Ruining Dahlia: A Dark Mafia Romance (Mafia Wars Book 1)

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Ruining Dahlia: A Dark Mafia Romance (Mafia Wars Book 1)

Ruining Dahlia: A Dark Mafia Romance (Mafia Wars Book 1)

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When someone from my past lurks in the dark corners of my new existence, things turn from bad to worse. My cries for help are lost, buried among the chaos of the Moretti's dark world. There were a few descriptive things that were missing from the story, that at times kept making me wish I knew this information earlier in the story, as the time it was mentioned I’d already made an assumption. That’s the only reason why I dropped a star on my rating, as the story overall is well written and captivating. The author can write an engaging story, but I just felt like the pacing for the relationship growth of these characters was off and I had a really hard time connecting to any of the characters. I felt there were too many side dramas/stories and not enough focus on her relationships with the guys. And their relationships with each other. This did not end with the strong cohesive bond between all parties in the reverse harem that I have grown accustomed to in these books, they all felt like individual units connecting with the same woman (I hope her other RH books are not like this). Overall I just felt frustrated while reading this. And I did want to give up multiple times, but the author can write well and I have a couple of other books of hers on my TBR list so I wanted to finish this. Dahlia, is a young refined woman from England she is being sent to the US, as she's told she's getting married. She meets a charismatic American on the flight over and they have intense chemistry. Dahlia has never had any control of her life and she decides to take control of one aspect of her life. She gives him a piece of herself that is supposed to be meant for her intended mafia husband.YEP she gives away her virginity...........However she later discovers that the man she was with is actually her future brother in law. drama ensues!

There is bad blood between the Moretti family and Rossi family, mainly thanks to Valentina's horrible father, Carlo. If you previously read Ruining Dahlia, the third book in the series, you'll have met Carlo and Valentina's brothers, and this book gives you a glimpse into the life she led before she was forced to move to Chicago. While Salvatore, the eldest Moretti, dislikes Valentina from the moment she arrives, Fausto and Armani, his twin brothers, are ready to make her theirs. But someone from Valentina's past is after her and will do whatever they can to take her away from the Morettis.

Sex scenes: not enough - author ran out of time because they DIDN'T EVEN MEET until 34%!!!! Fausto was the only one who got a 1:1 full scene which is bullshit. The problem for Dahlia was that I didn't want to love her. I didn't want to make her happy. I just wanted to wrap her so tightly under my skin that she couldn't breathe unless I let her."

Poor girl was just a pawn. A name on a contract that would smooth things over between bad men. She refused to be docile. Put on a brave face and moved away from home. Landing in New York she finds out just how much of a nobody a mafia princess truly is. Tossed aside and forgotten by two brothers. Only to be taken under the dark wing of another. Was any of it real?The rivalry between the Italians of the Outfit and the Cosa Nostra has been ongoing for decades. So imagine my terror when I find myself, the daughter of the Cosa Nostra's boss, at the bitter end of a raw deal with the heirs of the Outfit. Ruining Dahlia is written with multiple POV’s from Dahlia, Lucian, Raphael and Gabriel, with the main focus being from Dahlia.

Out of the books I’ve read from this collection, so far these guys are the most sadistic. They all have underlying “issues” and those come out in the best way to make these characters standout. Definitely the ones I wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley. But they do make for being the perfect men to match Dahlia. I did have problems, though. Sal's love for Val makes no sense. They needed more time/interactions to build on their feelings. And the declarations of love/proposals by the end made me cringe so hard. As you continue with the story that scene didn't add anything to plot as it's resolves within few chapters: A dahlia has always bloomed best in the light, and even though everything about this place and these men is shrouded in darkness, I’m determined to thrive…to win.

Also one of the things I disliked about this was when Lucien told Dahlia “he doesn’t love you he just has OCD” about Gabriel (I’m paraphrasing). I didn’t like that scene, I know OCD is different for everyone, in his case he was obsessed with women and loved them until he becomes obsessed with someone else. Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of that, especially because now she’s the love of his life and he thinks of no one else, lol ok. Anyways Ruining Dahlia is a full-length STANDALONE reverse harem novel in the dark and twisted Mafia Wars world. I read this book yesterday and I still am not sure how to rate it. I’ve seen a couple of videos about it on Booktok and the last one was something like “she gave her virginity to her fiancées brother on a plane”. Tbh it sounded interesting and I decided to read it. So many twists and turns! An intense plot that kept be reading late into the night. So many smexy scenes! Hello first class. Gahhh! I'm gonna be remembering that as I walk down the plane aisle from now until forever.

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