project is a bit of enigma. While its name would align it with one of their signature perfumes, the work has no discernible relationship with the fragrance or the brand. The images were ostensibly produced for some sort of marketing campaign, but never used for that purpose. A limited edition folio was released, bound with a Hermès-branded ribbon, and the Moebius/Hermès collaboration quietly came to a close. Above: Plate 5.

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