my own brand Shower Niche Light – Waterproof, Bathroom Lighting Kit, Wetroom Alcove Recess, Mini Recessed Downlight for Tiled Shower Shelf, Low Voltage, Warm White, Cool White.

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my own brand Shower Niche Light – Waterproof, Bathroom Lighting Kit, Wetroom Alcove Recess, Mini Recessed Downlight for Tiled Shower Shelf, Low Voltage, Warm White, Cool White.

my own brand Shower Niche Light – Waterproof, Bathroom Lighting Kit, Wetroom Alcove Recess, Mini Recessed Downlight for Tiled Shower Shelf, Low Voltage, Warm White, Cool White.

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Thanks for using our question and answer service, a member of our team will look into your question shortly. Our single colour or colour changeable LED Plinth Lights around the bath or shower. They are IP rated and are made of 304 Stainless Steel making them suitable in wet areas, they will not rust! In residential settings, niche lighting is often used to highlight artwork, sculptures, or architectural features such as fireplaces or decorative ceilings. It can also be used to create a cosy atmosphere in a reading nook or to highlight a specific area of a room, such as a dining table. With bathroom décor becoming an important part of your home décor, a lot of modern interior designers recommend bathroom niche lighting to be installed in your shower as well. However, it is important to ensure that these lights are waterproof and have good IP rating. For example waterproof LED strip lights work wonders as niche lights to be used in places like your bathroom or your kitchen. The light fitting is finished with a flush fitting brushed Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel bezel - will not rust. Versatile in nature this fitting is ideal for placing indoors or outdoors. Whether it be shower areas or path guide lights.

Please could you inform me if they are to be fitted in series or parallel. Do they come with instruction of how they are to be installed? Home offices: Niche lighting can be used in home offices to create a functional workspace, such as providing targeted lighting over the desk or highlighting a particular feature such as a bookcase or artwork. Why Choose Niche Lighting? When buying illuminations for a bathroom or shower, it's especially important to pay attention to safety. In your shower, the height of your ceiling dictates what grade of lighting is safe. For ceilings of 2.25 meters or more, IP21 will do the job, but for shower areas with lower ceilings, it’s important to buy and install IP65 rated options.

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Unlike most LED Spotlights and Downlights these have built-in Constant Current Drive which make the product extremely compact and ensure a long lifetime. Multiple Niche Lights can be powered from a single 12v PSU (Transformer). We are big fans of lighting from above but do consider the possibility of using lights to uplight a niche. It does not always work as lighting from the base up can cause discomfort in places where you will see the light when moving around, but it can be effective at a higher level. Assuming you have decided on your choice between lighting up or lighting down, we need to consider the design and what lights to use. Do not think of using standard downlights; they are too big, are too bright and, whilst cheap, will simply look a bit of a mess. Subtle is the adjective to have at the top of your list. Smaller, compact lights generating a modest 200 lumens (at most). Living rooms: Niche lighting can be used to highlight artwork, sculptures, or architectural features such as fireplaces or decorative ceilings. It can also be used to create a cosy atmosphere in a reading book or to highlight a specific area of the room, such as a seating area. The LED light strips sit in the top and bottom of the niche. Once it is done, builders can install the niche into the shower wall. With its dimmable feature, the system can be used as a night light, Ostrom says. Step into a realm where innovation meets relaxation, and where ambiance intertwines with functionality—it’s all about shower lighting ideas. In this radiant journey, we’ll illuminate your bathroom with creative brilliance, showcasing an array of lighting concepts that will transform your daily shower into a soothing oasis. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing start to your morning or a tranquil retreat after a long day, the right shower lighting can set the perfect mood.

In commercial settings, niche lighting is often used in museums and art galleries to highlight specific artworks or exhibits. Retail stores may use niche lighting to draw attention to products or create a particular mood in different areas of the store. Restaurants and hotels may use niche lighting to create a specific atmosphere, such as a romantic or luxurious ambiance. Niche lighting can be used in a variety of settings, from homes and offices to commercial spaces such as museums and retail stores. Anywhere that a designer wants to draw attention to a particular feature or create a specific ambiance, niche lighting can be an effective tool. For an even brighter light we recommend using our Waterproof LED Strip in the niche or alcove, we can make this to length for you. A Colour Changeable Waterproof LED Strip is also available. LED Lights in the Shower or Wet Room

Two Styles and Two Beam Angles

They are equivalent in brightness to 20w Halogens but use just 1.5 Watts of power each making them suitable for use as downlights.

The main electrical components of the project include an LED lighting strip (he recommends a foot-long roll), a speaker cable, and a magnetic dimmable driver that converts 120 volts to 12 volts. If a builder isn’t familiar with setting up electrical systems, Ostrom recommends asking a local electrician to help find the parts. Another technique for niche lighting is to use recessed lighting, which is installed into a ceiling or wall and provides a subtle, indirect light source. This type of lighting can be used to create a soft glow around a specific area, such as a built-in bookshelf or a decorative alcove. Images with the dimensions of the drivers are included in the listing. The lead is 50cm long but can be extended.Our Bathroom LED Lights are low voltage and waterproof making them completely safe for use in the bathroom environment. This makes it possible to create stunning lighting effects in various locations throughout the bathroom. LED Lights in the plinths around the Bath or Shower I was just wondering what the difference between the TSIPRPADRSS30 and theTSIPRPADSSS30 was? and if you do the same range in a cool white as I'm not overly keen on the look of the warm white light. An LED bathroom niche light is a sleek and energy-efficient way to illuminate your bathrooms' recessed storage area. A bathroom niche with light is like having a secret stash for all your favourite toiletries. Imagine stepping into your shower and being greeted by a warm, inviting glow from your LED shower niche light. With the addition of integrated lighting, you can create a stunning display that showcases your most prized beauty products. Shower niche LED lights can provide ample illumination for your shower products. Plus, it's an excellent way to avoid the dreaded cluttered countertop look that can be a hassle to clean. LED strip lights or downlights can add a warm glow that sets the perfect mood for a relaxing bath or shower. In a shower room, don’t forget about lighting close to the floor; spots fitted into the tiles at a low level can create a lovely soft atmosphere, while highlighting different bathroom floor tile idea finishes.

inches or thereabouts as a minimum, beyond that spacing depends on the height of the niche and what you want to illuminate. Fit low-level lights on a different lighting circuit, so you can turn just these on for a more relaxing shower. You can also fit lights into the floor, which act as uplighters, providing a wash of light up a tiled wall. How can I illuminate my shower enclosure/area? For general lighting in the bathroom or shower room we highly recommend our 8 Watt Samsung LED Ceiling Lights , they are IP65 making them suitable for use in any zone in the bathroom including above the shower.

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On the aesthetic side, lighting can enhance the overall design and ambiance of the bathroom. Strategically placed lights can highlight the niche as a focal point, adding visual interest to the space. It's a way to integrate both form and function in bathroom design, creating a more stylish and inviting environment. For example, in a museum or art gallery, niche lighting can be used to highlight a particular artwork, drawing the viewer's attention to it and helping to create a sense of drama and importance around it. In a home, niche lighting might be used to highlight a piece of artwork or a unique architectural feature such as a fireplace or a built-in bookcase.

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