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Good Me Bad Me

Good Me Bad Me

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A terrific voyage into the teenage psyche…Land has written an intense, insightful first novel; its believable characters caught up in realistic situations will make the reader think more deeply about teenage mental health. Fans of Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why will enjoy this book immensely.” Unnerving... Land is a mental health nurse who has worked with traumatized children, and her portrait of Milly has a powerful sense of authenticity.” As Milly awaits her mother’s trial, where she is set to testify in person, despite her age, she sits through therapy sessions with Mike, befriends another girl, a fellow outcast named Morgan, and endured horrific bullying from Phoebe and her minions, all the while struggling with the side of her that favors her mother’s tendencies.

My concern with the book was multi-layered. First, I couldn't find anyone to like. I literally despised all of the characters in the book, including the so-called victim who wasn't just a victim but was also complicit. There was a psychologist/foster parent who should have had his license revoked. He was ignorant and useless as a man, father, husband and psychologist. His wife...there are no words. Really. Was she just an alcoholic or was she battered or merely useless? Who knows? She was so terrible a human that you wished she didn't exist. The victim's real mother was a monster who passed on these traits through her abuse and more and then there was the foster sister who was the stereotypical bully with bully friends. No redeeming qualities for any of them.

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Milly’s new foster parents, the Newmonts, are specially chosen to give Milly the best possible support. Her foster father, Mike, is a psychologist. He has never worked with someone as damaged as Milly, but he is well placed to help her adjust to life without her mother, and he knows what warning signs to look for if she’s struggling. Amazingly, Annie turns her mother into the police. Of course Annie is taken into the foster care system and is now living under the new identify of "Milly" with her foster family. You turned your head to the side. Faced me. Your eyes never left mine, I read them with ease. You said nothing to them, yet everything to me. I nodded.

A teenage girl with a very troubled past reports her mum to the police for the terrible things she has done, and is fostered by her psychologist. Is that even allowed? I would have thought you would be placed in temporary foster care and provided with a separate psychologist. With doctor patient confidentiality, I just can’t get my head around a teenage girl opening up to her psychologist who also happens to be her foster dad. Perhaps this is perfectly acceptable practice, I don’t claim to be an expert in this matter, but did personally find it a little hard to find this situation believable. The bible talks of the sins of the father being passed on to the son, but Good Me Bad Me is exclusively about the sins of the mother and the terrible effect they have on the daughter. The teddy bear on the front peppered red with blood. I could have brought more, so many to choose from. She never knew I kept them. A deliberate pace and a skillfully woven plot conspire to create a visceral read that’s at once a gripping psychological thriller and a devastating exploration of the damage wrought by childhood trauma.”I’m hoping Ms. Land kept this quote by Carson McCullers, 1917-1967 in the finished product as it certainly provided the first hook: Those were the words that I first heard used to describe this debut novel by Ali Land. Many were saying that this book was going to be one of the more controversial novels released in 2017. H μητέρα της Άννι είναι ψυχοπαθής serial killer. Ευτυχώς, αυτή τη στιγμή βρίσκεται στην φυλακή οπού πληρώνει για τα φριχτά εγκλήματα της. Η Άννι είναι ελεύθερη, επιτέλους, να ζήσει μια φυσιολογική ζωή με καινούρια ταυτότητα, πλέον ως Μίλι. Η μήπως όχι; Η Άννι- Μίλι είναι δέσμια του παρελθόντος της, δέσμια μίας διεστραμμένης αγάπης, δέσμια των σχιζοφρενικών διδαχών μιας παρανοϊκής μητέρας που έκανε τα ΠΑΝΤΑ για να αφήσει τα σημάδια της στο κορμί, στο μυαλό και στη ψυχή της Άννι. Και το κατάφερε.

The fifteen-year-old narrator of Ali Land’s Good Me Bad Me has a lot in common with Lisbeth Salander… This remarkable debut...will grip you to the very end. Good Me Bad Me is a strong, assured, very special psychological thriller.”Well, I definitely want to talk about it, but perhaps not for the right reasons. Okay, so I will allow ‘controversial’, although the things going on in my mind were more controversial than the words I was reading. However, I grew up on Clive Barker, so that may be the reason. I completely missed the psychological suspense. I felt that I had worked out the story and outcome very early on, it didn’t really give me much more as it progressed, and at no point did I feel tense. I love psychological thrillers, but to me this just didn’t really feel like one. It felt more like a dark Young Adult coming of age novel, but even then, not to the degree of something like the fabulous Girls on Fire, by Robin Wasserman, so I am struggling to place this book into a genre in my own mind. John, like all of us, was born into a family and social-cultural milieu. It was a ready-made context in which his caregivers lived and had become a couple. They, like John, had developed an identity and personality over time under the influence of their significant others. As a couple, his parents formed their own identity as a nuclear family, much of it influenced by norms and values they shared with a well-educated, middle-class majority population on the East Coast of the United States.

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