MX vs ATV Legends - PlayStation 5

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MX vs ATV Legends - PlayStation 5

MX vs ATV Legends - PlayStation 5

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With a rather on-the-nose title, Legends wants to prove that the genre of over the top racing is alive and well. Coupling three types of vehicle (the buggies wouldn’t fit in the title), it’s trying to have its muddy cake and eat it. However, too much cake causes bloat and bits fall apart.

That’s not to say it’s ugly, it’s just motocross. Rainbow have made some nice tweaks though, as jerseys do ruffle in the wind and mud splats as you slide through it. But that’s where the niceness ends, sadly. Lees voordat u dit product gebruikt de Gezondheidswaarschuwingen voor belangrijke gezondheidsinformatie.

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A short tutorial introduces you to the basics, as wrangling an off-road vehicle is rather different from getting behind the wheel of car in a standard racing game. You’re going to need to know when to lean when going around a corner or up a hill, and you’re going to have to control your throttle and balance when going over humps and jumps, amongst other things. For example, if you are using the Plitch Trainer, you can use a Miscellaneous cheat to end the race after the current lap. Similarly, all MX vs. ATV Legends Cheats given above are taken from the Cheathappens Trainer. You can refer to the below video by King Eli on YouTube to know about entering these cheat codes on your PC: The latest in the long-running MX series from THQ, does Legends live up to the hype? In some aspects, perhaps. The Finger Guns review: Als je deze game op PS5 wilt spelen, moet je systeem mogelijk worden geüpdatet naar de nieuwste systeemsoftware. Hoewel deze game op PS5 kan worden gespeeld, zijn bepaalde functies die op PS4 beschikbaar zijn mogelijk afwezig. Zie voor meer informatie. On the whole, then, MX vs ATV Legends is going to get a tentative recommendation from me. There are aspects I like, such as the aforementioned trials races across bikes and quads. I massively enjoyed the first person camera, which hangs just above the handlebars, for that slight sense of immersion. The other angles all made it seem like the rider was too stiff and rigid, but FPV is a game-changer.

Which, for a sim-like racing game, seems a bit lite. Do you want to be a serious racer, or an arcade-style affair, MX vs ATV Legends? The disjointed approach isn’t really swinging it for me. Get That Holeshot


Fortunately, the game does have some tips to teach you into at least trying to be good at it. Clutch’d It What you really want to know is whether the racing, be it on bike, quad or buggy, is any good or not… Two Wheels or Four, What’s It To Be? You might be wondering why it’s taken me this long to talk about how MX vs ATV Legends looks? Well, if you need me to summarise: mostly brown. It’s a motocross game, not one of tarmac straights and pit stops. We’re all furrowed dirt lines, ramps and trees that magically get in the way when you least expect it here. This review of MX vs ATV Legends is based on the PS5 version of the game, via a code provided by the publisher. It’s available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

The only reason we can conceivably see for this codec to still be used is that the licencing fees are low. We don’t even know if the intro video depicts the game we’re playing. For all we know, it could be canned video from a prior installment. It saves having to script footage for an in-game engine cutscene we guess. We doubt the engine would cope though. Extreme sports games may have had their peaks and trough, but the motorsport types have always powered through. Skateboarding, rollerblading, snowboarding… when was the last time you played an Amped game? But motocross games live on, and now MX vs ATV Legends is looking to capitalise on that. Limited Appeal. Although there may be fans of games receiving this score, many will be left yearning for a more rewarding game experience.Which, as you’ll find out, is an apt metaphor for a game that doesn’t quite reach the lofty acclaim its title hopes it would. Rev up, release clutch and let’s find out why… Legend Has It Whilst it may be somewhat popular in the UK, MX Vs ATX will never reach the heights that it has in America. Maybe it’s because they’ve got more room to hoon around in, who knows? But in terms of framing, Legends is pretty generic in its “all American hero” spiel. No matter what vehicle type you prefer, you’ve got plenty of gameplay options available to you. The main single-player draw is, of course, career mode. Three separate careers await, taking you through a series of single events and championships. But do you need me to tell you about story in a motocross game? You, the faceless, generic man/woman in the saddle, are going to be the best there ever was. Starting at the bottom on the local circuit, soon you’ll be rising high and becoming the titular legend and… that’s it. Not that that’s meant to sound derisive, it’s just that plot in a motocross game isn’t really that important.

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