Willy Ice Cube Tray/Chocolate Mould - Novelty/Hen Do

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Willy Ice Cube Tray/Chocolate Mould - Novelty/Hen Do

Willy Ice Cube Tray/Chocolate Mould - Novelty/Hen Do

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Here’s the glow-in-the-dark version of The Classic, and you can make your naughty nightime pleasure extra exciting with this glowing dildo molding kit! This kit also is a homemade dildo-vibrator set, so you can make your own hybrid sex toy or keep it simple by molding just the dildo part. You can get this kit in green, blue, and pink. Another reason why a homemade dildo can boost your sex life with your partner is that, if your lover isn’t comfortable with using sex toys in the bedroom or feels insecure about them, now you have a reason to use adult toys together! With a replica of your man’s member, there’s no need for him to feel insecure about you using sex toys with or without him. Having a one-of-a-kind dildo made by you and your partner can also add even more fun in the bedroom for you two and make your love life more exciting!

Solid polycarbonate chocolate moulds are also easy to use. Once you've filled your mould with tempered chocolate, let it set. Then simply turn the mould upside down, give it a gentle tap and your chocolates will fall out with a satisfying clatter. Honestly, you’ll love that sound. Chocolate bar moulds, Easter eggs, chocolate cups and more And with our selection of silicone and polycarbonate chocolate moulds, you can let loose your inner master chocolatier in your own kitchen. You can make chocolate from scratch, or melt your favourite brands at home, then use our moulds to shape your own creations. We can help make it easier than you’d ever think to craft your own chocolate treats for friends, family and of course, for yourself. What material is best for chocolate moulds? There’s nothing that hits the spot like good chocolate. It’s rich, indulgent and heavenly. The Aztecs and the Mayans believed chocolate was a gift from the gods themselves. Some of us still do. Want to see what kinds of willies you can make with these fun and creative kits? Take a look at the different kinds of penis molding sets here and see which one is best for your needs. You can also take several home with you to share as gifts with your friends or lover or build your personal collection of Clone-A-Willy toys! The Classic: Clone-A-Willy Create Your Own Penis Molding Kit There are loads of chocolate moulds out there. But when it comes to making chocolate at home, there are two materials that can’t be beaten. Silicone moulds are soft and pliable and come in a huge range of creative shapes and styles. Polycarbonate chocolate moulds are more rigid but can help you make detailed, professional looking chocolates in your own kitchen. Why silicone moulds are ideal for chocolateHave you ever wondered if you could make your own homemade dildo? We’re not talking about cucumbers, bananas, and those types of homemade dildos. We’re talking about a legitimate homemade dildo that looks like the ones we have for sale here in our Dildos Collection ! Sound like a gag toy? Sure, it can be used for party favors at a bachelorette party or a hilarious gift for a close friend or for your lover. But, when it comes down to your personal pleasure, professional homemade dildo kits are serious business.

Work in an area with no carpet or other hard-to-clean places. To make clean-up less stressful for you, make sure you make your dildo in an area with no carpet, rugs, etc. It’s best to craft your homemade dildo in an area with tiled, hardwood or other flat and smooth surfaces. If there’s any mess on the floor, you can easily wipe it away. You may be wondering, “Why bother making my own when I can just buy one?” Although already-made dildos are convenient and are made with a variety of materials besides silicone and have different functions you can play with, making your own dildo has its perks, too. With these homemade penis molding sets, you can have your very own personalized dildo, so what’s not to love about these innovative kits?Our chocolate moulds come in an array of shapes and styles, from chocolate bar moulds and Easter egg moulds to dinosaur shapes and traditional chocolate box moulds. The variety on offer lets you create treats and thoughtful gifts for any occasion. Why not make your own Easter egg and mini chocolate eggs to give as gifts at Easter? You make chocolate hearts for Valentine’s Day, or chocolate unicorns for, well any day. Since these homemade dildos from the Clone-A-Willy line are all silicone-based, use only water-based lubricants so that you can maintain the silicone material and help the toy last longer. We hope you take a chance and try these fun kits and test out your creativity! Silicone moulds also allow even heating of the chocolate they hold, ensuring your handiwork will be cooked consistently and to a quality finish. On top of all that, silicone is oven, microwave and freezer-safe. Solid polycarbonate chocolate moulds for a professional finish Alternatively, solid polycarbonate chocolate moulds are more rigid and are designed to last many chocolate making days to come. They allow precise detailing to help you get that professional-looking artisan finish at home.

Our moulds aren’t just for chocolate either. You can use them to make fun ice cubes or shapes to add to cupcakes or cakes. One major benefit is that it will help couples who are in long distance relationship stay sexually and emotionally connected with each other. When you have a clone of your man’s member, even if he’s not around for a romping session, you can always have him near you, in a way, with a lifelike mold of his penis. You can get creative with your love life, too, and have naughty video call sessions or send your man erotic pictures of yourself with your new dildo. Have a helping hand. Unless you’re doing a surprise gift for your lover, it’s best to have someone help you during the prepping and molding stages of the homemade dildo procedure. You can split up the tasks and make the process go faster by doing so. To prep you for your homemade dildo making, here are several tips to implement so that the entire process will be a success, and you’ll have the perfect replica of your man’s member:

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