Sissy Magazine: The 9 Reasons to Cuck Your Husband at the Gym

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Sissy Magazine: The 9 Reasons to Cuck Your Husband at the Gym

Sissy Magazine: The 9 Reasons to Cuck Your Husband at the Gym

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A sissy, dressed up in her french maid outfit and wearing 5″ heels has just finished serving the wife and her boyfriend an intimate candlelit dinner complete with a fine bottle of wine. The surely sad truth is that the overwhelming majority of wives do not—in the least—find your sissy desires appealing. In fact, most women would be downright disgusted with the idea of being married to a sissified and emasculated male. In the bedroom when my bull was there and even when he wasn’t my husband was now known to me as ‘Cindy’, he responded to the name and he knew his place. Having this name gave him an alias, it allowed him to be her inside of the bedroom and really let loose and be who he wanted to be. I raised up as she put her hand around my erection that I was most proud about. She felt it up and down and said; I kept myself busy with some light housework, but I stayed within earshot of our bedroom as my wife and her lover made continuous moaning love sounds as it was obvious they were enjoying each other's naked bodies. This activity went on for a little over an hour and then I heard my wife's voice call out to me:

Okay my loving husband...take off all your clothes; and I hope you did what I asked." Said my new wife on our wedding night. The sissy landscape is over-populated with sissies who feel compelled to stifle their stealth-like sissification process.It’s no longer necessary for you to discretely hide your sissyness nor your female clothing and accessories. Everything is now out in the open. Oh Greg! You are so big! You are a man! Not the Sissy I've been letting inside me! I want you to cum inside me and bred me with your sperm!" Gasped my wife.

My wife is ten years older than I am and we were married when I was just 24 years old. My wife pursued me very hard as she saw something in me she thought she could control. I was really taken by her aggressive nature and found her directness in telling me what to do exciting. That right little boy...Now bring your full mouth up to Mommy's mouth and kiss me so I can taste my juice." She was really moaning now. She knows that you will always be there for her, doing what sissies do, because there’s nowhere else you would rather be. At her whim—and for her amusement only—you may occasionally be required to serve as a sex toy for both her and her lover. As I now lived as a girl full-time, having a man invited into our home seemed oddly natural. I was curious to see what a real male penis in full erection looked like. The man who arrived at our home at my wife's invitation was a very handsome thirty-something married co-worker of hers. His name was Greg. We had very little chit-chat and soon the three of us were in our bedroom and my wife stripped fully naked as did Greg. My wife told me to remain fully dressed.Those matters include cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing, shopping and earning money to provide for all household expenses. That's a good little boy! You feel so good to mommy. Now push your tongue as deep as you can between mommy's pussy lips. Push it in deeply and get as much of my love juice in your mouth as you can." She moaned. My future wife worked as a legal secretary in a large law firm and she told me when we were dating that she wanted to find a man who would be willing to stay home and keep house while she worked and supported us. She said she could see I had the potential for this kind of role and men like me were hard to find. She did everything she could to get me to say yes to marriage. I was very excited to have my wedding night experience. I was very naive sexually and I knew my new wife would be able to direct me in making love to her. I was well aware she had experienced more than a handful of male lovers since she was ten years my senior and I wanted to do anything I could to please her. I was setting myself up to be very submissive and that is just what she wanted. I had never seen such an intensely erotic display of sexual intercourse. I felt the panties under my slip and dress become wet as pre-cum had leaked into my crotch. I felt my nipples become engorged. Watching my wife have sex with another man was very exciting!

Look at that pretty pair of panties! And the front of them is so flat. You really no how to hide your tiny penis." She said with a sneer. I did this and felt the lips of her pussy and they were very puffy. The crotch of her panties was also very wet. Your wife now actually prefers having a feminized and sissified husband. She supports and even encourages your total sissification without any reservations what-so-ever. As I was answering her, my wife and Greg faced each other lying on the bed and began a very deep tongue kiss as they tightly cuddled their bodies together. It was as if I did not exist. My wife lifted her free arm and hand and motioned for me to leave the bedroom. I did as she asked as the two lovers intertwined their naked bodies tighter than I had ever seen two people together. When we returned home from the honeymoon, I began my agreed upon role as a "house husband." I did not mind this and my wife really got into the role of controlling our married life. Every morning she went to work and returned home around 6pm. I kept our house running and having the house to myself, I soon began indulging in a favorite activity of mine; dressing as a woman.

Not entirely. You would not believe how many guys at work hit on me. I've told them "no" that I am married, but it doesn't stop them from asking." The load of semen slid down my throat easier than I thought and I really enjoyed the taste which was mixed with my wife's pussy juice. This was without a doubt the most sexy and kinky sexual experience I could ever have imagined and it happened on my wedding night with my new wife. I was clearly in the role of a submissive husband. She no longer needs you to be a man because she already has one. The revelation that you were never a man at all—but merely a sissy—finally makes perfect sense in the context of her new, and ever expanding role of a woman who is complete control.

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